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POSTED: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 - 5:56pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 2:11pm

How many times have I said the federal government can't really fix anything?

We can raise an army and build roads, but after that, well?

Poor New Jersey. They have been slammed with snow storm after snow storm this past winter. Seventy inches of snow.

What if that were you? What if you lived there?

The Highway Department is trying to get more salt to put on the road so folks can drive and emergency responders can come and help you.

But there is a problem.

What if you lived there?

There is 40,000 tons of salt on a ship on the way to help, but there is one problem.

The Department of Homeland Security is tying it up.

The rock is being carried on a foreign ship.

New reports state a shipment of 40,000 tons of salt has been halted in Maine because according to the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, ships carrying cargo between U.S. ports must be carried on U.S. flagged ships.

The government has yet to issue a waiver to allow the ship to deliver the salt without it.

The Government has yet to ask for a waiver.

Hello! New Jersey Department of Transportation Commissioner, James Simpson, says the salt shortage could force him to close major roadways during storms if a solution isn't reached.

Can't they just fix this problem?

Is this a government project or what?

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Yankee idiot, Fox News ran the pickle juice story two days ago explaining how NJ had used it before; old news, but at least it's on topic for a change.

Seems you spell checker is broken also. Can't even spell his name correctly.

Even mine is having problems. Your not you.

"Drivers need to slow down until Climate Change melts the snow"...

hahahaha... idiot... you mean SUMMER? That's your climate change?


Obama has a phone and a pen, should be an easy fix for a one time waiver. Unless the action of DHS is something more underhanded that he wanted to happen.

Yes wjss05, that's my read on it also, this could be the result of two bureaucracies drawing a line in the snow.

Countries enforce cabotage laws to promote Merchant fleets capable of conducting a nations waterborne commerce and to prevent foreign trade within a national border, thus is the purpose of the 1920's Jones Act. Waivers have been granted on a case by case basis and were done so by the US Maritime admin.until Katrina when DHS began issuing waivers. DHS has granted waivers twice since; once in Alaska, and again after hurricane Sandy. Who issues a waiver on a load of salt; DHS, or US Maritime ?

Just what does this 'Homeland Security' have to do with this?

Oh yea... New Jersey. Christie! Could this be payback for what Christie did?

Is this payback? Is it a way for Dems to try to anger people so they kick Christie out?

But if people DIE cause of this, well who will they blame?

Paul, I bet your first sentence were the very words from Jeh Johnson's mouth. I sent a link, but it was censored thanks to Dumber than Dirt Don who ruined it for all of us.

Unlike in business, gov't. has no motivation to find solutions, it actually seems to have more motivation to drag their feet. Along with no repercussions for not performing. A bureaucrat caught with his hand in the cookie jar faces the same punishment as a priest caught with his hands on a child. Gov't policy seems to be, if it works throw it out, if it fails spend more money on it. Nor does it seem that dishonest contractors will face punishment. But be honest and it's 2 to 6 mo.s to get paid.

No, not all gov't is bad. But by its nature, it is. And yes, I work for a large, multinational corp. employing over 20k employees. Try getting something done? Yes, We have an excellent feed back & suggestion system we use to listen to employees. As low as I am on the ladder, I've effected change corp. wide. It does happen. I've worked for other interstate companies and integrity and employee well being has been at the top of each of their lists.

@jpttm - I worked for three national corps. during my career, the result of mergers and buy-outs. Like you, we always had a venue to get new ideas tested and when they worked, it was short order to have them implemented. I've noticed Yankee talks about things he has no knowledge of as if he has had personal experience. My intuition is that he is a blowhard and has always worked for the gov. or an industry dependent on the gov. He told us he owned a LLC , but then he claimed a high IQ also.

It's my belief he's one who can't, or won't, see past the leftist ideology. He doesn't see the Dems are the party of the rich, even though he himself has given an example. Nor does he see that the leadership of both parties aren't really that far apart.

Yank, it's impossible to read anything negative about our local gov. because no such truth tellers exist. Like two years ago when it was made public by courtroom testimony that our "newspaper/rag" court reporter was having a full contact relationship with the Jr. DA. Well placed locals hear the gossip, but that's as far as it gets, Now, we are both off topic.

where is your proof SJ? Why don't you post a link?

Why don't you man up and contact the moderator to apologize for posting those links that caused the rest of us to lose the privilege ? What you think is funny comes across as vulgar to most of us.

I will never apologize to a communist for posting those links that have proven the moderator and Neal Barton to be nothing more than liars.

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