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Rules for whom?

Rules for whom?

POSTED: Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 6:50pm

UPDATED: Friday, January 11, 2013 - 12:39pm

James Brinkley is a U.S. marshal from Maryland.

This past year he was going to the U.S. marshal's range to qualify with his glock service pistol. He also needed to drop his wife and baby of at the White House. He even called to get instruction on how to do this.

He was told my officials lock your pistol in the trunk of your car. He did. While getting his family out of the car, he asked a Secret Service agent if his wife could take the baby chair in the White House.

The Secret Service guy saw an empty holster on Brinkley. Remember his unloaded gun was padlocked in the trunk of his car. Brinkley was arrested for high capacity carrying magazines for his pistol.

The guy is a U.S. marshal. The D.C. officials would not drop charges. Brinkley eventually had the charges dropped and fined 50 bucks for a traffic ticket.

I've told you about other insane charges against law-abiding military men home from Afghanistan on leave who've been hassled and had guns confiscated by the D.C. cops.

So, right before Christmas, NBC newsman David Gregory during Meet the Press while they were discussing assault weapons holds up a high capacity magazine for a prop.

No outrage. No arrest. Others are demanding Gregory be arrested. He broke the law.

The same officials who had no problem arresting U.S. Marshal Brinkley don't see the need to arrest high-profile Gregory.

Brinkley points this out as well. Brinkley says there appears to be laws for people like him, you and me. And there are other laws for high-browed D.C.-types like Gregory.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Comments News Comments an employee of an affiliate of an NBC media company, you would have thought you might have picked up a few clues on what a journalist does. With journalistic missions, comes the "presumption of research" and not personal use. Good journalists will go to extremes to present all sides to an issue. Propaganda Pipers, like yourself, will take advantage of an audience with little desire or access to better reporters, and feed them half a fact or a twisted truth to spread Fox bias.

Such a breath of fresh air to have another sane and rational American to post intelligent facts and to offer another view beyond the tired and anti-American rhetoric such as that found on this and other KETK sites...last time I looked, Texas was still part of the UNITED States of America and we still have as much right to post our opinions as radical redneck conservatives. As for the offer to leave Texas, I have a home I'll sell for $250,000 cash to anyone who wants me to move on...any takers?

Contrary to the vast knowledge POV flashes to all of us whenever possible, POV does not know all the facts surrounding this issue...for one thing, the Secret Service's primary and most important goal is to keep the President of the United States matter who comes to the White House, security is the responsibility of the Secret Service and anyone, no matter their status, should know that guns of any kind are not permitted anywhere near any president, other than those used by the Service!

And if Wayne LaPeare of the NRA at the same meeting with Gregory had of waved a 30 round AR mag, well they would have LOVED to arrest him right there! And a Afghanistan vet in D.C. was arrested for having TWO BULLETS in his backback he had forgot were there. See unregistered ammunition is also against the law in D.C.

But then it's not if you break the law, it's who you know. Gregory is immune, you and me are not.

Sooner or later Americans are going to realize that the man in the WH is not our friend.

Katie....sooner or later the slow and low-effort thinkers still rallying this miserable representation of the Republican Party, will come to their senses that our real enemies just vacated the WH in 2008.

Majority of Americans snapped to this back in 2008 and again in 2012, but it seems those still carrying the poms-poms for the GOP are still in denial at the incompetent mess they caused, left behind, and then obstruct any fix for it at every turn.

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