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Snow news is not slow news

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POSTED: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - 5:47pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 2:06pm

Nothing drives the mainstream media crazier than the threat of a story about the government being shut down.

Goodness knows we cannot function without them, and I"m paraphrasing that wise political commentator, David Letterman, "doing stuff".

Well, the next time you hear one of those stories you can know that the government has not been there a lot of 2014,

In fact, many have not even worked a week this new year.

The Washington Times reports between snow days, official holidays, and the government shutdown, federal employees have worked a normal day business day less than 75 percent of the time since October 1, 2013, marking a startlingly chaotic beginning to the fiscal year.

Offices have been close din whole or in part for 27 of the 105 weekdays so far in the fiscal year.

The government was closed for 21 days because of the shutdown, snow days, or holidays. Delayed openings or unscheduled leave and telework policies were in effect for six more days.

Congress is the worst offender when it tomes to time away from the main office.

Neither the House nor the Senate has worked a full Monday to Friday work week in 2014.

House member have been in session for 17 of the 35 weekdays so far this year, less than 50 percent.

Senators have met in full session for 18 days, slightly better than 50 percent.

Anyone feel the difference? Didn't think so.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Ok idiot... you can forgo your 2 cents, now get all the other share holders to do that.

See they do VOTE in their board of directors. So vote.

Over 1/2 of the population of the U.S. in some way own corporate stock. Vote and convince others to vote. And while you are at it, vote to tax people only ONCE on their income, if at all.

Personally I believe in a federal sales tax and just drop the income tax. The more you buy, the more you pay. Buy a yacht, and pay alot... buy a rowboat pay little.

Idiot... Boeing is owned by SHAREHOLDERS who are taxed on their income that Boeing gives in dividends. See people who own stock in corporations (which is ANYBODY WITH A IRA, 401, 403, etc..) are taxed TWICE. Once on corporate income, and again on their dividends as personal income (and even then some states have income taxes so do cities like NYC.)

So what makes them so greedy idiot? Corporate income should be taxed ONCE, either at the dividend level or at the corporate income level.

That means that workers should not be taxed at all on their income that is taxed at a higher rate for actual labor than dividends where no labor is required.

So well Paul, you knew that was coming. Been everywhere, done everything, Bluebelly Blowhard our resident Socialist says "I have worked in the corp {sic} world for over 30 years so I've seen it all", but in another thread he said he was a social worker. And what does he complain about; poor wages and exec. perks, typical agenda stuff, what you'd parrot from media. He's fake. I believe the truth he told by accident when he thought govt. fixed waterlines, he's an inmate with a laptop.

February 15, 2014
at 4:33pm
YIKES- a dangerous drug? If it's that dangerous why have Dr's been prescribing it to patients- even children- for over 20 yrs.? It is dangerous when one decides to OD. Otherwise, it is illegal possession of a prescription drug.
Having worked as a Social Worker I have experienced the over prescribing of this and similar anti-anxiety medications causing the person to become addicted. Once addicted & the prescription is withdrawn the ...

Idiot... Rasmussen shows Presidential Approval Index rating of -12.

No... I don't think the Republican have anything to fear.

Obamacare, the slow motion train wreck, is doing it's damage.

Hope for change in 2014. Let's unemploy the democrats.

They aren't doing nothing. They're planning for the next election. As soon as their corporate donors need a piece of legislation passed to cut corporate taxes or regulations, congress will be there in a flash to get the job done. It's just the business of the nation that they can't find the time to address.

"Neither the House nor the Senate has worked a full Monday to Friday work week in 2014."

Maybe it's cause they intned on not opting into Obamacare... You know, work part-time (but with a full time salary.) Not unlike Obama.

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