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POSTED: Friday, November 15, 2013 - 6:08pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 3:36pm

39 House Democrats voted with Republicans today to allow folks to get their insurance policy's back. Now, the president says he'll veto it.

Big deal. This is all a sideshow.

The big story to me is, let's have a gut check about the constitution.

Can the president, like a czar or king, just say, "This is what we are going to do."

No, only Congress can make law.

What Obama wants is to let Democrats "red states" off the hook for the next election. He's trying to do that by letting folks go back to the insurance they liked.

But, it's not that easy.

The administration hooked insurance companies into this bad health care deal and wooed them by saying there will be 30 million new customers.

But, after the insurance companies bit, a government report still said 30 million will not have insurance.

Insurance companies, for three years, have been preparing for the big "Obamacare" rollout.

It happened and so far we have a meltdown.

As the president tells us it's all on him and he'll take the responsibility, in reality, he's deflecting the responsibility.

He's now, unconstitutionally, throwing the burning log back into the insurance industry's lap.

He's telling everyone, "After this, if you lose your plan it won't be my fault, it will be the evil insurance company's."

But, that's so unfair. He now is giving insurance companies until  December 15 to reverse all the work they've done in three years to get
ready for the rollout.

That is just about logistically impossible. We're just getting started with untangling this ball of twine.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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"Can the president, like a czar or king, just say, This is what we are going to do?" Yes, it's called a signing statement. Bush did it 161 times, and I don't remember any complaints from the republicans.

So far Obama has issued over 20 signing statements! What a dictator!

How about citing sources, and comparing apples to apples for a change? A little journalism would be refreshing.

"collective bagainng..has played a major role in America's econoic miracle. Unions represent some of the freest insitutions in the land"

Unions and freedom, now there's a contradiction of terms.

That ia a quote from Ronald Reagan , y'alls hero that raised taxes 11 times and spent 3 trillion dollars.

Don is an affirmative hire and has never held a private sector job. He is a socialist clueless to the concept of free enterprise. With a HS education and always a ward of state employment he believes he is an authority on capitalism.

Free enterprise includes the ability of people to enter into contracts to conduct business and labor is a part of that eqution. Anyone who does not think that workers should be able to enter into a contract with a business is not for a free enterprise or free market or capitalism and is not patriotic enough to be an American

free enterprise??

It is not capitalism or free enterprise when a company receives tax dollars, tax abatements and tax breaks to operate a business. But I guess with your high school education you would not understand that.

If they can not produce a product and turn a profit without the assistance from or money from government then they should not be in business in the first place.

That was a statement by Ronald Reagan know who that is don't you?

"Labor is the supeior of Capital, and deserves much the higher consideration"

Conservapedia does not have an entry for the term "MIDDLE CLASS"

Is that because they do not believe in or want a middle class, only those who have and those who have not?

Maybe not so unconstitutional. Apparently the law contains the grandfather clause. However, Syblillias through executive decision made it null. If true them Obama is just undoing what she did. I've seen conflicting reports on whether the policies can be re-issued. The Gov. of Wash. state did say he would not allow there re-issuing. And yes, the is Obama trying to protect Democrat seats in2014. He's too snobbish to appear to take blame elsewise.

@Idiot, If you believe insurance is against ACA, and you don't know that Pelosi is from George Kaiser and AETNA's home district, then your elevator doesn't go to the top floor. Mandated insurance is an enormous windfall for insurance. And by hooking the young and healthy while pushing the elderly and sickly onto the taxpayer via Medicare and Disability then for insurance, it's all gravy. Can't you see through the con or do you believe everything reported by govt. and their media?

The problem is the risk pool. If we implement genetic testing and abort all fetuses that are substandard, norplant all people with diseases that can be passed genetically, make assisted suicide available, and terminate all people with debilitating chronic diseases then the prices of insurance will drop dramatically. It is much cheaper to terminate rather than treat, and the remaining risk pool will be mostly young, healthy people.
Otherwise healthcare is going to be expensive. Make your choice.

Agree 100% Face, Insurance through their lobbyist have for 50 years bribed congress to pass laws which improve their risk. In the 1960's they passed laws to remove the elderly from insurance and put them on the taxpayers through Medicare. Once govt. got involved costs soared and for decades we watched aspirin and Band-Aids charged to the govt. increase to astronomical prices. Prior to Medicare, healthcare was affordable to most everyone. Now insurance has govt. make legal a health Ponzi scheme.

Poor old Obama. Even his own hometown newspaper is now demanding\ repeal of Obamacare.

Hope for change in 2014. LOTS of Democrats up for re-election

Doctors are on record for being against Obamacare. Vast majority of them feel it will hurt healthcare.

Just google 'doctors against obamacare' and you will find out just how they feel.

And hope for change in 2014. LOTS of Democrats up for re-election.

TwnIdiot told us all what is wrong with Obamacare, it establishes a govt. sponsored Ponzi scheme. Insurance, by way of actuaries, is supposed to make profit from beating the odds, the same statistical advantage used by casinos. Now, insurance wants govt. (and has bought it) to force the youth of America to fund the elderly in a Ponzi style scheme. Govt./media has already sold this mindset to Americans concerning social security, another program designed to pay-off from what has been paid in

Idiot, you made the comment in another thread that your insurance costs were made higher by smokers and fat people, people who made bad choices. That is wrong. Smokers and obese, as well as, skydivers and others have always paid more for insurance to cover their higher risks. Now that govt. is going to pick-up the tab for more people under the mandate, you parrot govt.'s propaganda to point your finger at fellow Americans in an effort to guilt them into your concept of the pursuit of happiness.

@Idiot: Pish posh .

News flash. Black collage students protest loosing their health insurance.

Oprah says they are racist for criticizing Obama.

Well if that ain't the pot calling the kettle black ! You knew someone in media would pull a race card, it's how govt./media diverts attention away from issues, I call it directing our national conversation. It works pretty well with those IQ challenged citizens.

Yeah, how many liberals can you convince that this law is junk? They are just going to blame insurance companies for dropping them and still follow Obama like lemmings to the cliff and over it!

Across the nation it is clear, nobody wants the ACA . It was apparent in the townhall meetings of 2010, and it is chiseled in stone with extremely low enrollment. Govt. wouldn't listen to us, media wouldn't tell our side. Now Neal thinks govt. and insurance are adversarial in the program, another media deception like websites that wouldn't work. Insurance companies are in a hurry to implement this windfall and govt. isn't selling insurance like expected; pseudo GOP bills are to buy more time.

Just some more 'truth to power'!

And hope for change in 2014. LOTS of Democrats up for re-election.

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