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POSTED: Wednesday, August 6, 2014 - 5:48pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 12, 2014 - 11:58am

Today, the Washington Post editorial board said President Obama "should think twice" about deferring deportation for millions more illegal immigrants, as he reportedly may do later this summer.

"Obstinate, hopelessly partisan and incapable of problem-solving, Congress is a mess, but that doesn't grant the president license to tear up the Constitution."

Where is the other media? Speaking of them, though. You think they don't give president Obama a pass?

During the Bush years if the Danny Elzner poll reflected poorly on George W. bush, the media was on that like crack cocaine. President Obama's approval rating is at an all-time low. Seventy-one percent of respondents to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll said they were dissatisfied with him and the American political system.

Funny, as far as I know , NBC never mentioned their  own poll on TV. CNN has him tanking, too.

Unlike the Bush years, when Wolf Blitzer would have been breathlessly ruminating about what does this mean for Bush? As far as I can see, they are not even touching this story.

Here is some good liberal logic for you. The past secretary of labor for Bill Clinton constantly gives speeches damning the rich, but it was reported this week at Berkley, a public California university, he's being paid more than 235,000 dollars a year to teach one class.

One class, that's more than 20,000 a month. You think any of this makes big news? Nah.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Oh don...
Obama: “After taking office, I announced a new strategy that would end our combat mission in Iraq and remove all of our troops by the end of 2011,” he said. “So today, I can report that, as promised, the rest of our troops in Iraq will come home by the end of the year.”

And now he says: ‘Not My Decision’ to Pull Troops out of Iraq'.

Yea.. that's your hero speaking don. Both times.

And don..


“You have to understand that if you seek that office, then you have to be prepared to give your life to it. Essentially, the bargain that I think every President strikes with the American people is, ‘you give me this office, then in turn my fears, doubts, insecurities, foibles, need for sleep, family life, vacations, leisure, is gone. I am giving myself to you.’”

Now ain't that a sick joke... what a liar Obama is.

Your right don. Bush said that.

And Obama said: 'We're Leaving Behind a Sovereign, Stable and Self-Reliant Iraq'.

Biden said the same thing to.

And Hillary now says Obama is a idiot (but she was the deviser of his foreign policy and sat there With Obama while the Ambassador to Libya was murdered.)

We remember them to Don. Was Obama lying? Biden Lying? Hillary?

Hope for change in 2014. Can't vote Obama out but we can vote DEMS out!

While we're on the subject of a sleepy media. There is an election in November. The incumbent senator does have some competition. What are their names?
For the democrats David Alameel
For the libertarians Rebecca Paddock
For the green party Emily Sanchez

Neal must be too sleepy to mention their names. But this station does give free press to Cornyn and the Canadian on a regular basis. Is this an example of the media bias Neal is talking about?

More like a do nothing government than anything that includes both parties. They are like professional wrestlers, when they are in the ring they put on a pretty good show, but when they go back to the locker room they all sit down together like the friends they are and plan the next act. They could care less about the American people, all they want is your vote to put them in a position to make a fortune by selling out their own country& people. Sadly people still buy it hook,line and sinker.

And least we not forget folks... Bush once said about Iraq: "This is the end to major combat operations in Iraq... Mission Accomplished" and "In the Battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed."[That was our glorious president speaking.

Don.... Bush ain't president. Has not been president for over FIVE YEARS. You did know that, right?

So who is president now? Who had two years of a SUPER MAJORITY in BOTH houses of Congress and didn't pass any legislation on the border?

See don, we can't vote Bush out... Pity we can't vote Obama out, but we can vote the Democrats that hold both the Senate and the Administration out.

And that is what we will do in just a few months.

You can't vote Obama out either and you were not complaining when bush said what he said so why are you complaining now deaf

US House Republicans and T-Partiers refuse to pass any legislation to enforce the borders. Why is that?

Because they don't trust do nothing Odumas to enforce any law they pass, assuming it wasn't DOA when it got to do nothing Reid

The bill has been in the house after passing the senate with a majority of both republicans and democrats a year ago jp.

