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Self control, not guns


POSTED: Tuesday, December 18, 2012 - 7:39pm

UPDATED: Monday, January 14, 2013 - 11:20am

One of my favorite columnist is a man named Dennis Prager.

Of course, we're still right in the middle of a debate about guns after last weeks shootings. Here are a few excerpted lines from what he wrote this week.

For the left, the primary reason for just about all American gun murders is the availability of guns. But, we have a massive system of drug control laws. Yet, the left is the first to argue that the war on drugs has been a failure.

And because leftist thinking dominates American society -- from elementary through graduate school and media -- there is one view that almost never gets a hearing: the primary reason for gun violence in America is not gun ownership, but the lack of a functioning moral conscience.

Lack of conscience is the problem both for individuals and for nations. Among nations the problem is nuclear (and all other) weapons in the hands of bad regimes. And among Americans the problem is guns in the hands of bad people.

Why is this never mentioned on the left? Why are guns, not the conscience, the root issue?

We are lead to believe almost every murderer "snapped" or had mental problems. Why? Because it implies that the murderer was not morally responsible for what he did.

Instead of teaching young Americans self-control, thanks to leftist influence, we now teach them self-esteem, which has been worse than morally useless. It has been morally destructive.

I think Mr. Prager is brilliant and on point.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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If you don't like guns,,,, then stay the hell out of my city!
C Meredith
Gun Barrel City, TX 75156

I find the medias coverage of this event to be biased. All the major media outlets have underlying motive of promoting gun control. On Dec 14th a man walked into a school in Henan, China and stabbed 22 children here's the link. ( On Dec 25th a man in the Hebei province of China ran his car into 13 school children here's the link ( Nut jobs will always find a way to hurt people.

I say while the NRA's idea is ok, I prefer Rick Perry's suggestion. Volunteer teachers who undergo training and become 'School Marshals.'. There is already one school in Texas that allows teachers with CHLs TO PACK THEIR GUN. That is fine with me to! But I also want insane people INSTITUTIONALIZED!!

Take the NRA's tax exempt status away and let them pay for all of the armed guard in the schools.

These debates just prove to me that Reps never did their homework. Obama, Rahm Emannuel, Bloomberg etc have all done their homework. "Never waste a crisis." Obama is following the Communist Rules for a Revolution right down to the letter. He has America right where he wants her. The Reps are nothing more than empty suits. No moral core, nor love of country and what is best for her. When all else fails a little bending of the knee to God would help. America is steeped in distractions.

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