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Neal Barton's POV

There are consequences


POSTED: Monday, December 2, 2013 - 7:01pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 4:10pm

A lot of news has happened since we last spoke. Today, I see some fast food workers will go on strike for one day, soon.

The reason, they want their minimum wage to be $15 per hour. That's what they say they need because they cannot survive on $7.25 per hour.

Let me be "Mr. Cold Shower," once again. Those fast food or most any minimum wage job is not meant to be a primary income. Those are "work your way into the job market" wages. I saw, a month ago, some burger places are looking at replacing over the counter folks with kiosks. You know, like at some of the big box stores.

If you buy $8 worth of bolts you put a $10 in the machine and it gives you $2 back with your receipt. If the workers pull this strike, all businesspeople will find a way around it. I can assure you, in the long run, fewer people will be making $15 per hour down at the "Burger Doodle."

There will be layoffs. There will be self imposed layoffs when or if "Obamacare" ever hits its stride. Right now, it's still a mess. The November 30 magic date has come and gone, and still there are problems.

The New York Times just came out with a long story.  David Plouffe from the administration says this plan will be fixed in 2017.

Yes, he said 2017, The White House is in full freak-out mode.

This, from the Democratic party's "house organ," The New York Times.

If the website ever works, people will see how much their premiums will go up. They will also see a lot of doctors retire because they won't work for low Medicare wages. Most of our doctors will then be foreign born because they will be the only ones who will put up with that mess.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Sheila Jackson December 8, 2013 at 11:35am stated If you get paid by the government and claim to pay taxes because you give some of it back then you have no room to talk because, you pay no taxes.

So Sheila Jackson does not think our military pay taxes or have a right to talk

Don, though some who post on ketk have bricks for brains, it always feels good to keep using the battering rams of reason, truth, facts and intelligence to counter the lame rhetoric some just can't get beyond...hate is alive and well in Texas, and especially virulent in East Texas, but we need to continue to hit stupid with sheer brilliance every chance we can.

Sheila, corporate greed trumps Federal Reserve issues any day of the are so anti-government that you will not see that the big guys in the top-floor offices and investors drive the economic train...Sheila, put the blame for the economic down-turn for the middle class and poor on high profits for greedy corporate entities and legislators who care only for deep-pocketed campaign donors/special interest groups who pay for special concessions...blame yourself for believing junk!

There is an old saying you should be reminded; 'he who has the gold rules'. Though the Federal Reserve cannot (will not) account for the gold removed from the US Treasury, their ability to print dollars out of thin air certainly makes them the controllers of the economy. Can you tell me why an Anglo Christian is not allowed to chair the Federal Reserve?

What Rick Perry, Texas Republicans and Macy’s is against equal pay for women? And y'all say the Texas Republicans don't have a war on women.....what a lie !!

Retailers did call for veto of state equal-pay bill
“The fact that Macy’s doesn’t support equal pay for women should stop you from shopping there on Black Friday,” the Houston state Rep. Senfronia Thompson said, saying that her equal-pay proposal cleared the Legislature earlier this year, but “then Macy’s sent a letter to Rick Perry urging him to veto the law, which he ultimately did.”

Since when did being successful become a bad thing in America, and why should success be penalized with taxes? If you get paid by the government and claim to pay taxes because you give some of it back then you have no room to talk because, you pay no taxes. When you create a dollar then you can gripe about who's not paying what.

Since when did paying workers a livable wage become a bad thing in America, and why should workers who actualy do work be penalized with taxes? If you get paid by the government and you too pay taxes because you give some of it back at a higher % than those whos income is investment income & you have every right to talk because, you pay taxes. Guess you are saying military men and women have no right to talk SJ. There are no hourly workers that create a dollar, public or private.

Conservapedia does not have an entry for the term "MIDDLE CLASS"

Is that because they do not believe in or want a middle class, only those who have and those who have not?

Everyone, read Dave's first post down from here of 11:25, Dec. 3rd, and read and re-read it until it soaks into whatever brain cells are one has made so much sense of this issue until now. Man-made inflation has created the poor and the struggling lower middle-class, and wages have not kept up with the costs of the necessities of life...not the luxuries for these folks, but the bare essentials...the rest of you must make boatloads of $ to care so little for your struggling neighbors.

