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They fought so we could complain


POSTED: Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 4:55pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 4:31pm

The government is shut down. Big deal.

You can't see the Smithsonian or the Grand Canyon. Maybe you can drive by and see it.

We are in such a debt hole right now seeing a museum should be the least of our worries.

All essential employees are working. All non-essential employees were sent home. This makes me wonder, do we need most non-essential workers?

Americans every day have to tighten their belts. Oh, how dare we ask the government to do the same!

As a boss, I've had to lay off people and it makes me want to go home and get violently ill. But, that's part of it.

Government shutdowns are nothing new. No one ever brings up the 21 days the government shut down during the Carter Administration. And that was when Carter had both the House and the Senate.

From PR:

"Drawn-out fights over spending bills are nothing new for Congress. But, that's where the fights used to stay, in Congress. The rest of the country didn't have to pay much attention to countdown clocks and all this drama. In the '60s and '70s down until 1980, it was not taken that seriously at all," says Charles Tiefer, a former legal adviser to the House of Representatives, who now teaches at the University of Baltimore Law School. In the old days, he says, when lawmakers reached a budget stalemate, the federal workforce just went about its business. It was thought that Congress would soon get around to passing the spending bill and there was no point in raising a ruckus while waiting."

That easy-going attitude changed during the last year of President Jimmy Carter's administration. That's when Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti issued a legal opinion saying government work cannot go on until Congress agrees to pay for it.

We'll live.

One thing I loved today, although I don't recommend this, at the World War II monument in D.C., veterans kicked down the barricade and just walked on in.

Good for them. Because if that generation would not have saved the world, we would not have a government to complain about.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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All you who want to deny even basic healthcare to American citizens, move to an island in the are NOT true Americans! As for the fallout from tea swillers hanging tough & possibly crashing the full faith & credit of the US on the 17th, don't look for SS checks in the mail, don't expect a Medicare visit to your doctor or admission to a hospital, vets, don't wait for benefit checks or VA hospital in- or out-patient, everyone send a "thank you" card to cruz and company!

You all will still be arguing when you are waiting many months to even see a Doctor. And that's if the government decides that you are worthy of treatment or just take a pill and suffer because they will be calling the shoots on who treats and who doesn't. You belly ache about how the politicians can't be decisive now, but ya want to let them decide if ya live or die. The ACA isn't about health care. It's about Power and Control over the people of the USA.

well the insurance has been decideing for years who dies and who does not die based on their profits so you tell me which is worse? We don't know for a FACT that what you are claiming is true or not but we do know for a FACT what I said about the insurance companies and their profits is true.

What most Democrats don't understand is that it's not so much about the bad law{which it is a bad law} its the fact that you have to purchase a product you don't want or pay a penalty.Fine or tax however you put it.You pro choicers should be running backwards from this.You have no choice unless its theirs.

Hey, clown! If all citizens don't have access to even basic health coverage, guess who will continue to foot the bill for ER visits by paying higher premiums...from YOUR are a big part of the problem as you spread faux noise lies to many who haven't the ability to do their own research and make independent decisions...there is absolutely no way to change someone whose mind is closed to fairness, compassion, rational fiscal don't care about anyone but yourself!

So can you tell us why those who do pay for insurance why we should pay for those of you who do not ? You should be running to support this law if you believe in personal responsibility.

If I thought this Crap would have really benefitted the poor, I'd be all for it. Instead, it's about the power of the federal gov't. Pelosi sees no waste in gov't and doesn't want to slow it's growth. Reid chooses ideology over compassion. And Obama is too stupid to know what he's talking about and too chooses ideology over common sense. In his 2010 SOTU address he put out several workable ideas, than basically said but he won't do them unless they involved bigger gov't.

I would love to see a link to any story where President Obama stated "I won't do them unless they involved bigger gov't.".
If you can not provide a link or source then it has to be a big fat lie jp.

You must be one whale of an habitual liar. It's usually the most guilty that accuses the loudest. Or is the strategy from the democratic play book? There is no current news story, try watching his 2010 State of the Union Address.
Oh, wait!! We can't do that according to Clinton-Pelosi throwing their own words back in their face is hate speech.

well jp I took your advise and watched the 2010 State of the Union Address and no where in it did President Obama state "I won't do them unless they involved bigger gov't.". I guess that make your claim and statement a total lie.

If the ObamaCare is so bad cruz should have read the ACA in his 22 hour temper tantrum to the American People and pointed out with FACTS what was wrong with it instead of reading Green Eggs and Ham which he did not comprehend what the story is about. ObamaCare is not perfect but it is better than what we had and if the republicans were not affraid that the people would find that out and find out that the republicans lied to the people then my post with links would not have been deleted.

Don there you go again.if you keep this up the Obama cup can't runeth over.

all you do is complain but can not tell anyone what you are complaining about with any type of FACT to back up your complaints. If you can not have an adult conversation without telling lies , why are you even opening your mouth.

You and Don been drinking from the same cup I see.

Maybe you should put that cup of tea down and do a little research for yourself.

Ya know, what these people are sayin' about the new health law and the Republicans and the Democrats; and how we are a nation 17 trillion in debt, and Congress, and who is right and who is wrong. And how when you talk to your neighbor he is a parrot to what you've read and heard already from every media source defining the conversation available to an American citizen. Well consider this; it's not like we went broke building intergalactic spaceships or finding a cure for cancer, Gov't. blew it.

Well joe the problem is, you did not complain when republicans were adding trillions to the debt but all of a sudden you get a black president you jump scream and cry.

Actually, yes we did complain, and loudly. Why do you think we voted them out of office in '06? The TEA party was born from the GOP turning its back on its right-wing base, not because of Obama. If you listened to what was said and not just you wanted to hear, you would have heard us.

The tea party is the result of the Nov. 2008 election results why wasn't it started when ronald reagan took us from 900 billion in debt to 3.8 TRILLION in debt when he left office?

Odummer accuses the TEA party members of playing politics. Does he not realize he's doing the same? The answer is surely no, which beckons the next question. is it ignorance or arrogance that blinds him to the fact? Jay Carny told the press today Odummer is not attaching any political stings to reopening gov't. What he didn't say was that there are huge chains attached to it.

hey don sounds like a real good deal you might want to jump on it,but if I were you I'd back away from the Obama cup every once in a while.You might be able to think for yourself then.

I did think for myself and looked at what was offered, you should try it being it is obvious you only listen to what the GOP Rush Hannity and likes tell you and never see for yourself.

yes and they can thank the likes of ted cruz john cornyan and the t-publicans for it. as neal stated above this battle should be about debt but republicans turned it into a battle on Obama and ObamaCare.
Under "ObamaCare ,if I drop my insurance and applied for "ObamaCare" I could save $4,800.00 a year. It is a shame that this news source has not posted a link for its viewers to be able to research it for themselves so I will. (see below)

I have never read a person more wrong all of the time than Don.

where is the proof that I am wrong? can you not provide it?

Did you post it in invisible ink? I just don't believe you can get insurance for a family of 5 for less than $200.00, you said that you were paying $500.00 and something, that is pretty dog gone cheap, but less than $200.00?

you do not have to take my word for it go to the web site and see for yourself. you can get the link from ketk if you like being they took it down when I posted it.

No it was deleted by the moderator twice.

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