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Regs may ruin East Texas farmers


POSTED: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 - 8:25pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 - 8:26pm

On Monday, the Senate passed a long-stalled Food Safety Bill. They've been at this for more than a year. Members voted 73-25 for it.

It calls for more frequent inspections at food-processing plants and would give the government more authority in food-recall cases, among other provisions.

Sounds good. But it still has to go through the House. Time is running out for that.

What worries me is that if this bill is ok'd by both House and signed by the president, this gives big daddy government more of a long arm to get into local sales.

What I mean by that is a lot of East Texans make money on the side growing their own stuff and selling it. If this bill passes the government will be all over that.

I'm sorry, but anything the feds get into always means more red tape and usually ends of messing up what it tries to fix.

Who is not for safer food, but lets think this out. Let's look at how this will affect local farmers and our friends at the local farmers market.

We have a good thing here in the part of the world with fresh food from our sandy loam dirt. Let's not let a bunch of do-gooders foul this up until it's really gotten a thorough going-over.

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