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Monday, March 30, 2015 - 10:32pm
Neal Barton's POV

The fall of Iraq


POSTED: Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 9:38pm

UPDATED: Monday, June 23, 2014 - 2:32pm

Where do I begin? Iraq is falling.

What do we expect when the president basically told them a while back the minute we'd be gone. Our allies there have cut and run. Literally peeling off the bullet proof vests and guns and ammo and phones we bought and paid for. Thanks to that, these killers are armed and dangerous because of us.

We were told by this administration because of their political prowess, this would never happen. It was reported two weeks ago, the guy running Iraq was on the phone with President Obama trying to get us to do some air strikes and slow this down. Reportedly, this was not done because the president thought this would look like his Middle East policy was in danger.

It is. And speaking of other messes, Benghazi.

A retired pilot who flew big cargo planes said they were told to stand down that night. He told FOX News they could have been on the ground three hours into the eight hour fight and could have gotten our embassy folks out of there easily. He also said the attackers were using our cell phones from the state department which were captured to orchestrate other mischief.

This was listened to by our state department and military in real time. They knew the attack going on.

Maybe someone will ask Hillary Clinton about that on her book tour. By the way, I hear she was poor.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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I find it funny that when the liberal democruts get in trouble they accuse conservatives both independents and republicans, the NRA and the Tea Party of some conspiracy against them. They talk about compromise, being part of the solution, being bi-patism, etc. etc. etc. the funny part is they are just as guilty as anyone else and a lot of times more so than the conservatives they accuse.

rand paul stated that he does not blame the President for the deteriorating situation in Iraq...he KNOWS the truth and flatly stated that cheney, the architect of the American involvement in Iraq, is dead wrong to slam President Obama...that the seeds of lies and the blood of over 4,000 American military personnel lay at the feet of cheney and the bush administration. Bush and cheney should be branded war criminals...the Pres. is just trying to mop up the on-going disaster left by these clowns.

It almost makes me choke to post this, but tcc, you have, with your latest posts, passed even deaf in how low, disgusting, and consumed with hate an East Texan can get...poor deaf has been dethroned by an even more hate-cancer riddled right-of-right I/me/mine cowboy...who could have ever guessed anyone could be more filled with faux noise lies than deaf!! You know something, tcc? It will be a terrible day if God turns his face from this country because of hate-mongers like you.

tcc, of all the blood-thirsty, hellish, damnable comments ever posted on this or any other site, yours advocating mass murder of anyone crossing the border is despicable...people such as yourself and others who advocate murder should be brought to the attention of the local and state police, as well as the FBI, for possible terrorist leanings. This is America...we do not advocate wholesale slaughter of anyone, but continue the struggle to find a humane solution to this problem.

Don, that is too funny,

Your POTUS has broken the Constitution more times than any other president in modern history. All the presidents have abused their power, democrat and republican but Obdumass has taken this to a whole new level. Jimmy Carter was ignorant. Bush 2 was a liar, Clinton couldn't stop chasing women. Nixon resigned after not doing half what Obdumass did and Johnson created the biggest social piece of trash in history and Obdumass has topped them all. He is the worst POTUS.

Jimmy Carter was NOT a trillions of $ spender like dumb a$$ ronnie reagan, george h w bush and george WMD Liar bush. Chasing women is not a violation of the Constitution idiot. Nixon was an un-American thief. Although Johnson was a crook, he did sign the greatest human rights legislation next to the US Constitution into law. Republicans/T-partiers say they want less government involved...well in business but they champion Gov. being involved in peoples personal lives...HYPOCRITES

Pete 1911,

Install a 50 caliber machine gun tower with plenty of ammo every 200 yards with shoot to kill orders. after all that is how Couth American countries would treat an American citizen caught illegally in their country.

build the the the the the the border, and so on.

Simple all wouldn't have this issue to beat to death anymore, but then you wouldn't have the POTUS to blame anymore, either. Texans, unite and BUILD THE FENCE...SECURE/POLICE THE BORDER...issue solved!

tcc, deaf and the GOTP HATE AMERICA and its CONSTITUTION witha a passion.

