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The biggest scandal still smolders


POSTED: Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 2:35pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 11:11am

Scandals, scandals.

Where to start?

Right now the media is displaying incredulity.

I wonder how long that will last.

New news today!

Not only was the justice department busting heads on conservatives, but they were also channeling their private information to a liberal non-profit journalistic group (that means propaganda) and allowing that group to shred conservatives in the media.

This works and worked really well during an election.

But let's not forget the Associated Press.

They guy who runs the AP almost asked the President to marry him at the press club a while.

This "objective" overseer of the first amendment gushed during a speech with the President glowing, on-looking, about the administration he's supposed to be” watch-dogging.”

I wonder how he feels today.

This administration got copies of the AP’s telephone calls, something about needing to run down a "whistleblower."

That's unconscionable...but I am sure the press will get over it along with the rest of the AP and the engagement will be back on.

But, the mother of all scandals still smolders like a volcano.

That is Benghazi.

The good thing for the administration, these other scandals are in the news, for the time being.

But, in the IRS mess and the AP debacle, no one got killed.

There are still four dead that are not getting their day in court.

There are four families still who have not gotten justice or the answers they are looking for after they were promised that would happen, by Hillary Clinton.

All that was capped after the State Department did their own ridiculous investigation.

Capped, at least, for now.

That's my point of view, what’s yours?

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Charles - I want to ask a question of you - "Was 2nd grade the longest 5 years of your life?"
Here is my question to all concerned individuals. 14,612 people were mudered in the USA in 2011. Why do we seem indifferent to that and so concerned about 4 individuals in Benghazi? It is POLITICAL POSTURING by impotent elected officials. It is the blame game. I do not think the relatives of those killed in Benghazi give a flip if it was a terrorist attack or a spontaneous act by a mob. CONGRESS SHUT UP

"Holder scolds Issa for 'shameful' demeanor"
By Carrie Dann, Political Reporter, NBC News
"It is inappropriate and too consistent with the way in which you conduct yourself as a member of Congress," Holder said. "It is unacceptable. It is shameful."

And, uh, Charles, what are these 'ignored' topics pray tell?

I'm sorry to have to disagree. The attack on the 1st ammendment is the most serious. I stated this when Obuma and his fools tried to end run around the 2nd ammendment. I said an attack on the second would be followed with an attack on the 1st ammendment. The IRS scandal is worse than the others because it involves the White House ordering the IRS to single out conservative groups for extra acrunity while leaving Obuma supporting groups alone. That cannot be tolerated.

Benghazi is just one, a big one though, of the scandals facing Obama. Killed? Fast & Furios got hundreds of Mexicans killed as well as an American.

And president sparklefart won't take responsibility. Come to thing of it, he NEVER has taken responsibility for anything that has happened in his life.

But then quite few people saw that way back in 2008, but not enough to stop him from being elected. Same for 2012. He bamboozled his way with the help of the MSM who knew just what he was.

Over the lunch tables of businessmen these days, the topic of conversation has transformed from what is printed by media to what is ignored by media. In these discussions of "what media ignores", businessmen accurately predict what government is planning. Those who still read "The News" and find themselves in thought about the topic presented are known as "Front Page Idiots". These "low information" minds as Neil exhibits, are easily distracted, childishly their talking points are spoon fed.

Example, if your 401K is heavy into the stock market and you listen to media then, you whistle to work, but if you know that the market is being supported by 85 billion/mo. of QE3 then, you may have a nervous twitch as you tug the hairs from your eyebrow while you read the morning stock report. NOT in the news is the lost war in Syria and the pressure that places on the US dollar. What deal will we have to make with Russia, and what deal will they allow after we bankrupted them in the 80's?

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