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Neal Barton's POV

There's nothing new


POSTED: Tuesday, September 18, 2012 - 6:10pm

UPDATED: Sunday, September 23, 2012 - 1:11pm

So late last night, tongues on the left side of the political fence started wagging.

Someone at a Mitt Romney fundraiser sneaked some video of him speaking off the cuff a few months ago. It was at a (gasp) rich person's house during a fundraiser. By the way, you normally fund-raise with rich people.

The president will be at an $800 a bottle champagne fundraiser in New York City. But for the press, that's ok. Everyone buys $800 bottle champagne.

Libs think they have a smoking gun. They think they have "the secret Romney tapes." On the tape, a donor asked Romney why he didn't attack President Obama harder on his record.

Romney said what anyone who follows politics does. He was after the squishy middle. My words not his.

He said there was 47% of the voting public who would never vote for him. So, why bother?

This is almost like what General McArthur did in World War II with island hopping. Why beat your head against the wall? Find another way to the target.

It's ways been like this in politics. There is a certain amount on the right and left that would vote for a goat if the party nominated it. Somehow this is seen as a big news event.

I've discussed the 47% right here on the POV.

Almost 50% of the nation pays no income taxes. And a lot of those folks are happy with the gimmies. But the mainstream media will do anything but talk about our lousy economy, our high gas prices and lack of foreign policy.

Listen to me closely. I have some scoop for you.


That's my point of view, what's yours?

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The news here is Mitt FINALLY delivered an honest speech - what he believes and not what he is told as "safe" to believe.

IRS says average median income for Americans today is $50,054. That dinner cost $50,000 per plate to hear Republicans crap on Middle Class Americans.

The 47% of Americans that got their paid in taxes back in refunds/ credits just used the same IRS rules that Mitt and the rich use to pay zero to 15% tax rate. Republicans are hypocrites. I bet they didn't even tip the waiter

Let me pose a question to ALL who have posted their opinion; As the Federal Reserve has just announced a program to indefinitely pump trillions of "out of thin air" dollars to stimulate the economy then, how do you put these "created" dollars into circulation unless a large portion of the (47%) population is "given" dollars (or the equivalent) to spend. See how it all goes back to the one entity, how a devalued dollar equals Federal Reserve control. Your vote and monetary policy, not hardly.

chuck, grow old, make decisions whether to eat or take meds, but not both, can't afford both...have your house foreclosed because the job you thought you'd have until you retired has been outsourced to China...have an illness and hospitalization that eats up your Medicare voucher and dig deep in your wallet for the additional $6,300 the voucher doesn't more taxes under willard/ryan to subsidize the tax breaks to the wealthy...refuse your SS check and Medicare benefits, and shut up!!

Not too surprised that any of the nay-sayers can come back on rational rhetoric calling them out on their un-American and un-democratic slop...come on guys...I'm still ready to tell all of you the truth...because all any of you shell out as "truth" is, in fact, blatant lies you ape from your "experts" on faux news and the likes of beck, hannity, and the biggest ultra-right-of-right piggy, rush. I'm waiting!!

You are correct sny, all of the FACT checkers that are nonpartisan say that both sides have told lies but the GOP side has told far more lies than the Dem. side.
Obama's statements by ruling
True 94 (23%)
Mostly True 98 (24%)
Half True 109 (26%)
Mostly False 49 (12%)
False 58 (14%)
Pants on Fire 6 (1%)
Romney's statements by ruling
True 28 (16%)
Mostly True 22 (13%)
Half True 48 (28%)
Mostly False 29 (17%)
False 28 (16%)
Pants on Fire 16 (9%)

Snydergal, the doctor will see you now.

I think both partys will pander to who ever is writing the big checks, take big money out of the deal and things might change. Romney just got caught with his foot in his mouth. I wonder where he fits in that 47% and also the big wall street boys ? But Neil is right here, its nothing new. Most knew how Romney felt all along.

willard is one of the 4,000 richest people in the country who are the biggest free-loaders in the 50 states and do NOT pay taxes...with great tax accountants on retainer who can find every little loophole for their mega-rich clientele, these deadbeats lead the pack of true tax dodgers. The other 47%? The elderly on fixed incomes, the disabled who cannot work, those whose jobs have been outsourced...Neil is NOT right!! TRY POVERTY ON FOR SIZE BEFORE CRITICIZING THOSE WHO NEED HELP!

