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Spending money, D.C. style


POSTED: Wednesday, April 4, 2012 - 5:55pm

UPDATED: Friday, April 6, 2012 - 9:28am

The federal government is broke.

We just keep printing money to get by.

Rome is literally burning in red ink and now we get this?

The head of the General Services Administration (GSA) resigned Monday and two deputies were fired after an internal report revealed excessive spending at a conference.

I always stand here and tell you these folks who are not good stewards with our hard-earned tax money somehow see themselves as royalty.

You and I have to pinch pennies.

Watch our checkbook and struggle to get by in some pretty hard times.

You'd think the folks at the federal government would try and lead by example.

Heck, you'd think they would have to try and watch their money too.

But under this administration, it's all about bigger government and hiring more employees. And let me tell you, business is good.

This all from the

GSA Administrator Martha Johnson stepped down after more than two years on the job. Public Buildings Service chief Robert Peck and Stephen Leeds, an adviser to Johnson, were fired Monday.

Four other employees involved in organizing an October GSA conference to Las Vegas - an event that cost $822,851 and included a clown and mind reader - were put on administrative leave.

Expenses for trips to scout the Las Vegas site totaled more than $100,000 for travel and $30,000 for catering, according to an inspector general (IG) report, and the remainder of the more than $686,000 was spent on the conference.

Go online and read more about the cash bar and other goodies.

From green energy that doesn't work yet to a clown at the conference, these folks don't get it.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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This is nothing. We are now financing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. We are giving money to a group that murders anyone that does not conform to their wicked faith and govt. Christians have had homes and churches burned down and Christians are under attack on a daily bases now. Obama using once again, bypassing congress supports enemies of Israel and the U.S. To top this all off, the media stands by and not a word from them.

The very BEST way to cut government spending is to ELIMINATE whole agencies starting with that killer of economic activity the EPA! After that, just about any 3 or 4 letter combination you can create from the alphabet would be a good choice to eliminate. Keep the armed services, border patrol, immigration(not DHS), and those that are absolutely necessary and nothing else!!!

Another example of the aristocratic attitude of those in government. An example that the waste is not in the checks going to retiring, welfare recipients, food stamps, medicade/medicare payments, park rangers, toll booth clerks, or anyone else the government is so eager to threaten whenever cuts are mentioned, but in the middle and upper levels of beauracracy. Cut wastes there and not touch services and we could cut spending probably as much as 50%.

This waste is a mere drop in the bucket compared to what we spend on foreign aid, overseas military entanglements, and our bloated welfare programs here at home. Problem is that no politician on either side is willing to cut anything. There are NEVER reductions in government - only reductions in the growth of government. NO group is willing to face the fact that their funding is just as wasteful and unfair as the other groups' waste they decry. Gov't exists to protect us, not provide for us.

Ron Paul, the ONLY conservative in the race addresses these points and agrees that the Republican Part needs to be made fiscally responsible again, ending the practice of being the world's police. Romney ia a massachusetes Liberal ..a fake to the Republican party, a media sham on America.

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