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Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 10:53pm
Neal Barton's POV

These are my thoughts about the president's news conference


POSTED: Friday, April 18, 2014 - 5:52pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 27, 2014 - 12:47pm

In a weird, disjointed news conference Thursday, President Obama went on the offensive. He touted there are now 8 million people signed up for Obamacare.

Really? Are we sure those are not just former Medicaid folks signing up or still how many have paid?

What the president didn't say is the census numbers will now be tallied differently to prop up Obamacare. Also, how many Democrats are embracing Obamacare as we head toward the next election? Not Many.

In fact, Democratic gubernatorial candidate from Texas, Wendy Davis, would not have a huge photo-op with the president when he was recently in the state.

How many Democrats are marching in lock step?

The president also just kept saying "the health care debate is over..this is working...let it go." To me, that means he's selling hard because he has to. If the ACA was really working all he'd have to do is roll his eyes and say look at the numbers, the real numbers.

And speaking of selling Obamacare, he still is chiding the many governors who won't take the Medicaid dollars that go along with it. Many of my Democrat friends are furious Governor Perry wont take the money, but they seem to be misinformed that the Medicaid

Money, which by the way didn't fall out of a tree, our taxpayer money. That free federal money goes away a few years from now and then the state is on the hook for that.

Of course, you wont hear that from most of the media, but you have here.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Shortly after George W. Bush was elected president, Congress and President Clinton were trying to pass a $384 billion omnibus spending bill, and while the debates swirled around the passage of this bill, Senator Phil Gramm Texas REPUBLICAN, clandestinely slipped a 262-page amendment into the omnibus appropriations bill titled: Commodity Futures Modernization Act.

But don, it took Reagan ONLY 2 years to turn things around from Jimmy Carter (remember the 'misery index'?)

It was Barny Frank, and fellow Dems on the finance committee, that allowed very easy loans on houses that people had no way to pay back. Then gas went to $4 a gallon and people were forced to either lose their jobs, and houses via loans, or not eat!

What party controlled BOTH houses of Congress back in last two years of Bush? Why Democrats don!

Learn history don so you don't repeat it.

You are right deaf the Democrats are a fault for NOT changing the economic policies that the republicans passed while they comtrolled both houses of congress for 6 years. Toxic derivatives is what caused the BUSH great recession.


Uh, Bush was president SIX YEARS AGO. Someone else has been president for these last six years, You know who it is? Last name starts with 'O'.

And the Democrats had TWO YEARS of total control of Congress and STILL have the Senate AND the Whitehouse.

So you are going to blame someone six years ago and a minority in congress for the current troubles?

Oh, and now you are admitting we have MASSIVE UNEMPLOYMENT?

Hope for change in 2014. Stop this massive unemployment... vote Dems out.


Uh, Bush was president SIX YEARS AGO

Thats right and that it is also when everyone lost their jobs and benefits in fact 300 to 700 thousand jobs were lost per MONTH under george WMD LIAR bush. It is also because the housing crisis created by the Republicans lead by phil graham and G WMD bush in the 6 years the GOP had control of congress under bush.

Again we would have never needed a recovery if not for the gop policies and g WMD bush.

NYT Opinion Pages | Editorial/Racial Equality Loses at the Court
I couldn't help but laugh when I read this headline from the NYT. Is it just me or does anyone else see what is wrong with the idea of removing a ban against a race is a setback to racial equality ? And the courts in their decision did not shoot-down the unconstitutional laws of racial quotas, but agreed to allow states the right to discriminate against whites.

News Flash...If not for the republicans economic policies under george WMD liar bush we would have never had a record number of people unemployeed or needed a RECOVERY in the first place.
If not for the republicans in the current congress we would not have a record number of people unemployeed and without any unemployment benefits today.

deaf, you've got granite for brains...I give up...but, as the ACA grows, becomes viable, and is a whopping success, there will come a time when your slop just doesn't fly anymore. Change in 2014-2016? Ya'betcha...granite will crumble, deaf. No more posts on this subject, but don't think you won've been wrong, you are wrong, and unless you get with the program, you will always be wrong. Nuf' said.

So...I'm sitting here, feeling kind of smug, realizing that the men below haven't come back with more lies after reading common sense re: ACA. If you are against the ACA, then you are for the poor and uninsured to go it alone, flood ERs, suffer chronic disease without any medical attention, or, at the very worst, want them to die. If one draws this out to the inevitable end if the ACA was repealed and people were left to fend for themselves or die, all of you would then ascribe to death panels.


No.... they didn't 'save' money. They were forced to buy more expensive policies than they wanted OR could afford. And the majority of young simply opted out. And don't forget most have NOT PAID THEIR PREMIUMS! Thus, in effect, they have no insurance.

It's not about wanting anyone to not have insurance, it's about being forced to buy expensive insurance they don't want. They young don't want to buy it, period.

