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Testing nonsense


POSTED: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 - 6:43pm

UPDATED: Sunday, June 13, 2010 - 8:42pm

We had a heated discussion in the newsroom yesterday about the TAKS test and other forms of standardized testing.

It seems to me that this entire deal has gotten way out of hand.

In the old days you had to do homework...sometimes have it signed by your parents.

I go so far back to the dark ages where I can remember having to take home graded tests and getting it signed by a parent.

And I can tell you my father always had higher standards that I did.

But since then the government has become more involved.

Now-a-days there is power in teachers unions and state boards and who gets to pick what.

Seems like it has become more about the adults that the kids.

The stress that I hear these kids go through before being tested is crazy.

I also have heard many stories from teachers who say the whole model of education now a days is just teaching kids the test, or what is going to be on the test.

I have also heard, and I don't doubt this a bit, some teachers get a copy of the TAKS test and that little item is in hot demand.

The entire process is lacking.

I do think that athletes need to keep up their grades to stay eligible.

Anything that keeps a kid in school and keeps him or her trying harder is okay by me.

But who are these kings and queens who now make the standards by which all kids are tested in a standardized way.

Life is not fair, but this really is not.

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With Perry and Combs refusing to turn over state documents about this F1 race track deal of theirs’ CITIZENS SHOULD HAVE MANY QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW THEIR TAX DOLLARS ARE AND HAVE BEEN SPENT.

This is Republican Country where you do not have any right to question your government, you are not a patriot if you do.


our children need to be allowed to study college level classes and trade classes not be forced to take a repetitive mind numbing usless test to test for the teacheing skills of the school to learn how to pass a canned test this is another examplle of the ignorant leading us to ingorance

Look at Brook Hill they set the standard for the highest test score. Most if not all private and home school students do better than public school.
This should be a warning sign.

Gerald Tyler, TX.

Could you expand a bit on this? Tell your readers who brought the state of Texas this silly test. And if it all looks a bit like teaching seals to jump through flaming hoops, you're right. But close the deal, Mr. Barton. You're looking right at the spear that our former "education governor" drove through the heart of education in Texas. Time to explain which "government" got involved.

Absolutely agree with this POV. The Department of Education is nothing more than another hydra bureaucracy that sits around thinking up slogans for America and lives handsomely off of the taxpayer. America was much better off when (I'm going to get slammed for this) moms were in the home, dads working, and living within their means. The children of most Americans were much better educated then than now. Just ask the local colleges and their remedial programs for students.

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