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Slip of the tongue?

Kirsten Gillbrand for Senate

POSTED: Monday, November 18, 2013 - 4:38pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 3:31pm

This weekend on all the news talking head shows, there was so much spinning going on about "Obamacare," it would make you dizzy.

Now, those who really are blind believers in what the president is doing have excuses all over the map about how we just don't understand what the president said.

When he told us we could keep our healthcare, people said that really meant, "insert ridiculous talking point here."

On a talking head news show this weekend Kirsten Gillibrand slipped up and told us what we knew all along.

I have great respect for women and their health issues, but to me, she seems to be going to the hysterical emotion corner.

Most folks I have seen and read about who were kicked off their healthcare actually liked their healthcare.

But you heard her, right in the middle of her talking points, slip up and say they knew people would get thrown off plans.

I still just wonder what they thought people would do.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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A private company brought us the failed website. Government IT employees could have done a better job at a lower cost.

Gov't IT couldn't reboot a computer on, let alone set up a web page or especially for less money. Evidence indicates the company wasn't hired for their ability, but for their political donations. Besides, who cares if they get it right.

by jpttm: Besides, who cares if they get it right.

If you don't care then why are you and the other regressives cryimg about it?

News flash! The government lies to us! They lied about the cold war. They lied about the war in Iraq. They lied about WMD's. They lied about spying on us. They lied to our allies. They lie about GDP, inflation, and unemployment.They lied when they took your money by force for Social Security. They lied about the gulf oil spill. They lied to the Native Americans. No Neal there isn't a Santa Claus. We're all serfs on a global plantation. Eat a turnip serf!

BBC news
Taleban in Texas for talks on gas pipeline
A senior delegation from the Taleban movement in Afghanistan is in the United States for talks with an international energy company that wants to construct a gas pipeline from Turkmenistan across Afghanistan to Pakistan.
A spokesman for the company, Unocal, said the Taleban were expected to spend several days at the company's headquarters in Sugarland, Texas.

The line defining private enterprise from govt. is blurred when JP Morgan is considered in our Jewish controlled economy. The "fine" itself is a charade to lend credence to the SEC and it's failure to police mortgage backed derivatives. When govt. and private enterprise merge into crony-capitalism, the citizen is hung-out to dry. This govt/industry merger is what is taking place now with insurance and the ACA.

Obama is simply a pathological liar. He is incapable of telling the truth. Lied from day one on Obamacare. Lied about Benghazi. Lied about Fast&Furious. Lied about his dealings with the IRS and voter suppression via audits.

Now we find out the DOJ lawyers, in a court case two weeks ago, stated that under Obamacare rules those with GROUP POLICIES will also have them CANCELED AT THE END OF THIS YEAR!!

Yes THIS YEAR, Dec. 31,2013

Midterms are coming in 2012. LOTS of Democrats up for re-election.

"I have great respect for women and their health issues, but to me, she seems to be going to the hysterical emotion corner." lol!!!

I can hear women all over East Texas calling you a pig and misogynist.

People with a short attention span are fooled by govt., but people with a short memory are controlled by govt..

Of course they knew, and with this thriving economy for illegals who couldn't afford the additional costs, Americans of course. Having your hours cut or your job sent overseas really helps, not to mention having to work two jobs just to stay afloat. Gas and grocery prices are through the roof, but the illegals are doing just fine, driving new cars, buying into fancy resorts and spending money like it was growing on trees. Force it on us anyway we don't really need to pay our bills or grocery's.

A coherently written POV without misspellings & poor grammar- congrats to Mr Barton who, as a college grad & news director, is performing up to expectations.
When in life is anything 100%? If 5% of 317 M Americans need to change their ins plans that is 16 M people. 95% or 311 M keep their insurance plans! THAT is a very good percent! Why is the negative impact being emphasized? 95% or even 90% of anything is a high percentage.
Spinning the negative is the wrong side of the story- ACA survives.

Yes folks, Obama just this week LIED AGAIN. Got right in front of the cameras and said, Ops, only a measly 5 percent will be canceled. But no, his own DOJ lawyers say the MAJORITY will be canceled, including GROUP POLICES.

Never in the history of the U.S. has any President so baldly lied and lied right to the people.

Now even the NYT (yes New York Times) says repeal may be possible.

Hope for change in 2014. Lots of Democrats up for re-election. And they voted for Obamacare!

News Flash:

DOJ lawyers last week argued in front of a federal judge and stated that Obamacare will cancel most MAJOR GROUP INSURANCES BEFORE THE END OF 2013.

Call me suspicious, but my bet is she's covering her backside for re-election next year. She may be being bold. After all, there's enough audio clips of Obama and Reid saying the goal is single payer healthcare.
And what did they think? They thought people would flock to the program, either because they really think it's that beneficial, or they think we're too stupid not to.

Several emails have now shown Obama and Co. knew from day one millions would loose their insurance and more millions would see rate hikes that would double or triple their premiums.

Yes they LIED. Supposedly now Pelosi says it was 'for your own good'. Yea that is the way socialist and progressives work. To them lying is just another way to push their agenda.

And they knew they could NEVER get it passed if the truth was told.

Hope for change in 2014. Lots of Democrats up for re-election.

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