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The government is trying to punish some of us

The government is trying to punish some of us

POSTED: Friday, July 5, 2013 - 2:15pm

UPDATED: Monday, July 8, 2013 - 11:11am

Happy 4th of July, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

By the way, we won't be having a fireworks show this year because of the sequestration.

Let me get this straight.

This is Camp Lejeune which is full of military famililes who make no money being in the service.

The fireworks show is an event all families there look forward to, but no fireworks because the government can't afford it.

This is the government that is trying to give the IRS a $70-million performance bonus.

We just sent the president to Africa for $100-million.

Back to the fireworks story.

So, the company which puts on the show felt sorry for the families at Camp Lejeune so they offered to do the show for free.

The feds said no, we can't afford it because of the sequestration.

It went back and forth and now you can figure out why they don't want the fireworks.

It's punishment..

Punishment for the Republicans that would not go along with more spending.

That's why the White House is closed for tours.

They are trying to convince people that anyone on the right is bad and if they were not so bad we'd have fireworks and tours.

The Washington Times reports the feds pay $20-40-thousand for cabinet officers portraits.

Take a picture.

Buy an iPhone.

This is all they need.

Take a look at the secretary of weather and sports, Scott Chesner and Danny Elzner.

There, that's all you need.

We're being punished by our own government.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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The greatest thing about Texas politics is that our state legislature only meets once every 2 years unless a special session is called. The scheduled session is only 140 days. This nifty little fact keeps the BS pile a lot smaller. Our legislature doesn't have time to pass as many laws that we don't want or need. We also have to stay within a budget, no deficits. Every time the Fed prints more dollars the value of all your dollars eventually drops. Inflation is a tax not a natural phenomena.

As you've said, and all on the backs of my grand children. It's not sad, it's sick.

There is no justification moral or constitutional that allows aid to foreign countries or citizens during times of deficit. That's like donating money to the Red Cross off a credit card while you have a stack of unpaid bills in front of you. The donation may be for a good cause but fiscal responsibility (and the law) dictates that you pay your debts. Our government is not capable of conducting an audit on it's assets. Any branch that tries comes up short of cash and assets. It's called Fraud!

Those who lived through the Reagan era government shut-downs remember that National Parks, museums, Amtrak, Air Traffic Controllers, all closed or stopped operations as a means to punish the citizens and create a flood of complaints to representatives. As we are a nation of needy complainers and half of us don't pay any real income tax, out of control government spending is meaningless. The tactic worked well. It's just money and the Federal Reserve can print all we'll ever need. Right ?

Yea, Obama goes on million dollar junkets and vacations, spends untold millions playing golf or basketball or whatever, and the GAO parties like there is no tomorrow (and yes some IRS officials get credit cards for porn!) But we all must share the suffering due to the sequestration, right?

But no, no one is being punished. Hey.... they voted for Obama TWICE. So they deserve it.

If everyone in the nation would have voted for Mitt, Obama would have still won. You just don't seem to get it, our elections are a sham, just like our economy, just like our democracy, it's all fake. It's as fake as our media, only as real as you are fooled.

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