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Friday, March 27, 2015 - 11:34am
Neal Barton's POV

Sebelious, MIA.


POSTED: Monday, October 21, 2013 - 4:17pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 5:14pm

The Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelious is in the Witness Protection Program.

No one can find where she is, but she did have time to go on a comedy show a few weeks ago, but now that Congress is wanting her
to testify about the bad rollout of "Obamacare," she has "scheduling conflicts." A subpoena could fix this.

Many healthcare plan lovers are calling the "Obamacare" web crash a "glitch." No, a "glitch" is a minor problem, a problem which can be fixed by a patch.

This is a full-fledge meltdown.

Funny, some republican idiots during the budget battle were saying, "We should be talking about the "Obamacare" web troubles instead of the budget."

Is this a government project or what? They're hiring some company to use 10-year old technology, then, if you get that far there, there is a disclaimer on the website saying "privacy is not certain."

Really? It's just my medical records, that's all.

Already one healthcare navigator has been arrested things she did before getting the navigator gig.

It was said there would be no way to control who navigates people through the system.

Here is how we need to navigate, with a gallon jug of diesel and a match.

They had three years to get this mess up and going and they blew it. The democrats' biggest problem is when folks can navigate and see how much more expensive their insurance will be and the deductible as high as $8,000.

But, in the president's world, I guess it all good because we are all equal. We're all mad and were all in the same horrible mess.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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WTH, I am so glad that you have exposed the true thoughts of the republican / t-party supporters. I am so happy that y'all think biggest bunch of whiners and complainers ever known are those serving and have served in our military, our police, firefighters and corrections officers. If government were allowed to turn a profit I would bet you a months pay that civil servents would out perform any private sector employee at a lower cost to the customer.

ObamaCare or the ACA is not a website as the republican / t-party would have you to believe. You can also contact the exchanges by telephone. It funny how in states that set up their own exchanges there has been no problems.

The roll out has definitely been a fiasco. There is no excuse for not having this ready. Some government contracts have strict oversight. Someone really dropped the ball on this one.

At some level, I think they wanted it to fail. All the more to blame on their political rivals. Though this is an administrative bureaucratic problem and not a legislative problem. And how dare we have the arrogance to try to hold them accountable, I don't believe they think us worthy. Just look at the way they act when pressed. Obama and his press secretary Jay Carny just walkaway after expressing their distaste of being asked.

Sebelious is just following orders to stonewall. Just as the IRS, DOJ, FBI, ATF, State Department, etc.. have stonewalled under Obama's orders for years.

So nothing new here.

Say, do we know yet what happened in the Fast and Furious scandal? Benghazi scandal? NSA spying scandal? Or IRS voter suppression scandal?

No? So why would you think Sebelious would testify? Did Hillary?

Get real folks. This really is the most transparent government in history. Transparently crooked.

That is the problem neil....Government Contracts to private companies. They should have used IT on the government payroll, it would have been cheaper and would have been quality work. Any time a government program or service is turned over to or contracted out to a private sector company the tax payer is the loser because profits are put ahead of quality. But the GOP wants to contract everything out.

And in addition to civil service being the most inefficient and worthless job performers ever created- neither government nor private businesses keep full time staff of software engineers to develop and write major software applications. Once the product is accepted (after passing the required tests based on specifications provided by the government or corporation,) the product is then turned over to the buyer and to be used and maintained (or monitored) by buyer's IT staff.

civil service being the most inefficient and worthless job performers ever created-
Do you have any study or proof of that? Bet you don't in FACT any time you add a profit margin to a service the cost goes through the roof.
Are you also saying that the men & women in the military, police, fireman and corrections officers that keep you safe are inefficient and worthless job performers ?

Careful there What the, Don is a free wheeling retired civil servant who lives off a pension and calls himself a hero. I consider him an example of govt.'s affirmative action hiring plan whereby anyone with an IQ of sixty is eligible, provided they are black, which by the way, is his real reason for supporting Obama.

- Use gov't IT because they're more efficient? Get serious. If gov't employees had been used to write the ACA software, it would take another ten years to get it done and it still wouldn't work. There is no such thing as an efficient civil service employee- their sole purpose is to avoid real work and go running to the shop steward when told to actually do something. The biggest bunch of whiners and complainers ever known.
So just go back to the head of the handout line and wait

I guess WTH, if you think a contracted private company employees who wrote the ACA are government employees.

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