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Monday, March 30, 2015 - 10:32pm
Neal Barton's POV

Science or agenda?


POSTED: Friday, January 31, 2014 - 4:32pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 2:49pm

The climate folks are at it again.

Just this week, the new head of the EPA was making a speech asking scientists to speak up about global warming.

CNS News reports Gina McCarthy, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), asked scientists at a climate change conference on Thursday in Arlington, Va., to help advance President Barack Obama's agenda on climate change. Well, at least she's up front about it. She asked scientists to help out the president.

McCarthy said, "Scientists, you folks help us understand our world. I need you now more than ever to speak the truth. I need you to stand up together with us and explain what the science is telling you."

It depends on what the truth is, doesn't it?

I'm told by my critics all the time 97 percent of the scientists around the world are good with global warming and that's not the truth. The president said ,a few days ago, the global warming argument was over and a verdict had been reached, a verdict he agrees with.

What is he so afraid of? This argument is far from over. It's just amazing the head of the EPA asks scientist to spill for the president and she doesn't even realize she said it. I guess the reporters there didn't catch it either.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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" the acid test is yet to come down the road"....

pete, that means we are to trust those who have lied to us (and there is defiantly proof they did lie) and disrupt 90 percent of the economy, keeping in mind Obamacare only disrupts 1/5 and we see now what that is going to do, over a 'maybe down the road' TEOTWAWKI scenario?

Sure. But no thanks pete. The only 'fast and furious' I know of is the one the ATF pulled, getting people killed and also lying about it.

Hope and change in 2014. Vote! guys and gals are so incredibly full of it...I swear I have NEVER heard or read anything more disturbing than the tripe those who think climate change warnings are bogus, the acid test is yet to come down the road...we may not be alive as the planet becomes sicker during our grandchildren's lifetimes, but the legacy of our indifference to making the effort to "clean" this same planet will, in fact, impact future generations. Blather on in your fantasy worlds, folks.

In other words Pete, we have to believe it because you say so.


Just google 'Sahara Desert green' and you will see the the facts.

It has turned green many times.

You need to watch Discovery channel or NOVA.

He's too busy telling everyone how smart he is to learn anything.


100 years is NOTHING in gelogical time. We have had ICE AGES (several of them.) And yes, they SUN heats up and cools down in cycles but some times it does not follow any specific cycle.

Did you know the great Sahara desert every 25000 years turns green? No, not cause of global warming but because of a slight shift in earth's rotation and that changes the jet streem above the deserts. Yes it gets lush green every 25000 years.

So calm down, it ain't TEOTWAWKI.

The yankee know it all is now a geologist/horticulturalist expert because he rode a camel around the Pyramids. You've got more hot air than the Sahara.

Here's a simple comparison idiot..

How come the temperatures on Mars have been spiking at the same time those on earth did for the last several years?

See, we don't have any SUVs or factories on Mars, right?

Could it be the Sun? You know that thingamajig up there that lights up the day?

You know it does give off alot of heat and it has cycles.

Global warming is causing the sun to get hotter. Is that right global warming proponents?

Townidiot you compare apples and oranges. Instead of talking about pollutants and their effect on air/water purity this discussion is much more complex. The science of earth's climate deals with a myriad of inputs and human activity is but one. Would you spend billions on technology to remove pollutant A from ocean water? That depends on whether pollutant A is responsible for killing fish and water fowl etc, doesn't it? Sometimes Agenda precedes Science. As you said, cause = effect.

Correct Suzu.

I member in the '70s the summers so hot the roads melted and the winters so bad we had tree ice storms here in Tyler each winter.

And if you look back geologically there have been ice ages and various warming trends.

All this 'global warming; stuff is a scam. Notice the ones beating on the drums don't practice it themselves. They live in fancy house, jet around the country, and well have carbon 'footprints' the size of whole states.

Hope for change in 2014. Vote them Dems out.

Our climate never stays the same, we have ice ages, warm spells, droughts, floods, etc, and have had ever since this old world began. They need to quit acting like this is all something new and man made because it is not. All they want to do is make money off of it any way they can. As far as I am concerned they can keep their "Green " and " Organic " stuff and use it themselves if they like it so much and want to pay 10 times the price for the same thing with a new name on it.

And don't forget folks, it was shown the 'global warmest' FUDGED THEIR DATA FOR YEARS. The 'hockey stick' was false, and they KNEW IT WAS FALSE.

How can one believe this science if they keep faking data? How can you trust them when it means total economic disruption? How can you believe Al Gore when he invest money in 'green' technology he knows he will reap profits off of while he enjoys so many fancy homes that use so much energy?

And idiot, over half of the meteorologists don't believe it!

I really wouldn't harp on that telling the truth thing Neal. Like granny used to say " the pot calling the kettle black".

Now about this 'Global Warming' or 'Climate change'.

Yes there IS climate change. In fact Geologist can attest the climate has changed over and over again since the earth was created!

But man made? Sadly the ones making the claim have been caught fudging data (not like Obama being caught lying about Obamacare.)

Over 31000 scientist have signed this petition saying it evidence does not support the 'global warmist' claims.

So keep that in mind.

Your braggadocio only confirms that the quality of education has diminished dramatically over the last thirty years and the state never misses an opportunity to collect a fee.

You're full of it, I spotted that right off !

You know, townidiot, if you can debate the facts with the best of them and spot BS a mile away what's not to say that the signatories you discount as unqualified to have signed that petition are not as equally gifted by reason of continuing education as you judge yourself to be? Maybe they lack your 'fair amount of common sense'? I think our current President demonstrates a considerable lack of common sense by declaring the debate settled. PS, I have a masters degree with certifications, too.

There's no doubt this argument is agenda driven with both sides grasping for evidence that supports their side and ignoring evidence that doesn't. Then we have the doomsayers that are looking for everything that even hints at disaster some like the federal gov't hoping, some fearing it happens.

In an earlier attack against the American citizen the EPA published a "pseudo-science" study of secondhand cigarette smoke. Ignoring important variables, the study substantiated a pre-determined conclusion beneficial to gov. Turning American against American, denying personal liberties, and dreaming-up ways to tax the citizenry, gov. knows that with their media, only one conclusion will ever be told. No credible scientist can support man made climate change, but that doesn't stop the agenda.

Secondhand smoke has never been shown to be more hazardous than the auto exhaust we are all exposed to at every red-light we stop. The EPA secondhand cigarette report never considered external environmental factors and, like with the climate model, produced a report with a pre-determined outcome. The human being has lived long and full lives in the presence of smoke for thousands of years. It is an attack on smokers rights which agenda gov. now enacts because gov. is in the healthcare business.

First it was called "Anthropologic Global Warning". Then it became merely "Global Warming". Now it is "Climate Change". Well duh, the climate is always in the act of changing so no one can dispute that. All along it has always been "Income Redistribution". Silly Progs, they think no one else is nearly as smart as they think themselves to be.

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