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Tuesday, March 31, 2015 - 10:11am
Neal Barton's POV

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POSTED: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - 6:58pm

UPDATED: Thursday, May 1, 2014 - 4:10pm

A lot of sobering news Tuesday. The New York Times reports the middle class of America is no long the most affluent. I'm sure those at the Times think higher taxes will fix that.

I think the economy needs a good 'ol fashioned kick-start. You can feel it. There is is just something wrong.

This was supposed to be another summer recovery. That will not be a campaign stump speech this summer and fall.

I read where the last five years president has proposed 442 Tax increases. Proposed, thank goodness not all are in effect.

CNSNews reports In the budget proposal he presented to Congress last month, President Barack Obama called for what would be the highest level of sustained taxation ever imposed on the American people, according to the analysis published last week by the Congressional Budget Office.

CNSNews is also reporting Inflation-adjusted federal tax revenues hit an all-time record of $1,428,710,000,000 from the beginning of the fiscal year on Oct. 1 through April 15, the deadline for filing federal tax returns for 2013, according to the Daily Treasury Statement.

I feel many businesses are still afraid to hire and expand because they never know where we'll be kicked next. There is even a Democratic congressman who says the worst part of Obamacare taxes and repression is to come.

I think that's one reason why the Bundy standoff in Arizona is drawing such heat. No matter if Bundy is guilty or not, people see government storm troopers
out there threatening folks and killing livestock.


Here is one bit of advice I saw on Facebook Monday: If you have a ranch like Bundy or have a business, make sure part of the title is named "Benghazi." That way, the federal government will never look your way.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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It was not 'trickle down' economics. He said instead of just dividing the pie differently, lets make a bigger pie. He cut taxes and reduced the size government (the biggest drag on the economy.)

And it is a fact, Reagan's economic recover is still considered the greatest economic recovery since before WW2... and he was able to get DEMOCRATS onboard.

Sadly, Obama is clueless in this and other things.

Hope for change in 2014. Turn off that government cheese by voting Dems out!

He cut taxes on the top but did not reduce spending and those in the middle had to pick up the difference and he increased our National Debt by 3 trillion + $. Reagan was President when the first trillion hit the books and he didn't stop with just one. Wonder why you did not complain about that not to mention the interest we are still paying on reagans trillions of $$ of spending?

Trickle down economics worked. It worked so well the Democrats have spent the last 30 yrs trying to demonize it. I think in part because they don't understand how it, or capitalism for that fact, works. It doesn't fit the Keynesian socialist model and they can't comprehend anything else. I think also because it freed people out of poverty and that they can't allow

Yup, it worked so well we were losing 300 to 700 thousand jobs a month under G WMD LIAR Bush and the average wage of working men and women in America has declined over the last 30 years while the top 10% have had steady increase in wages. Yup it works for the top 10% but not for the other 90 %.

I knew I could trust you to spout the party line, in fact I was counting on it. And ya'll accuse the right of not being able to think for ourselves.

"trickle-down economics" is most closely identified with the economic policies known as "Reaganomics" or laissez-faire. David Stockman, who as Reagan's budget director championed these cuts at first but then became skeptical of them

The term, Trickle-down economics has been attributed to humorist Will Rogers, who said during the Great Depression that "money was all appropriated for the top in hopes that it would trickle down to the needy."
Lets not forget that it was the republican congresses and president who caused the Great Depression with their Trickle-down economics theory. look up the word hooverville or hoovervilles

Trickle-down economics isn't working
A study in the April 23 2014 New York Times gives us the result of that 40 years of income transfer from us to the rich; bad bet — we lost. America’s middle class has dropped out of being the world’s front-runner, America’s poor are poorer than "socialist" Europe’s, and it takes an $80,000 college degree to work at McDonalds. We need to dump this legislative strategy or we need to fire the "job creators" we hired and "create" some new ones.

We can compare changes in the top tax rate with the real GDP growth rate and three measures of how life is for the average working American: annual median income growth, annual average hourly wage growth, and job creation. If cuts for the rich were really the magic elixir for the economy and the middle class that the Republican consensus claims it is, we would see an increase in the four indicators whenever the tax rate dropped. However, this is not the case.

The past 40 years have seen a gradual decrease in the top bracket's income tax rate, from 91% in 1963 to 35% in 2003. It went as low as 28% in 1988 and 1989 due to legislation passed under Reagan, the trickle-down theory's most famous adherent. The Clinton years saw the top bracket hold steady at a higher rate of 39.6%, but under the younger Bush's tax-cut policies, the rich are once again paying less.

By Mehrun Etebari
July 17, 2003

We've all heard the claims that cutting tax rates for the richest Americans will improve the standard of living for the working class. Supposedly, top-bracket tax breaks will result in more jobs being created, higher wages for the average worker, and an overall upturn in our economy. It's at the heart of the infamous trickle-down theory.
The middle class is almost gone so I guess this theory is a failure

I had to check twice but it is confirmed, the number of lives saved when the American citizen stood-up to this president and rejected his plan to attack Syria now stands at 8,212 . Though we weren't nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and, that media makes no attempt to show the children who still walk this earth, I say congratulations to my fellow citizen. And if you ask how I was able to tabulate this number; I simply used the same formula as govt. employs to calculate "jobs saved".

