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Putin to the rescue

Putin to the rescue
MGN-Online/Pete Souza

POSTED: Thursday, September 12, 2013 - 9:03pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 - 4:44pm

If your foreign policy has to be rescued by a dictator, you are doing it wrong.

That's where President Obama finds himself today. Putin is providing Obama an out he couldn't find for himself.

You know who wrote that? Slate Magazine, which is basically this administration's version of Pravda.

What a mess we have. Our president is in so far over his head.

He's squandered 70 years of being a "king-maker" in the Middle East. The "Larry David Hollywood Liberals," who were so ashamed during the Bush Administration, must be so proud.

They were so upset the world didn't like us. Now, the world is laughing at us.

How's that working out for you?

You won't find the "press" in the country calling the president out. They've got their careers invested into making him look good.

But, all over the world that "press" knows there is a new kid in town. He's a dictator and his name is Vladimir Putin, former KGB agent.

While our college professor and "ketchup king," are stumbling their way though this Syria mess, Putin has become "king-maker."

Now, he's working a deal saying if we dance to his chemical weapons tune, we can never attack Syria, no matter what. Meanwhile, Putin is allowed to write an editorial in the New York Times attacking us, the United States.

Putin is saying we are not "exceptional," and we better watch it. Go talk to the Jews in the prison camps that we liberated.

We've spent our entire lifetime as a nation freeing people and exterminating dictators, meanwhile, Russia has spent most of their time oppressing people.

But, thanks to "Katzenjammer Kids" running the White House and State Department, we're losing our clout.

I'm 54-years-old, and I've never seen our federal government this messed up.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Glad you are enjoying your pension Pete....the people that you mentioned in your post can't do the same because they do not have a pension and probably lost everything on their 401K if they had one because of Bush and the failed Republican policies. They are not smart enough to obtain a job that offers a traditional pension so they work hard at trying to take it away from those who do. From all the time they spend on here they probably do not work and are probably on welfare

Let's think about the god Sheila and Katie worship...their god hates everyone who isn't white, no matter what the Bible and other holy books say about God being love...their god would probably sanction one-way tickets for every non-white ethnic group to vacate the US...their god would probably look like Hitler and demand allegiance to his absolute control...for GOD'S sake, this is America...the country that even allows stupid, bigoted, racist cowards to both are hopeless!!

Aloha from Maui, y'all...yep...the US is such a bad place to't. out of order, people appreciating a Russian, folks like Sheila blabbing her vitriol...this country has afforded me many opportunities to succeed, to enjoy retirement, and to give back...Sheila needs to pack her bags, take all who think like her, and move to Moscow...people like her degrade and hate all the good THIS country has stood for in the past...instead of ruining the US, why don't you, deaf, et al, leave, gal!

Reasons for shopping are not necessary for women. Coming across an outlet offering cheap Louis Vuitton handbags, women have no antibody against it and may check it without second thought. T

The short man has billions in Gazprom stock which benefits from Gazprom pipelines that cross Syria selling nat. gas to Western Europe. Russia is an Energy Giant that has no love for the US or Saudi Arabia after Ronald Reagan bankrupted their economy flooding the market with cheap Saudi oil. You may remember that, it also bankrupted this state in 1986 forcing our real estate into foreclosure where the RTC purchased our (Texas) mortgages for 10 cents on the $. Understand now ?

Putin is giving Obama someone new to blame when, not if, thing get worse in Syria. Blaming Bush is getting old and by now getting iffy. Instead he can blame Putin and/or Kerry. We all know he's not gonna take the blame himself.

Staying on Topic is not a new concept. The point of the article has been lost in much the same way as
Ms. Jackson should be.

Thank goodness we still have brilliant people in this town who can stand up to clowns like Sheila and deef...thank you, Don, for shoving the truth down the throats of radical right wing seem to have shut them down with your observations...keep up the good work...I'm momentarily tired of being the target for the flap-jawed rushbo faux news crowd, so yield the bully pulpit to you.

Don brilliant ? He's a washed-out x-fireman praying that his pension is spared from municipal bankruptcy. He's an idiot, dumber than dirt.

Are you mad sheila that you do not have a pension?

If you are mad because someone has a pension and you don't, you could always apply for a low paying civil servant job and risk your life for others and get a pension. My bet is, you are not smart enough nor have the integrity to become a civil servant. Stop crying about not having what others have. If you want what they have go work for it.