Since the Federal Reserve controls the creation of dollars then your use of the term "man made" should read, "Federal Reserve" causes inflation. Now with your other brain cell, think about who is not allowed to serve as Chairman to the Federal Reserve.

Hey, get my vote for the posting the GREATEST put-down ol' prune-faced McConnell has ever had!! One day after his rant, the governor of his own state was refuting every single word the old goat said about the ACA!! How rich can it get?! Let's all keep a good thought for the Democratic challenger in Kentucky...go BLUE, bluegrass state!

If you want a high paying job that requires little physical labor and absolutely no intelligence, run for Congress, Senate, or President.

Sheila...I am not a flighty-brained "youth"...I am 68 years old, way past mincing words with narrow-minded holier-than-thou folks who hate everything. As for decent wages for those who are trying to exist on $8/hour, after taxes are taken out, you're looking at (maybe) $6/take-home. Many argue that these are just "stepping-stone" jobs to more lucrative ones, but many who earn these paltry sums hold down multiple jobs and still need assistance to try to survive. Your opinion is bogus!

According to the National Employment Law Project’s (NELP) newest report, because the fast-food industry pays its workers less than a living wage, U.S. taxpayers must foot the bill in the form of the public assistance programs these workers must use to get by. McDonald’s alone, according to the group, cost taxpayers $1.2 billion last year.

US Taxpayer has given you every dollar you have ever owned Don.

Taxpayers never gave me anything SJ, I risked my life every day to protect people like you and deaf for more than 30 years.

Your Welcome

While we're on the healthcare subject. The deadliest strain of flu to hit the planet H7N9 (30% Mortality rate) just reemerged in Hong Kong. Thanks for the heads up KETK!

The buying power of any dollar has declined over the past 30 years SJ so if I get to keep a few more of my pension $$ through lower taxes because of less people on welfare because corporations have to pay their employees that would be a good thing for everyone involved execpt for the millionaires and billionaires. I am sure they would not go broke. I have a COLA with my pension so not to worry SJ. Bet you are against = pay for women too SJ.

Your response to why inflation is ok for pensioners is best described using a mulberry bush, a monkey, and a weasel. COLA's never keep-up with inflation, ask anyone on social security. I don't get sucked into gender divides or those other front page topics media uses to lead guys like you to the polls.

My COLA works out fine for me

Until you've lived in times of double digit inflation then you don't realize how bad this pie in the sky plan is. Like everything else, the increase has already been decided and now we go through the smoke and mirrors of congressional approval. This isn't about rich and poor, it's about govt. absolving itself of foreign debt with a cheap dollar. Life conditions for minimum wage workers will not get better, but much worst as the price of everything skyrockets. Know what you ask for.

If you're so much about reading history then, you read-up on the Weimar Republic and see what inflation does to a nation.

Neal I am sure that you negotiated a contract with KETK and it most likeky included pay benefits etc..etc.

Why in h3ll do you think you are better than someone who makes $7.25 an hour?
Why do you think they should not be able to negotiated a contract with their employer just as you have?

Because you think you are better than they are?

Hey Dim-wit Don, have you figured-out what happens to your pension once a 50% increase in minimum wage takes effect ? Everyone on fixed incomes goes into the poor house. It's a shame idiots like you are allowed to vote.

...I suppose deaf believes McD's is going to start serving up $12 gourmet burgers now? Clown! Loved that papa johns railed that they'd have to up the price of a pizza a whole 15 cents to be able to afford providing insurance to their for me, I'd gladly pay this paltry sum for that to happen...but deaf, the poster child for the right-of-right I/me/mine rabble, would rather spit in someone's eye than pony up an extra dime and nickel to help the equality cause!

Let's see...decent wages = fewer people needing food stamps, gov't. assistance. Decent wages = employee loyalty to employer. Decent wages = long-term employment, less downsizing. Decent wages = affordable healthcare with/without gov't. subsidy. Decent wages = more people moving into the middle class. Decent wages = more buying power for more people. Decent wages = the economy flourishes. Now what part of this is bad? Aren't we all supposed to be in this to make the country better?

One thing you missed, increasing minimum wage does not equate to a decent wage.