No problems in Iraq. Government there is stable and in control according to Obuma and Clinton. We did nothing wrong by telling our enemies when we would leave. Our soldiers came home with honors and we won both the wars and defeated all the terrorists. Right. Our enemies are laughing at our stupidity. Clinton is selling her book and Obama still isn't listening to the people in a democracy supposedly, " Of, For, and By the PEOPLE." Not one of my families votes goes to Liberal Democrats.

Truth is Obama wanted us out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama told the world he would do it before he was elected. He made 'deadlines' and then told the world we would be out by those dates. And then said it was one if his biggest accomplishments.

Sure Iraq and Afghanistan governments have corruption. OURS SURE DOES as we can see by the emails the IRS 'lost' (man what a joke) and Veterans Administration murders by slow code.

Hope for change in 2014. Can't vote Obama out, so vote Dems out.

No Compassion, No respect for the POTUS or the Office. No Compromise. No Civility. I think not. I suggest you go read the news from Iraq. I suggest you read the news from the Texas Border. I further suggest that after you read the news, perhaps you will realize that the vast majority of Texans state that Illegal Immigration is the number 1 problem in Texas. You will further notice that many more citizens favor immediate deportation for all illegals regardless of age, etc, etc, etc.

No Compassion, No respect for the POTUS or the Office. No Compromise. No Civility. I think not. I suggest you go read the news from Iraq. I suggest you read the news from the Texas Border. I further suggest that after you read the news, perhaps you will realize that the vast majority of Texans state that Illegal Immigration is the number 1 problem in Texas. You will further notice that many more citizens favor immediate deportation for all illegals regardless of age, etc, etc, etc.

But on the other hand eastman, Bush didn't lose two years of his emails when his computer crashed....

Meanwhile the Las Vegas Cop Killers Were Occupy Wall Street Protesters, the melting of ice in the Antarctic to the east turns out to be a volcano under it, and the US evacuates Baghdad (just like South Vietnam.)

Hope for change in 2014. Can't vote Obama out but we can vote all his 'enabler' Democrats out and help them keep their computers from crashing.


The UN accords Saddam signed said he would give up his WMD. But he bragged to everyone he had WMDs and did not allow UN inspectors. One of his training bases, where they had Boeing Jet hulls, was used by Al Qaeda (as told by two of Saddam's high ranking generals.) When they invaded they did find over THREE HINDERED TONS OF WEAPONS GRADE URANIUM ORE as well as mobile chemical labs.

So there were no 'false pretenses'. The ore could be used for 'dirty bombs' and Al Qaeda did train there.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers

Amazed to hear that hate emails sent around Tyler, especially from the congregation of the largest church in town, is also being exported to others in the puzzling that a so-called Christian church has, within it's congregation, folks who profess such a pious following of peace-loving Jesus in the front pew on Sunday morning but communicate often second-hand lies and hatred here in Tyler and around the their civil and compassionate faith? Not hardly! Shame on you!

What a load of bottom-feeding, slime-regurgitating, un-American respect for the Office of the President, the rule of law, civility, compassion, the spirit of compromise, a willingness to be part of the solution instead of the splinter that festers and kills...God help your children who have you as fathers, mentors, men they're supposed to look up to and learn spawn clones to spread your venom in the future...great jobs, dads!

And idiot, THERE IS NO OIL IN AFGHANISTAN. We are/were there to stop bin Laden and his terrorist organization. And Iraq is not the big producer of oil there.

I have no idea where you get your ideas it was all about oil. For with fracking we sure don't need it.

Of course this would not be happening if Bush hadn't invaded Iraq on false pretenses. We should never have been there in the first place. Bush lied and people on all sides continue to die.

Of course this would not be happening if Bush hadn't invaded Iraq on false pretenses. We should never have been there in the first place. Bush lied and people on all sides continue to die.

This administration cannot chew gum and walk strait.

Sad, isn't it.


The terrorists have already won. the came home to a hero's welcome and immediately went to bragging how they would return to the fight. Terrorists all over the world are laughing at the stupidity of the so-called POTUS. As far as Don and Towne Idiot are concerned, I will repeat what I said, all the liberals need to put Prep H on their lips because they are talking out of their A$$$s as usual.