At last, someone on the boob tube that actually gets it. I've done more than my share of criticizing the "libtard media" for giving Obummer a free pass, while mercilessly nitpicking everything conservatives do. It's the nature of the beast, I realize, but disappointing that a once-powerful arm of the people has sunk to the depths of being a mere puppet of the liberals. Thanks to Neal and a scarce-few others who still tell the truth on TV.

Your poster boy for warmongering, g bush, never suffered the disrespect, name-calling, or disgusting anti-democracy, anti-American rhetoric you **** teavangelical repub right-of-right thugs have thrown at the President of the United States. Look in the mirror and see the face of hatred and your post and choke on the vile nonsense you wrote. Find an island somewhere, take all who believe and act as you do, and leave us to establish a peace-loving country for those who are left.

Slack-jawed comments by right-of-right pundits are rot!! Let's clear the air...4,000 of those 47%ers are gazillionares who DO NOT PAY TAXES, JUST LIKE SLICK WILLARD...those remaining that willard called deadbeats include the elderly living on fixed incomes, the disabled who cannot work, the out-of-work whose jobs have been outsourced, and the working poor. slick willard needs to protect his 3,999 cronies from paying their fair share...let the poor pick up the slack...willard sure doesn't care!

WELL FOLKS - HERE IT IS - BARTON THINKS THAT A CERTAIN SECTION OF OUR POPULATION WOULD VOTE FOR A GOAT IF A GOAT WAS NOMINATED. I think that is similar/the same as saying some people are gullible and stupid. Remember Barton, some of those that you regard as fools have the choice of switching channels. You are an arrogant and insulting buffoon! BAH HUMBUG!

I'm beginning to have hope in you Neil. Your call on this media conjure is exactly correct; the propaganda of a pseudo two party democracy, whereby we either agree or we do not, thusly defining our vote by our vision of America. I'm more concerned with the percentage of people who suck this spiel up instead of realizing that both candidates represent the same faction.

Read my reply to katie and woooooster, says all one needs to say about you people.

You are right on Neil, thx. There is 50% of the people that will not pull their own weight govt. defendant they are called democrats/unions. my reply to katie and triple it to yourself...try to pull your weight when you are too old and poor to pay taxes...try to pull your own weight if you get disabled and cannot work,...and try to pull your own weight when you have no health insurance safety net and, thanks to willard's plan if, God forbid, he wins, just go ahead and die because you have no money for a doctor. You and people who are as cold and mindless/heartless as you personify what is ugly in America.

In addition, a large number of that 47% who pay no federal income taxes are the elderly living on Social Security and relying on Medicare for their health care needs. Tyler has a very large elderly population, both from retirees moving here as well as people who have aged in place. When you talk about those with the "gimmies" you're talking about a large segment of your audience. Now we know where you stand with regard for your audience, Neal.

Ironically, the majority of that 47% live in the "red leaning" (i.e. Republican) states of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Florida, New Mexico and Idaho. Notice that all but one of those states are in the South. If you look at statistics in Texas alone, it's no wonder they pay no taxes. Texas has one of the highest poverty rates in the country. East Texas in particular has an especially high poverty rate.

Precisely. No news and Romney is right. They have nothing.

Katie, may you someday feel the pangs of hunger when you have no food...may your house be foreclosed because your employer has outsourced your job...may you have no health insurance and have to wait until the last minute, possibly too late, to go to an ER to be told there is nothing the Dr.s can do...may the government never offer assistance to you or your family, i.e., SS, Medicare, Medicaid, disaster assistance. Greedy, unfeeling, I/me/mine mentality...disgusting!! Good luck, Katie!

Mitt Romney says The "48, 49 percent" that supports President Barack Obama are "people who pay no income tax." But the polls and income tax data don't back this up. Obama gets substantial support from people earning more than $50,000 -- and 90 percent of them, or more, do pay taxes. And Romney gets lots of support from seniors, many of whom have no income tax liability. We rate the claim False.

Yup, all you on Social Security, Medicare and Madicade, unemployment or food stamps because your employer has failed to pay you enough to stay off of food stamps.........Mitt Romney said he does not care about you and you are a bunch of free loaders. This how all republicans see you. If this is you & you voted Rep. in the past, guess you are not true Republicans because they do not care about you cuz you are a liability in their eyes. Vote against the Repubs in November at all levels.

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