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The slow info drip of Bergdahl's story


POSTED: Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - 7:49pm

UPDATED: Monday, June 16, 2014 - 10:30am

We are just scratching the surface of the PR fiasco from the 5-1 trade the Obama administration made. I still want to know why an entire presidential administration thought, in their words, according to NBC Political expert chuck Todd, they would cause euphoria with this exchange, rather than the screaming it has caused.

I'm hearING a lot of back peddling now and trying to blame republicans. That's not going to work.

Difi's mad she was not told, neither was anyone else on the intelligence committee, but Harry Reid said he was in the loop. Sure he was.

I was more than disgusted when I heard a woman from the state department going into what Colonel Ralph Peters from FOX calls Benghazi 2.0. She was completely dismissing what Bergdahl's fellow soldiers were saying about him walking off. It's like 2012 all over again.

Never mind what you all saw on the ground, we are here in the nation's capitol and we know everything and don't believe your lying eyes. 

One thing to watch. One so-called expert says more than just people may have been part of the exchange deal. Money may have been exchanged, too.

Brad Thor is a writer and follows the Middle East. He says this deal was done by the Haqqani terrorist network. Evidentially, they are the terror group which does things for money.

If we also included money in the 5-1 person exchange, the United States would have knowingly funded a terrorist organization, and then it really gets crazy.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Oh gosh don.... 'One Suspected In Benghazi Attack'. You mean just 'suspected'?

Here though Obama releases FIVE 'generals' who are big wigs in the Taliban! As they say, the five are hard core. And traded them for what, a deserter?

So deaf, how many of the 5 released have been suspected of any attack against any American property after being released?

Why idiot?


So let him rot in Afghanistan. That is what we should have done.

No proof of that deaf, why does someone who claims to be a Christian tell so many lies like you do deaf?

When a person commits a crime like the Boston Marathon terrorists - why do we spend $ tens of thousands $ in medical costs to save his life?
Only to later charge him with capital murder & seek the death penalty
Why do we spend $Millions on his defense only to try to prove his guilt & sentence him to death?
Why will we spend $Millions more on appeals?
Why will we spend $ hundreds of thousands on incarceration costs?
We do this all the time for everybody.
Why is Bergdahl any different?
Justice 1st

Don and Towne Idiot,
Seems like every time Obdumass or his administration get into a serious scandal, you two immediately start yelling that it is the tea party or some other conservative group stiring the pot and your POTUS is never to blame for anything. That line is getting a little old especially on this one. I don't know any tea party members in Afganistan. So in a few words," Get off the Gas". Every day since this scandal began you say the same thing. You've lost this one!!!!!!!!!!!!


More Than 500 Gitmo Detainees Released Under Bush, One Suspected In Benghazi Attack

June 2, 2014

WOW WHERE IS YOUR POV ON THIS NEAL???????????????????????

cow pokie for the last time stop addressing me.
as a racist, bigot you are by default a liar.
if a person of color told the truth your prejudice against that color makes you discount it.
racists, bigots etc. have self esteem issues.
they have to have someone to put down to feel better about themselves
that's why you label everyone who thinks/acts differently.
just as you attempt to do here.
An old adage: Consider the source.
I am & you are persona non grata.
God Bless America & our President!


I'm plenty sane and I don't believe a single word that piece of shit POTUS utters of that hole he calls a mouth. In my opinion his whole administration needs to put Prep H on their lips cause just like you they are talking out their ass. You and your liberal friends are the ones in my mind that are insane. Me I am a racist , and a bigot and I do not care if you like it or not. One thing I am not is a liar and your POTUS can't say that.
Waiting to vote in November.

yes you are

I simply cannot believe what I am reading. I wonder if there is anything that their POTUS could do that they wound not defend. This sorry excuse for a POTUS has had more scandals that anybody could have dreamed. He is a total disgrace to the USA and in the eyes of the world. His whole administration needs to be jailed and his sorry ass IMPEACHED. Thankfully both the liberal democruts, conservatives, and independents have seen straight through this scandal. Waiting on November.


Whenever I begin to get mad about our fake elections, I just think of you dumber than dirt Don and realize why they must be.

Yup TCC, deaf dumb and blind, jptm along with neal barton all hate the U S Constitution according to their POV's posted here.

News flash.

None of the detainees released under Bush were traded for a deserter/traitor.

And Bush, EVERY TIME, co-operated with congress and didn't unilaterally break the law.

And now Senator Reid, like Hillary, says... "what does it matter now."

BUT other Senators have now told Obama if he does it again HE WILL BE IMPEACHED.

Hope for change in 2014. We can't vote Obama out SO LETS VOTE ALL THE DEMOCRATS OUT WE CAN TO SHOW OUR DISPLEASURE.

Obama continues to show strong leadership in the face of adversity.
All the hot air coming out of the Repubs & T-partiers could fill the Goodyear blimp 100xs over.
Nothing - absolutely nothing to back up their claims.
Where's Putin now?
Putin's kicked out of the world club - isolated.
Ukraine is stabilizing because Obama made the correct choices.
Syria- not one American soldier involved
Impeach? Ha!
Kongress needs to get on with the business of the people and stop this CHARADE!
God Bless America

You can bet the Odummer administration will come up with some outrageous, unbelievable story to cover for this guy and act as if it's the gospel truth. Unfortunately, no matter how unbelievable Reid and a couple posters here will buy and defend it hook, line and stinker.

ANOTHER conspiracy story.
Where in people's pea picking brains do y'all come up with this stuff.
Next y'all have Obama writing a personal check.
This is why a sane person can't believe a word that's printed on your POV.
Your boy Wesp even went against Gov Ricky to make a point against this administration.
"Hero or Goat" with YOUR picture!
Do you like walking around all the time with egg on your face?
Gump said: "Stupid is as stupid does".
This whole POV is just stupid piled on top of stupid.


More Than 500 Gitmo Detainees Released Under Bush, One Suspected In Benghazi Attack

June 2, 2014

WOW WHERE IS YOUR POV ON THIS NEAL???????????????????????

Money? To finance Al-Qaeda so they can kidnap more Americans to bust out more terrorist?

Talk about a self perpetuating machine if it is true.

Obama deserves impeachment. But if we can't... we can still VOTE OUT EVERY DEMOCRAT.

Do it to stop this catastrophe of a president.

Not just money Deaf. The Obama administration knowingly sent surface to air missiles captured in Libya to Al-Qaeda terrorist in Syria. I seem to recall the penalty for treason during a time of war is death. Seems Obama and Clinton are just as guilty as Berdahl. The only difference being Bergdahl taught tactics and techniques. While POTUS and company armed the terrorist with the latest weaponry. Weapons capable of taking down a commercial aircraft or military helicopter.

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