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Texas, the best state


POSTED: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 - 8:46pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 - 11:24am

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports when the 83rd Texas Legislature opened-- Texas Comptroller Susan Combs reported that a "very strong rebound" from the recession means lawmakers will have $101.4 billion in state general purpose revenue over the next two years.

This is great news for our state. Sure, We really have our problems like any other state.

But I really get annoyed when folks get too hung on on the bad. We're in the black.

Compare that to California which has spent its way into the abyss and still wonder how it can get itself out of the hole.

Duh. I know I always hear we should be better in education. And I'd love us to be number one. But think how hard that task is when we are such a huge state, we are right next to the border presenting challenges many other states could not handle.

The liberal state of Washington, a very progressive and never met a tax they did not like, I lived there and have experienced it. Their schools there are under a court order to keep them going.

We have no problems like that. We're running our state on conservative principals and we are reaping the rewards.

I have realtor friends who tell me all the time, many of their clients are Californians moving there for a fresh start on life after being weighed down by the high cost of everything.

I love this state. I love the independent values we embrace.

Can we do better, sure. But we are doing a lot and I mean a lot better than other states.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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I was just trying to see what was said about TEXAS succeeding

Snydergal, the anti-white racist who comments here, is typical of the affirmative action government hire that has led ournation to ruin. If you don't like Texas then, get out.

Sure hope all those liberals coming here for jobs won't try to turn this place into another New York or Chicago or heck... California. Don't come down here and foul the nest like was done in your state.

snydergal, if that is the way you think go back to the north or California or where ever.

We here in Texas have 10x the schools than NY or Chicago or any of those states. Meth lurkers? Californa allows drugs as does Washington state. Low paying jobs? Then why do they come from other states?

To me a surplus of money means that we are beiing overtaxed. That said, I believe that I am not the only one that wants to keep Texas conservative. By the way, since America looks as though they are getting an imperial presidency (the president circumventing Congress) we should be good Texans and say we are out of here and take Oklahoma with us when we go.

when were you by my house,why don't you and don move if it's so bad here?

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