And dave.. you saying it ain't also Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and Holder to?

You saying Wendy would not do it to?

Heck no! Both sides are doing it! That's the point. Running for office is a big source of income. Both sides hire family members as paid "consultants". Both sides shake down donors. Shelia Jackson Lee hired 2 of her grandchildren to "work" on her campaign. They were paid $494,000. And its all perfectly legal. That's the problem.

we know that greg abbott is deaf. the ony way he could impress me is if he would conform to the same rules that were imposed on mrs davis in the senate.

If Abbott switched to Democrat and changed nothing else, you'd back him 110%. If Obama switched to Republican and changed nothing else of his failed administration, you'd become one of his biggest critics.

Well, Neal, the Bundy stand off was in Nevada, not Arizona. Whether Bundy is right or not has been decided by the courts. He's violating federal law. It was a court order to send in BLM. Your inclination to obfuscate (look it up) minor facts like that to serve your agenda is expected and reprehensible.

Also, what is CNSN news? Transcribers having some difficulties?

Politicians are extortionists! Here's how the real world works! Pretend your a businessman. You get an invitation to a political fundraiser. It implies you should attend. Don't even think of going without bringing a check. When you get to the event. There is a big bowl in the middle of the room to drop your check in. There is an aide watching and if you don't donate he'll discretely ask you why. That's how the shake down works Deaf. Believe it or not! That's Cornyn and Cruz and Hensarling!

Reagan's ideas was that instead of trying do divide the 'pie' differently (as Democrats wanted) he said, "why not make the pie bigger for EVERYBODY!

And thus that is what happened.

But Obama and co. want us all on 'government cheese'.

Why? Cause 'They'll turn us all into beggars 'cause they're easier to please. They're feeding our people that Government Cheese.'

And it's that simple. Serfs are easier to please.

Hope for change in 2014. Turn off that government cheese by voting Dems out!

All reagan did was kill high paying jobs in Texas and made the pie bigger for those at the top and More than trippled the National debt. Trickle down economics has never worked anywhere. The more those at the bottom earn for labor the more they will spend and the more profits small businesses in American will earn. the more money is in circulation in this country the better our economy will be.

One of the stupidest, lamest, dim-witted comments proffered by good ol' neal ever! Playing to a base of mindless drones who lap up this kind of smut from him, faux noise, beck, hannity and, of course, the leader of all bottom-feeders in the cesspool, good ol' rushbo! Just when one thinks it can't get any more vile on the right-of-right side of insanity, there it just gets more full of lies, fear-mongering, and personal opinions that dribble out...but shouldn't!

I agree about the importance of rebuilding the middle class. The only reason Reagan's trickle down theories worked was because there was a strong middle class with disposable income. This recovery will require trickle up thinking. A good place to start is a minimum wage increase. It would result in a equal increase in spending. Working poor spend their whole check every week. CEO 's and Romney send there disposable income to Costa Rico. To avoid paying taxes.

"Trickle Up" economics? I'd bet you think the best place to build a sewer treatment plant is at the top of the hill. Raising minimum wage will NOT improve the economy, it will overall worsen it. Minimum wage jobs will be replaced by technology or be shipped overseas. It will increase inflation, my guess no more than 1%, making it harder for seniors on fixed incomes to make ends meet. It will succeed in devaluing those workers currently earning between $7.25 and the proposed $10.10.

Obamacare will go bankrupt. Just not enough paying people to pay for all those who have to have 'subsidies'. Republicans, libertarians, and Tea Party legislators won't fork up for the foolishness the Democrats did in creating Obamacare.

It will go bankrupt. And at the same time unemployment will keep dragging on till another Reagan brings the concepts of lower taxes and less government. Yes another Reagan revolution.

When will it start? Oh, in 2014!

You'd have to have a real Republican to start a Republican revolution. The 2 Republican senators representing you today both support amnesty for millions of aliens. They support a self employed person making $50,000 a year paying ; 17% income tax , 13.3% for SS, and 2.9% for medicare (33.2%). While they nominate Romney a millionaire who pays 15%. And keeps his assets offshore. I was a republican delegate to my county convention. The problem with the party is idiots like you!

That's tellin' him like it is dave, except you're wrong about him being an idiot, he's a stupid idiot.

Everything from his foreign to domestic policy is just crumbling.

Ukraine with Putin's land grab, Syria where now they are using chlorine gas, North Korea where they are about to do another nuke test, China is now acting up with island grabs against Japan and the Philippines.

Then the unemployment. Declines in unemployment benefits only show people ran out of them, not that they are employed. Obmacare? You can’t make up in volume what you lose in money on each policy. And losing they are.

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