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Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - 2:21pm
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Neal Barton's POV

Then, just don't run


POSTED: Monday, April 7, 2014 - 6:43pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - 1:40pm

Of all the stupid things, one congressman from Virginia is whining Congress doesn't make enough money. He thinks they all need raise.

A raise from what?

Congress is a disaster. Jim Moran wants people of the United States of America to know Congress is unfairly paid.

Did you just hear what i said? He wants you to know Congress is unfairly paid.

He says you can't have a house in two places, at home and D.C., for $174,000 a year. He says many congressman have to live in their offices or can only get a small apartment in D.C.

Are you hearing this?

Well, first of all genius, no one begged you to run. You wanted the job.

Look at the benefits you'll get own the road after you retire. Many people take government jobs knowing they'll never get rich buy will have decent benefits.

What is this with this entitled class we have now? Just don't run again congressman Moran.

You can stay in Virginia and afford to live. I think Congressman Gohmert lives in his office and at the House gym. I'll bet that gym is petty darned nice. I'll bet it's not some dump.

$174,000 and this guy is complaining, and he knew about the job going in. He said he doesn't think he'll get much support.

I think he needs to have his head examined.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Dear congressman, go find another job. You may get sticker shock when you find out millions of americans are living on $40k, $30k, and less. You are out of touch.

There is a common theme to be heard in this Congressman's crocodile teared complaint of "higher wages" to that of the kid flipping burgers demanding an increase in minimum wage The coming 2016 battle of the sexes presidential campaign with equal pay issues, being another media created problem for voters to R & D about. Neil falls for the fake performance of gov/media's pregame warm-up show, the feature coming soon is inflation, and you'll be blaming everyone from your wife to the kid at Mickey D

There is a common theme to be heard in this Congressman's crocodile teared complaint of "higher wages" to that of the kid flipping burgers demanding an increase in minimum wage. A theme also heard in the coming 2016 presidential campaign over equal pay. All are excuses to flood the economy with cash. A means to devalue the dollar, a theft by inflation. Neil falls for the Congressman's fake performance not realizing the underlying motivation being the agenda of the Central Bank.

Yea idiot,

So is Democrat Pelosi and her husband who gets all those contracts. In fact Dianne Feinstein's husband is a real moneymaker with defense contracts she steers to him.

And there is poor girl Hillary Clinton and those 'Cattle Futures' she made so much money off of. And Democrat Reid in Nevada. Civil servant all his life and he's a millionaire.

VOTE DEMOCRATS OUT IN NOVEMBER! Tell them we have to vote them out in order to see what it is like without socialism.

The government has plenty of on base housing. They could try living in that, after all it's good enough for our military families. It should more than suffice. After the cut backs there'll thousands of unused military housing units to choose from. There is also HUD housing in the D.C. area. I'm sure we could waive the salary limits for a congressman. They could see how their victims, I mean constituents live.

$174,000 per year, Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) retirement package (it's a defined benefits program based on salary and years of service.) Also have a office allowance and earn money from outside work while in office up to $26,550 a year.

Allowed to deduct up to $3,000 a year from fed income tax for living expenses while they are away from their home states or congressional districts.

And no limit of income from their investments, corporate dividends or profits.

And they want more!

What better an example of the elitist attitude these clowns have.

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