Jun 27, 2013 · WASHINGTON -- The Senate passed a politically fraught immigration reform bill on Thursday The bill passed 68 to 32, picking up all Democrats and 14 Republicans.Senators in the bipartisan "gang of eight" that drafted the bill -- Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) and Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) -- patted each other on the back.

I wonder why the GOP & bush did not secure the border and end illegal immigration during the 6 years they controlled congress and the white house?
I wonder why the republicans gave illegal immigrants amnesty?
I wonder why t-party rick perry put the dream act into law in Texas?
I wonder why t-party rick perry said he would veto legislation that mandated E-Verify?
I wonder why greg abbott has not gone after Tx. businesses for employing illegal immigrants?

Why is Greg Abutt against an open carry law in Texas and Wendy Davis supports open carry in Texas?

So let's VOTE THEM OUT. Reoublicans in Texas restrict our gun rights and do not enforce laws when it comes to hiring illegal immigrants. It's there fault Texas has more illegal immigrants working in our labor force than any other state. VOTE them out.

And least we not forget folks... Obama once said about Iraq: 'We're Leaving Behind a Sovereign, Stable and Self-Reliant Iraq'... That's our glorious president speaking.

And now 40,000 minorities are surrounded and ISIS is going to murder them. What is he gonna do? Why go play golf and 'think' about it.

He makes Jimmy Carter now look like a bold resourceful leader.

You forgot to mention that ISIS will be using weapons the administration captured in Libya and shipped to Syria. The CIA armed the rebels, just like we armed the Taliban in Afghanistan. Let's not forget where these terrorist got their weapons Deaf.

News flash... ISIS tells minorities.. "leave, convert, or DIE". Isis pulls down church crosses.

Russian bombers penetrate US airspace 16 times in TEN DAYS.

All Europeans evacuate their embassies in Libya,

Border Patrol says the Feds are releasing illegals who are murderers into USA.

DOJ admits crime is rapidly increasing along the border.

And all Obama does is party and play golf while his mistakes pile up and up.

Hope for change in 2014. Can't vote Obama out but we can vote DEMS out!

pete... Hitler tried to 'move his country' to, and we know how that turned out.

You don't violate the Constitution so you can 'move the country' the way you THINK it should be moved, PERIOD.

The Republicans in the house passed legislation. Reid and the Democrat senate went home (no doubt on Obama's orders so he can say 'Congress does nothing'.)

See folks, it's all a scam so Obama can try to grab power and violate the Constitution even more than he is doing now.

The bill passed was a spending bill deaf not an immigration bill and the house had adjourned when the senate did but as a political move the house speaker called them back due to media pressure knowing the bill would go no where before the speaker called them back.

Who is censoring these stories? A corporation has decided to use news coverage as a propaganda platform. They sell you on their agenda. Currently that agenda includes a version of "immigration reform" in which Texas and California are stuck with the new immigrants. This niave notion shows a complete lack of knowledge of what Mexicans and Central American value and believe. It also serves as a good example of the mindset of wealthy liberals. They're as out of touch as the republicans.

T-swiller/repub controlled do-nothing House of reps...'nuff said... would probably drop dead in a heartbeat if triangle head ever put the blame for this country's problems squarely where it belongs... bash the POTUS all you clowns want, but he IS the POTUS and he's trying to move this country forward instead of allowing the backward slide John Boehner and his handlers are hell-bent on taking us all on.

News flash: Obama administration can't figure out where $619 billion went! Yes they just don't know!

Meanwhile unemployment creeps up, Obamacare cost shoot up, illegals flood the nation, ISIS is about to take Baghdad, Putin is about to invade the Ukraine, we bug out of Libya (after murdering Qaddafi and having out Ambassador murdered), IRS scandal continues, ATF F&F scandal continues, DOJ scandal continues, and Obama plays golf.

No wonder his popularity is hitting the 30s. Vote Dems out folks!

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