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Friday, March 6, 2015 - 10:08am
Neal Barton's POV

The VA doesn't need more money


POSTED: Thursday, May 29, 2014 - 2:07pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 12:44pm

Nancy Pelosi just said in order to fix this VA problem, it's going to take more money.

Well, she's wrong.

We've been pouring money into the Federal Government since F.D.R., and it really accelerated since L.B.J.

Pelosi is just another politician who wants more of our money, but what we need is more leadership.

We don't have it right now, from either side of the aisle. The left has made a hard break toward government-controlled everything and the right, if there is
even a right anymore, stands there like the cartoon Army private sad sack.

What you have with the VA is a sneak peak at "Obamacare." This is what you have when you take the competition out of anything and let government hacks, with no watchdog, run anything.

Since the VA mess hit the fan, there has already been comparisons about how many doctors, with a responsibility to their own practice, square up against the government ones who are sleepwalking.

Health care has ben rationed. Now, it's all secret lists and bonuses and I'm afraid it's exactly what our health care in the nation will look like in a few years.

The administration is already planning to prop up the insurance company they went into business with for "Obamacare," because not many are paying for their free health care.

Ronald Reagan said it best:

"Any time an industry gets in bed with the Federal Government that business gets more than a good night's sleep."

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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pete... sad sad pete...

My wife is a top flight nurse and my doctor is an Indonesian.

Guess your crystal ball is kind of cloudy.


It will go bankrupt cause the insurance companies, unlike the Government, can't print money.

They go on what is called 'profit'. You know, buy low, sell high.

In this case you have to have enough paying customers to take the losses by customers who don't pay enough to cover the cost. When young people can't (or won't) pay the $500 or more (far more in some cases) per month premiums that would help cover the cost of indigents who pay nothing, well it goes broke.

Broke = bankrupt.

Now you understand why ACA pushes all into medicaid.

Meet the CRAZIES: @Deaf, "Obamacare will go bankrupt", how can anything go bankrupt in a nation where a private bank creates wealth from thin air and (assumes) the debt of our Treasury? @idiot, first you say the ACA works then, "An estimate of 440,000 deaths from care in hospitals " @Don, an affirmative hire to a gov. job pays no taxes, the guy who pays your check pays taxes - learn the roll you play in socialism - and day after day the same, but never the admission of treason for allowing it.

Guess that those corporations who operate on Government contracts and their employees do not pay taxes either being they are operating on government money .....right idiot

That's about the size of it corn dog brain.

wow corn dog brain??? You really hurt my feelings .... NOT stupidty at its finest snyder

too stupid to know what a tax is in the first place aren't you

You're not showing your gratitude to a guy who has put every dollar in your pocket that you have ever owned.

"40 republican senators voted against building more VA clinics and hospitals."

And who had control of the senate don? Who had the votes to pass it don?

You do know there is 100 senators, right don?

So don't give us this fairytale about it being the republicans fault. The senate is democrat controlled, and the Administration is controlled by a Democrat FOR SIX YEARS.

Hope for change in 2014. Time to clean house and let democrats enjoy their Obamacare. Vote them out.

My comment is not about who has control but it is about how republicans and t-partiers look at the needs of our military men and women and how they feel about our Veterans. Once it did pass the senate, the house of republatards has refused to even assign it to a conference committee. The house will not even bring it to the floor for a vote.


" to make the system look super to THEIR bosses."

Tell me pete, who was his boss? Why OBAMA! Who said while campaigning for president he would fix the VA mess? Why OBAMA!

What happened to 'The BUCK STOPS HERE'? Has anyone seen Obama take responsibility for anything?

Bash Obama? Hey.. I thought Pelosi (democrat) said 'Dissent is the highest form of patriotism?', Right idiot? dave?

So now you have democrats in power and you tell everyone else to shut up, right?

Sorry, it don't work that way.

Stupid, deaf? No one would expect any other response from a White supremacist/racist who can hate anyone who doesn't resemble/think/believe just as you do. I wouldn't care if my board certified physician was blue with green stripes, only if he or she had been trained in the finest medical school available. Would suppose you go to a male redneck/tattooed/beer-swilling buddy/physician, scoff at women nurses, and never, ever let a Black/foreign/female technician touch your lily-white skin.

