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It's a done deal


POSTED: Friday, August 16, 2013 - 6:28pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 20, 2013 - 10:23am

Well , they've done it.

An update to Thursday's POV

The GOP leadership has elected to not allow CNN or NBC to moderate any of their debates if CNN and NBC does programs about Hillary Clinton.

I think it's a good idea.

I mentioned before some think it's like taking your ball and going home and I uinderstand that.

But the Democrats would not like programming about the Republican front-runner, either.

I think it's a good idea and should have been done a long time ago,.

Did you see the way Candi Crowley just muffed the question about Benghazi with the President and Romney?

Either, she had never heard of Benghazi or was clearing, trying to cover.

Just my opinion.

Most of the moderators are awful.

Let me assure you I've worked all over the place in big and small markets.

Just because you are a high level doesn't mean your are necessarily great.

I think Jim Lehrer and PBS were the best.

Bob Schieffer is ok.

But the real heavyweights are dead now.

The entire process is a pep really.

Most reporters are Democrats.

That's been researched.

They can host the Democrays side and the Republicans can get who they want.

I think this will eliminate the "gotcha moments," and take the fake, "I'm not partisan" out of the whole process.

Also the American election process needs to be narrowerd down to two months.

That's about how much most of us can stomach anymore.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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BAN SHEILA FROM ALL POSTS ON KETK...mount a campaign to have this anti-Semite Muslim-hating government bashing racist clown banned from posting here! KETK, where is your boundary for civility and respectful and rational discourse? Your site attracts the vile few who hate everything and, in actuality, there are fewer than a handful who bother to access your site and rant anti-American/anti-everything viewpoints...those of us who try to counter their disgusting rants haven't got a chance!!

This is gonna be interesting. It's Hilary that's getting free fluff from these stations, but you can bet it's FOX and the GOP that charged with and investigated for wrong doing. Even when nothing is found, the accusations will persist and investigations will be never ending. And the view of the low information voters will be that they're guilty as accused while Hilary is viewed as pious.

Giving equal time to all the candidates running in the race would be the best thing for the voter. In 2008 several media networks removed all mention of Ron Paul, even though he had more votes in Iowa and New Hampshire. Currently networks are giving air time to Cruz, Perry, Christi, Clinton, and Rand Paul in anticipation of the 2016 elections. This amounts to millions of dollars in free marketing. I'd rather have the press inform me about potential candidates.

FCC rules allowing equal time for opposing opinion, single entity control of market share, and other important long established rules for a free media were struck-down under Clinton's administration. The same ethnic group that controls our economy also controls the media. This group which has been historically expelled from twenty-two other nations is firmly entrenched in the USA making a sham of our democracy. You correctly point-out Ron Paul as proof. WE are the enemy in our own nation.

You're right Sheila it was called the fairness doctrine and Fox News, Rush, Hannity, and Beck all hated it.

Only Jews are guilty of corrupt governance? So I guess that means only black are guilty of crimes? Of course not. Not only are both statements untrue, both are solely motivated by bigotry.

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