Hey dumber than dirt social promotion Don, it's "dole", and "stealing". Affirmative action hires are not known for scholastic accomplishments. If you're too stupid to spell then what does that say about your ability to read and comprehend politics?

Deviant sexual behavior? Shelia you mean like Representative Donald E. Lukens, Republican of Ohio, was convicted today in a case in which prosecutors said he had sex with a 16-year-old girl. OR
Congressional Page sex scandal was a political scandal in the United States involving members of the United States House of Representatives.The House Ethics Committee recommended that Rep. Dan Crane (R-IL) be reprimanded for having engaged in sexual relationships with minors.

Deviant sexual behavior? Shelia you mean like Richard Curtis former Republican member of the Washington State House of Representatives. Married with children. Resigned in 2007 after the Spokane Spokesman-Review reported on his motel-room tryst with a gay male prostitute, whom Curtis met in an adult bookstore, which Curtis visited while wearing women's apparel.

Deviant sexual behavior? Shelia you mean like Bob Allen, Republican state representative for Florida. Resigned in 2007 after being arrested for offering an undercover policeman $20 for the pleasure of oral sex in a men's room;

Deviant sexual behavior? Shelia you mean like Larry Craig, former Republican senator from Idaho who supported the Federal Marriage Amendment restricting marriage to one man and one woman. Supported Idaho's proposed ban on same-sex marriage. In June 2007, Craig was arrested for lewd conduct after propositioning an undercover policeman in a bathroom at the Minneapolis–St. Paul International Airport by tapping his foot in a bathroom stall.

Yes, yes, yes, that's what I mean or more to the point, the same sexual deviancy as was discussed by Billy Graham to Richard Nixon in the Oval office where he blamed the Jews for bringing porn to this nation via Hollwood or as Ex-President of Iran stated to the UN in his 2011 speech where he admonished Israel for imposing it's same sex values on the region against the teachings of Christianity, or did you think I was talking about what Miley Cyrus does to sell records.

No Sheila, not the country.. just Obama and Co. We elected an idiot TWICE. Last time with Jimmy Carter we figured it out before the second term but since this one is not white, we needed a second term to show we were not racist.

So we are not racist but we sure picked the wrong one. Even a Swedish Professor has nominated Snowden for the Nobel peace price to make amends for giving Obama it. And Obama ain't Jewist Sheila.

You're not well read, much less do you have the analytical mind that you believe you have. Guess that's why you've been warehoused at the hospital doing data entry - monkey work.

Deviant sexual behavior? Shelia you mean like Democrat Weiner? Or the other Democrats who have been caught in scandal after scandal after scandal during the Obama adminstraiton? Or do you mean Democrat Caliaforina where now non-doctors perform abortions, Illegals now practice law, and pot is legalized?

Jewish media? Hahahahaha... yea sure. I guess somehow those 'jewish media' folks let Muslims do anything they want without question. Ok.. sure. Say when did the NYT become Jewish?

You gotta be kidding, right?

I always felt that the reason the Berlin Wall fell was because it wasn't needed anymore. We're just two sides of the same coin. On Youtube watch " The Man" with Stellan Skarsgard. It's only about 20 minutes long and it explains exactly how the world works. Remember the golden rule? He who has the gold makes the rules.
Americans worship a pantheon of gods; fame, power, money, sex, drugs, alcohol. They just need to find a new one. Even if it isn't the same one I worship.

Tried to watch but couldn't find. You can cut and paste the link at this site. Makes it easier for all to get your point.

This country is mess up because it elected an "idiot" and "socialist" as it's president!


Pres. Putin wrote a letter to the American citizen that is posted in Thursdays New York Times. It is worth your while to read it or when you do, I suspect you'll find that we and the Russians are in agreement, it's our government that has gone awry.

This country is messed up because this country for the most part turned her back on God. "It is not in man that walketh to direct his own steps."

As a nation we have turned our backs on God. And no, it's not the "Jews" to blame. The blame lies in part with ourselves as individuals, in part with our success in the world, and in part with the 100 yr+ Marxist, which includes Atheism, ideals we're adhering to, currently personified in Obama and Putin.

Television is indoctrination machine for simple "childlike" minds.

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