The VA denied agent orange related claims for decades. All that changed recently. VA knew there would be thousands of new claims from agent orange. Every Congress has known it, every president has known it. Anyone with an IQ higher than their waist size knew it. So yes, we will have to increase funding for VA. Notice that the politicians aren't proposing cutting contracts to Halliburton, Bechtel, Carlyle, Raytheon or Boeing. The belt tightening has to come at VA.

"You can keep your doc"... hahahahaha!!!! Idiot you KNOW in obamacare you can't keep your doctor or dang near anything else.

Obama are is going to slowcode everyone but the rich and connected (like elected officials.)

News flash: Jay Carney jumps ship. Says he has planned it for months but does not know what he is gonna do.

40 republican senators voted against building more VA clinics and hospitals.

Aw, come on, deaf...Shinseki was NOT the instigator/orchestrator of the VA debacle...more likely, mid-management clowns gave the wink-wink to their underlings to "cook" the patient books to make the system look super to THEIR bosses...but you and other anti-everything Neanderthals will ALWAYS spin to the gutter...won't you! How lame to bash a Black president for something that has been a problem far longer than he's been in office...but not unexpected from the likes of you.

You could not be more wrong. What other field of study does the government pay the cost with the exception of veterans. You can't hardly find a American born and raised doctor at any of the hospitals or clinics and if you get lucky and find one they are booked up for months. Foreign Doctors who can't speak clear English outnumber the American Doctors by a huge margin. We already give them grants and set them up in practice. Now you want our taxes to pay for more. Stupid!!!!!


Typical of a conservative to put money above Veterans and their health.


VS head resigns. Now give him immunity and find out who gave him the orders to slowcode patients.

I don't think there were orders to slow code patients. I think what happen is like when businesses offer performance bonuses. the people earning those bonuses look for a way to cheat the system to get at the money. But unlike businesses who fire the cheaters, gov't has turned a blind eye to it. My only wonder is if the left will finally learn that gov't and the bureaucracies are as greedy or more so as private companies.

VA claim processors not allowed restroom breaks and required to eat their lunch at their desk to meet demands. Source C-SPAN.
Why no restroom break or lunch hour? Because Republican congress refuses to fund any expansion.


REPUBLICANS HATE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES AND THAT IS JUST WHAT OUR MILITARY MEN & WOMEN ARE. The house budget eliminates the defined benefit pension for our military, go to the Library of Congress & see

Slowcoding is a good point Deaf. Social Security does the same thing on disability claims. The statistics prove that if they wait long enough a percentage of people will die before their claim is processed. Problem solved! That's been going on for years but the corporate owned media won't report on it. And even if they did most sheeple are to stupid to raise a fuss.

Don't blame the providers for the mess, Neal. They do their jobs. This is the fault of a bureaucracy run amok. Unelected petty tyrants.

Well, you're wrong again, neil...once the current issue of wait times for vets to see doctors is ironed out (and it WILL be taken care of!), there is one issue that will need more funding...from pre-med to med school, from residency to full-time as a practicing physician, the VA, as well as the medical community at large, needs to fund the growing need for doctors in the VA system and for those who want to go into private practice...without doctors, the VA system will never be adequate.

I totally agree with Neil on a couple of points.
If you would like to see a good example of what happens when the government gets control of something look back to the 1960's and LBJ. His great society idea of free everything for minorities to buy their votes and loyalty gave us
Food Stamps
Free Housing
SSI Disability
I don't know exactly how much these programs cost the taxpayers when they were implemented but it would be interesting to compare then to today.

That is what the republatards do in texas tcc. Texas has more minimum wage jobs than any other state in America and almost all of those qualify for welfare. Republatards say keep wages low so corporations can more profits and we will subsidize the company by bring their employees income up with welfare.

Yes, Obamacare will bankrupt itself. Maybe that is the plan all along. That is force everyone into a federal run one like the VA. So imagine one big VA with all hospitals being nationalized.

Yep, just like in the UK. And with all the failing.

Hope for change in 2014. Vote all dems out and let them go on Obamacare.

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