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Friday, March 27, 2015 - 11:34am
Neal Barton's POV

The road to common sense


POSTED: Tuesday, July 2, 2013 - 3:25pm

UPDATED: Monday, July 8, 2013 - 10:57am

I remember when I was a kid the Texas roadways use to be like magic carpets.

We'd travel out of town and we'd make remarks that the neighboring roadways felt like driving on washboards.

That oil money we used to have made for some pretty good things.

This brings me to this:

Do we have the best road system in the country right now?

Not as good as we used to, but, I'm getting sick of the carping I'm hearing and we're treating road legislation like everything else.

We're trying to just come up with an idea and ram it through.

Let's slow down and look at things.

Let's not make the "Obamacare" or immigration mistake.

One local Senator wants a temporary tax to go to roads.

There is no temporary tax.

Once you vote it in, it's there forever.

Tax money is like heroin to lawmakers, especially those on the left.

But today, this study was released:

In overall highway performance and efficiency in the latest Annual Highway Report by Reason Foundation (I've never heard of it), but it says Texas ranked 13th and 17th in the previous two reports. With 80,000 miles under state highway control, it is the second-largest system in the country, just slightly behind North Carolina.

I did notice the states. which pass taxes with the blink of an eye and are not fearless when it comes to taking money out of constituents pockets, have the worst roads.

I'm talking about:

43. Massachusetts

44. Connecticut

45. New York

46. New Jersey

47. California

48. Hawaii

49. Rhode Island

50. Alaska

I'll give alaska a break because of their weather.

Tax, tax, tax.

We only want to help you.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Texas has always had (since the 1932) had the "Good Roads" commission which derived funding from a gasoline tax. Like everything in Texas our roads have historically been superior to elsewhere in the nation, factors of our moderate climate and favorable geography. NAFTA opened our hiways to every piece of junk the Mexicans could stick tires on no matter that those tires peeled off once across the border. Daves right, put a roadblock at our borders and charge a tariff to all not from Texas.

Why not collect all the federal gas tax money that's supposed to pay for the upkeep of the Interstate system and keep it and spend it on the upkeep of the Interstate highways in Texas. It seems to disappear down a black hole around DC. One problem we have is a bloated inefficient system with huge administrative costs. Another is the misallocation of earmarked funds to other pork projects. Texas really should refuse to forward payment of gas tax funds until they're spent as intended.

I hate when facts get in the way of the truth, as your statement is untruthful. Fact: A GAO study says the Dept. of Tranportation is one of the most efficient run in the federal govt. Fact: Fiscal year 2013=39.7 billiion is allocated in funding and will be increased to 40.26 for FY 2014. Fact: 1 Billion of Texas money is being diverted from reserve funds to pay for roads, not the othe rway around as you rant about. I suggest less ranting and more fact finding.

Here's another fact for you, GAO is consistently wrong in their accountings.

Taxes are a necessary evil. But do note... they are an evil.

Government cannot do everything for everyone even IF they take everything from everyone. It is just not possible due to the fact the goods and services are just not limitless. Sooner or later you run out of money. And as Margret Thacher said, 'The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money'.

And with taxes you simply run out of everyone's money!

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