No idiot. Iraq wanted the troops to say and they were willing to skip the making them libel to their laws.

Obama just decided, against the advice of his generals, to leave.

And note.. The US Senate (Democrat-controlled) voted 77 to 23 to go to war with Iraq.
Biden voted Yes
Hillary voted Yes
Kerry voted Yes

At that time Obama was still a 'community organizer' and didn't vote.

The CIA under the Obama has destabilized the entire middle east. The truth is sometimes the dictator you know is better than the power void he leaves behind. Libya, Egypt, and Iraq are all good examples. Arming and training terrorist has historically been a bad idea. Ho Chih Minh was trained by the OSS in WW2 to help fight the Japanese. The Mujahiden in Afghanistan. The Contras in Nicaragua. Now the US is arming Syrians. Decades of bad foreign policy!

Tanks and planes are the symbols of failed subversive take-overs. The Ukraine is proof; Libya is proof, Syria is proof, Egypt is proof, and soon, Iraq will be more proof. WE wage wars of subversion to support regimes that will accept our failed currency, a difficult task when you plunder the wealth of nations. WE fight for no freedom, Affirmative Action is proof of that, and WE don't fight to preserve our national identity, open borders are proof of that. Our enemy is within.

That is right Town

and deaf we went into Iraq because george WMD LIAR bush said there were WMDs there and that the could hit the U S in a matter of min. but we still have not found any WMDs in Iraq and it has been more than 10 years.

As far as I am concerned, tis piece of trash in the White house by this action is a traitor to the troops he commands, the office to which he was elected, and to the Constitution he swore to preserve, protect and defend. He has just pissed on every soldier who served in that war. Telegraph your withdrawal date to the enemy years in advance? A vast majority of citizens and most top ranking militaty commanders knew where this would lead. After the November elections, Odumass will be impeached.

And as far as I am concerned tis piece of trash that thinks he is a cowboy, according to his post is a traitor, hates the troops that defend him, hates the country he calls home, and hates the U S Constitution.

Afghanistan and Iraq, having cultures of corruption, as did South Korea, and ineptness of their military, as did South Korea, needed GENERATIONS of supervision before standing on their own.

Obama failed to deliver that and as a result both countries will revert to their old ways and the terrorist, literally, will have won. They will become training grounds for new generations of terrorist (and with the 5 terrorist traded for our deserter as recruitment posters!)

Thank Obama.. vote Dems out.

When George Bush gave his speeches after 9/11 he told the nation the war against the terrorist would the a very long time. He also said any nation that harbored those terrorist were, in our eyes, terrorist themselves.

So it is no shock when we invaded Afghanistan (which actively trained the very terrorist that caused 9/11) and then Iraq, which also trained Al Qaeda terrorist and defied the UN agreements.

And now Obama cuts and runs from BOTH countries way to early. And we will pay for that.

Too bad we can't send your kid back over to fix things. Look Mr. Gung-ho Hoodwinked, we've had enough of the world police stuff. Every day I see how Ron Paul was right and how little this gov. cares about America's young people.

Iraq, which also trained Al Qaeda terrorist ???????????

That is a proven lie deaf

When we defeated Germany and Japan it took DECADES for us to get them back on their feet. We had boots on the ground for that time period and ex-Nazis and Japanese rightest did perform sabotage and attacks on our troops.

When we helped South Korea repel the communist invaders from North Korea and China, we again stayed for decades.. in fact we are still there! And NK now and then sends saboteurs to South Korea.

We made huge mistakes in Vietnam, left, and the communist took over.

Another New World Order failure.

The NWO planning committee just met in Copenhagen , Synderpal.. Bilderbergs 2014 agenda for talks included diplomacy in the middle east, the Russian Chinese gas deal, the rise of nationalism in Eastern Europe and a few other things.

I said this as did others when this idiot POTUS stood up on national T.V and told everyone including the terrorists along with friend and Foe the date we would withdraw from Iraq. I said at the time the terrorists would simply withdraw, train new recruits and wait for us to leave. They actually waited till we pulled most of our troops out of Afganistan as well. Now well grouped, well trained and well supplied with our weapons of war, they are taking back Iraq and pissing on our dead.

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