Hope for change in 2014. Zero out the Democrats at the polls.

NEWS FLASH.....Willie Nelson Backs Wendy Davis in Texas Gov Race April 11, 2014

Wendy and Willie are pot heads.

And George WMD LIAR Bush is a drunk and a cocaine head and his wife is also a drunk that killed a 17 year old boy.

deaf...50+ tries to write the obituary for the ACA...50+ dead-in-the-water tries...yep, democratic procedures are to be observed, but the dummies in the House and Senate who want the poor to die instead of having affordable insurance JUST DON"T GET IT! The Affordable Healthcare Act is LAW, folks...snyderdope...before the ACA, you paid for ER visits for those who had no insurance in higher premiums...lifetime limits, pre-existing condition denials by ins. companies...BEFORE the ACA...duh!!!

it is absolutely unbelievable that you can join the loon group in continuing to insist that the ACA isn't working, with over 8 million people signed up...additional enrollment begins again in November, so even more will be enrolled...what is wrong with you guys? You just don't want the poor to have health care, and you don't acknowledge that those who "lost" their company ins. got cheaper ins. under the ACA. You guys are irrelevant, backwards, cynical, dangerous, self-centered and dense!!

Hospitals were affordable until government started paying the bills. I was there to know.

Pete's exactly right. The ACA (again note we, including Obama, no longer call it Obamacare) is working. It's doing exactly what it's supposed to do. Impose more gov't and less freedom into our lives, trap the poor further into poverty (and likely won't improve their heath care options and quality), expand the poverty class while destroying the health care industry. And as a bonus probably some related industries.

They really are that brainwashed pete. Fox news didn't tell them think that 7 million uninsured Texans is bad. And they're to stupid for independent thought. I know someone who died from an abcessed tooth last year. What a heart warming story. People dying from a lack of antibiotics. And before you idiots pipe up. She did go to the emergency room and they sent her home. Can you guess why? If you picked no insurance go to the head of the class.


Those '50+ times is what is called democracy. See if others feel they do not like some law THEY CAN TRY TO CHANGE IT. Done by the Democrats when Bush was in office, done by the Republicans when Clinton was in office. Done by the Democrats while Reagan was in office...

See instead of taking Obama's 'shut up, we won' advice the opposition does not. In fact, we hope not!

Hey.. remember Pelosi and her “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism”?

So what is good for the goose is good...

I think it was Pelosi that said that we should "make Christianity and right wing speech illegal because it is a threat to the American way of life" ( almost an exact quote). The left like so many other totalitarian ideologies can not stand descent. Like sin, the ideology can not stand the light of truth. That's why they don't want minorities to be educated and free of poverty and why they are conducting a war on the American middle class and American moralities.

If Obama, and Dems in general, tolerated descent and if Obamacare was working, then Obama could be open to the debate. But they are not tolerant of descent, and it's not working. That's why he doesn't want the debate and wants it stopped.

Deaf, dumb, blind, mindless, disrespectful, prone to telling, I'm NOT referring to the POTUS...I am referring to anyone who parrots what neal has written...the president was spot on calling repub/t-swillers out about stonewalling, obstructing, 50+ attempts at negating the Affordable Healthcare Act, fear-mongering, and out-and-out lying...just waiting for that moment in time when repub/t-swillers have to fess up to the fact that the ACA IS a SUCCESS...can't wait!! Pathetic clowns!

So "the health care debate is over", didn't Al Gore say something like that about his 'Global Warming' and the science (which, BTW, there is an ALARMING increase in sea ice in the Antarctic right now) being settled and the 'debate is over'? And all the faking they did to show the 'hockey stick' (now called the 'hokie stick') with fake data and a email track that showed how their pet scientist had faked the data.

So, considering all the lies Obama has said, what makes one think he isn't lying?

6% of the voting age population in Texas showed up to vote in this years primary. 43% of VAP showed voted in 2012. My opinion is that 57% of Texans are so totally disgusted with politics they won't even show up and vote. If we had a none of the above option on the ballot, Texans would probably choose not to elect any of the candidates currently running. Notice that Neal and the republicans haven't come up with any alternatives to the ACA in the past 5 years?

Why vote when a machine "trumps" you? Seven democratic nations have abandoned the electronic voting machine for it's ability to be programmed to a predetermined outcome. Maybe on your local non important vote the machine works, but on important votes narrowed into "battleground" states, the machine is not to be trusted. Russians protested in the streets when Putin was elected in this way. The US media doesn't think it's a topic worth repeating The alternative to ACA is what was before the ACA.

We still use a paper ballot here in Anderson, county. Which makes tampering more difficult. But Lyndon Johnson was elected by a slim margin. Allegation of tampering with a ballot box were raised.Apparently dead people really liked Johnson and they rose from the grave to vote for him. Read up on George Parr the "duke of Duval county".

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