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POSTED: Monday, May 20, 2013 - 5:49pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 3:01pm

Let me be sure I have all this right.

During the Benghazi attacks, the president was not aware of what was happening.

Now, the narrative has changed and he knew what was happening but where it was, was none of our business and someone else was running things, or where they.

The talking point about four state department workers being killed was altered 12 times.

By whom?

We don't know.

Then the Associated Press has their phone records taken, by the government.

How did this happen?

When George Bush wanted to wire tap, it was the end of the earth.

When this happens we're told it's no big deal, we're running down a leak, nothing to see here, move on.

The IRS goes after anyone the president or staff would see as an enemy.

Not a real enemy, someone who just sees the world differently, politically.

President Obama and Hillary Clinton are on record years ago saying dissent is patriotic.

Well, it is, until you disagree with them. One guy from the Cincinnati IRS office this weekend said everything they were told to do came from the top.

Who is the top?

The White House doesn't know.

They don't know much about Benghazi.

They don't know much about the AP getting hammered.

They don't know much about the IRS shellacking political opponents.

But, they sure know everything about Seal Team 6.


That's my point of view, what's yours?

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When the Benghazi story initially broke I was angered by the insult to my intelligence. The Benghazi lie of Radical Islamic Extremist angered over a youtube video was (is) childishly naive and borne all the usual markings of a media controlled by an ethnic group dedicated to hating Muslims.That we learn now of an orchestration engineered by government exposes the media as nothing more than our governments mouthpiece and further demonstrates our government to be fully dominated by Muslim haters

And you're letting your extreme hate of Jews cloud your view of the truth.

Dumber than dirt charles hates everyone who does not look, sound and believe exactly as he does.

Gang, remember when Hitler slept as we invaded Normandy on June 6th? And his aids were afraid to wake him to tell them the allies had landed? Well I bet Obama was either spaced out on coke (remember he snorted it for a year) or he was messing around with some lady and told them not to disturb him.

And that is why gents it is, in the White House view, not relevant. Or who cares, or whatever. But what we don't know is WHO GAVE THE STAND DOWN ORDER. Normally it would be POTUS. But was it?

If you read media from outside of the US (that which isn't blocked-out) you soon learn that not all peoples are ignorant to the true geopolitical situation of the world. Unlike the US where we are lied to [for our own good] some nations are told the truth by government. We heard Obama address the UN and declare the Benghazi attack as a reaction to a Youtube video. How embarrassed I was for this nation, how ignorant in the eyes of the world this government made us appear.

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