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Neal Barton's POV

Rick riles 'em up in Illinois


POSTED: Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - 12:06pm

UPDATED: Friday, May 3, 2013 - 4:37pm

I hear some complaining from some folks here in East Texas about Governor Rick Perry.

Let me tell you up front, I have not agreed with everything he's done, but all in all, he's got a pretty good record.

What he did recently, I loved.

Rick Perry recently visited Illinois and boy, did he make a lot of them mad.

He also made them think.

Perry was in Illinois to lure business to Texas.

Of course the governor of Illinois feigned outrage at Perry's visit.

He has to, he's the governor.

And the mayor of Chicago did his dog and pony show about how great it is in Chicago and made fun of Perry's presidential run.

What do you expect from that guy?

But, a local newspaper from the southern part of the state took notice.

"The Southern" writes maybe we should be more like Texas.

The state treasurer admits, “We have the worst credit rating in the country, a broken pension system and taxes have increased in recent years on businesses and individual," he said they need to attract more business.

The paper admits the business climate in the ”Land of Lincoln” could be better.

The state treasurer also admits "our state doesn't act soon to stop the ballooning state employees' pension debt, the "temporary" state income tax will be anything but."

Texas is doing well when you consider the rest of the nation.

If Rick Perry was a liberal I think my complaining Texas friends would be prouder of the Texas economy.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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If you think Texas is in such great shap Deaf , then why are all of these stats so bad?

Health Statistics > Teen Birth Rate per 1,000 (most recent) by state
# 1 Texas: 62.9

Health Statistics > Suicides (most recent) by state
# 2 Texas: 2,363

Health Statistics > Obesity Rate (most recent) by state
# 3 Texas: 25 %

Health Statistics > Chlamydia Cases (most recent) by state
# 2 Texas: 69,200
More of our good ole family Christian moral values

Health Statistics > Abortion Rate (most recent) by state : Texas has the 17th highest abortion rate in America. Guess is due to our great moral values and Christian family vaules.

Education Statistics > High school diploma or higher, by percentage (most recent) by state:(includes DC).
National Ranking: # 51 Texas: 78.3%

Economy Statistics > Unemployment rate (most recent) by state: #12 In the Nation Texas: 5%

Economy Statistics > Percent below poverty level (most recent) by state: # 8 Texas: 16.6%
TEXAS #8 IN THE NATION FOR THE MOST POVERTY, that is because of the excellent job opportunies

Texas as excellent job opportunies, balances it's budget, has money in the bank, no where near the crime northern cities and states have, and yes far more freedom.

We may not spend as much dollars on education but we get far more for our money. Just go look at the cesspools for schools the north has. So much a cesspool that guys like Rahm send their kids to private ones.

So does Sandy Kress, the lobbyist for Pearson Testing, that has relentlessly inflicted the high-stakes testing inflicted on Texas students by the Texas legislature.

I'm not sure I agree with you on the freedom. There are many areas where Texans are not free, but you would probably consider them affecting only people who do not matter.

Texas has some great things to offer but these are in spite of anything Rick Perry and the Texas Legislature has done, not because of anything they've done.

You are absolutely right !

Gp Rick GO!

You are an idiot neal. Texas has the worst record in education, more minimum wage jobs than any other state and in the top 10 for the most working poor on welfare. But Texas ranks right up there at the top with DC for the most elected crooks.

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