Let me be the one to interject a fact into this rant about minimum wage workers. If you made $3.65 in 1979, that had the same buying power as $12.38 cents today. Here's a link to the inflation calculator.

Insurance has gone up every year, rent goes up every year, grocery and fuel cost have increased. The only thing that hasn't kept up is minimum wage. We exploit the poor and vulnerable in the US, that's the truth Neal.

Our ethnic controlled economy seeks an inflationary minimum wage increase to devalue our currency and reduce the value of debt. Rather than draw the ire of the American citizen with policy mandates by the Fed which are contradictory to their charter, media will do the dirty work with class divide. Those who have saved will be robbed by inflation whilst the usual front page idiots who post here will never understand how they allowed the Federal Reserve to generationally loot America once again.

Breaking News : Presidential Puppet point-man for the Federal Reserve B. Obama, pseudo symbol of American diversity, is to read a speech today promoting a minimum wage increase. He is to cite income disparage and retirement as the need for the increase, he will not talk about inflation or the harm to retirees living off savings. Selling class divide, Obama has the "have-nots" begging for fake dollars at their neighbor's expense. Anti-Christian Central Bank, sham elections, our fake democracy.

I don't like the money as debt thing the Fed does either Sheila, but our congress can't even pass a budget. Can you imagine what kind of damage the bozo's in congress could do, if they ran the printing press?

They could do no damage provided that all currency was backed by gold held in the Treasury.

Not to belittle the job, because I'm sure it's as stressful as any other. Econ 101 supply and demand, lots of people available for few jobs means low wages i.e. Burger Doodle counter help gets $7.25. Few people for many opening means higher wages, i.e. plumbers, welders, electricians, doctors. The greater the training required also translates to higher wages. To bad they don't/won't understand that. But then I don't believe Odummer does either.

There is no such thing as a "livable wage". That being said, at the heart of this is Obozo arguing for income equality. so, let's carry this to the extreme. If a store mgr. is paid the same as a new hire, what's the incentive for the mgr. to achieve the position? If a shop owner makes the same as the hired help, what's their incentive to assume the risks? Without income inequality, there is no incentive to excel and innovate.
What of stars making mega mil.s. Wait, that's ok, they support Obozo.

Economic theories are generally if and only if scenarios. If we had a free market system, then every one would be playing a win or lose game. The economic cards are stacked against us. Inflation is an increase in the money supply (cash or credit) which results in a corresponding increase in prices. Wages in Texas are artificially low because of illegal labor, it's always been that way. Your right about supply and demand there's a signing bonus for burger joints in boom areas of Montana.

A train not at the station is no less a locomotive a mile away. Inflation is everywhere except in media reports. How much is gasoline now compared to then, and we have quadrupled output.

If wages double then you will see the price of burgers double.

And people will vote with their pocketbooks. They will decide a 12 dollar hamburger is not worth 12 dollars.

Hope for change in 2014. Lots of Democrats up for reelection.

No you will not deaf because they know that SMART people will not pay $12.00 for a hamburger , they will have to take it out of those huge profits that they are earning or close their doors.

How dumb I am to buy a Wataburger for $5.00 when I used to pay .75 for them. Don, you're the epitome of a fool.

Well you are dumb. You do not have to buy a Wataburger for $5.00 .

No, employers will just replace the hired hands with self check outs. Drive-thrus will be outsourced overseas. The technologies are in place in some places and are being improved upon.

Well neal, maybe we should require workers to work for nothing so all businesspeople will not have to find ways around paying their employees.

Hey Dumber than Dirt Don, what do you think will happen to the spending power of your pension income when inflation turns your dollars into dimes ? You don't think things through very well do you ?

The buying power of any dollar has declined over the past 30 years SJ so if I get to keep a few more of my pension $$ through lower taxes because of less people on welfare because corporations have to pay their employees that would be a good thing for everyone involved execpt for the millionaires and billionaires. I am sure they would not go broke. I have a COLA with my pension so not to worry SJ.

Your wires aren't soldered right Don.

SJ, you do not have any wires to soldered right

Good for them. I am tired of subsidizing corporate profits and stock holders with tax dollars going to their workers by way of welfare.

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