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POSTED: Tuesday, January 14, 2014 - 6:18pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 2:10pm

One of the best articles I have seen so far about "bridge-gate" showed up this past weekend in the New York Post.

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey is being accused of retaliating against political enemies by causing traffic jams in their cities.

The writer, John Podhoretz, just nails it. First of all he says everyone can relate to bad traffic, so most understand. We all have to deal with the IRS and the taxes but this, as Hollywood would say, is more relatable.

According to the writer ,"In less than 24 hours, the three networks have devoted 17 times more coverage to a traffic scandal involving Chris Christie than they've allowed in the last six months to Barack Obama's Internal Revenue Service controversy."

Christie belongs to one political party and President Obama belongs to the other. You know which ones they belong to. And you know which ones the people at the three networks belong to, too. In surveys going back decades, anywhere from 80 to 90 percent of Washington's journalists say they vote Democratic.

It's actually more personal, more relatable, shall we say, than that.

Journalists know the Obama voters, intimately. They know them from college, they know them from work, they know them from kids' soccer. They're literally married to them.

To the journalists, the Obama supporters don't look like crooks and cheats, far from it/ For them, it's like looking in a mirror.

That's why they will continue to rip Christie apart like buzzards while the president and Hillary (Clinton) answer no questions about the IRS or the Benghazi attack.

This guy from The Post nailed it.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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You people really think that there is some dagger in the heart impeachment waiting are nuts.

If there is something there, the SUPER SMART REPUBLICANS LIKE PAUL RYAN will find it. But sadly, there isn't anything there.

Why can't you stick to libertarianism like the Paul family. Ideals. Rather than the crazy loon bin bachmann palin crew.

Nobody said anything to address my real question.

The republican controlled house has NOTHING. NOTHING to bring impeachment.

Are the few progressive liberal posters here that use ad hominem attacks when they can't give logical arguments on meds?

I doubt it myself but the definition of crazy is someone who keeps doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results and liberal progressives who embrace socialism and communism do just that.

It's crazy, right?

Shut up, deef...please.

Are the few East Texans who post on ketk (exceptions being townidiot, don and myself) on anti-psychotic meds? Would hope they'd get a stronger med since the watered-down stuff sure isn't working. As prime examples of an even more pervasive odor of radicalism, the posters below exemplify the mindless faux noise/beck/Hannity/rushbo devotee's who can't think, discern truth or offer even one positive, uplifting or helpful idea...incapable, unbelievable, un- and anti-American drivel, folks!

News flash... COMPREHENSIVE REPORT BY the Senate Intelligence Committee definitively declares that individuals tied to Al Qaeda groups were involved in the Benghazi attack, and that the attack could have been prevented.

But the news (and Obama) hid and lied for ever for this to come out (just like the IRS, DOJ, & ATF scandals.) All to protect Obama and Hillary. But THAT is about to change.

Hope for change in 2014. Time for a Republican House and Senate (and impeachment.)

Here is a fact, Neal.

Darrell Issa has been a laughing stock. He cannot even get the republican controlled house to bring up anything against the administration about anything.

He is a wacko.

Either your congressional leadership is AWFUL and cannot do anything with the benghazi/tax scandal stuff, or maybe there is nothing to the charges about benghazi or the IRS. pick one. They are trying!

I am also willing to bet that the ones on the right are quite the clever legal lot as well.

If you can't GET TRACTION in the republican controlled house with allegations against the president, THERE IS NOTHING THERE.

How are you going to explain this? with some new twist to your liberal conspiracy that extends to boehner, cantor, and the whole lot of legal experts in the republican party?

They have nothing. Trust me. They all hate this president too. And they know how to win in court.

But alot of it is true idiot. For years the media adored Obama and didn't investigate any of his scandals which now are to numerous to mention! And for the first 2 years the democrats DID have total control of the House and Senate, which is why we had Obamacare rammed down our throats.

Meanwhile Illinois gun permit applications outpace ObamaCare sign-ups. It's that bad.

Hope for change in 2014. Lots of Democrats up for re-election. Time for a Republican House and Senate.

Allen Cohlms on O'Reilly tonite said the elections are 3 years away and if Christie runs this won't be remembered. I disagree. If Christie runs, not to say I do or don't want him to, we will be reminded of this. And it won't matter if he can prove he didn't know, it will be portrayed that he did. And they may also say the lady's death was deliberate. I do agree with O'Reilly who said if Christie lied and he knew, his political career is over.

Hoodwinked by the media narrative of party divide, Neil furthers the cause with a complaint of media bias against the R side by explaining the L side is just as culpable. Neil is both right and wrong. He is right that media has a L bias, but he lies by omission when he ignores the media bias against the American citizen. Both the IRS scandal and the Christie traffic jam are acts of domestic terrorism and. media has failed to report this, This fact makes Neil and his POV worthless.

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