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They're finally smelling the coffee


POSTED: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 - 6:14pm

UPDATED: Monday, August 19, 2013 - 10:39am

NBC news, not exactly a "right-wing" organization, is finally smelling the coffee.

This week they have done another report on "Obamacare."

This is a report that may be opening the eyes to some.

The network sought-out 20 small businesses around the country and asked, "Are the really cutting employees back to 29 hours a week and cutting pay because of the president's health care plan?"

The answer, was yes.

NBC spoke with the owner of a Subway franchise as well as union workers and even college professors.

They all admitted it was going on..

But, when NBC News called The White House and asked were they familiar with this, they were told this, "There is no systematic evidence that this is because of "Obamacare" and we dismiss the report as anecdotal."

Let's talk about out of touch.

The president is cherry picking delays for the implementation of the plan.

There are all sorts of waivers which were given to political pals.

Sign-up for "Obamacare" starts in October and there are a ton of security issues, and will there even be money to carry it out?

The entire thing is a mess and the administration won't admit that.

That's unless they are wanting the entire program to implode and force us into a government single payer system.

Think that's ridiculous?

Well, Senate leader Harry Reid told Nevada media this past weekend that was the plan.

And that is chilling.

That's my point of view, wha'ts yours?

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When I went to the federal exchange online I discovered that my monthly premiums would be lower on the exchange than on my employers health insurance plan. How about checking for yourself before you take any ones opinion on the issue?

@ dave 1963: finally, a well-educated, thought out reponse to the POV. It is interesting what a little self-education and research can do for better understanding. Well done.

Also, social security is not bankrupt. According to Money Magazine, it will be insolvent at 2037, if (emphasize if) current expenditures continue.

Facts, Facts, Facts.............I hate when they get in the way of ignorance.

Obamacare will crash due to lack of funding for there is no way to fund it except take over everything AND still be insolvent (much like Social Security.)

Give it time... as more and more 'delays' and scandals crop up just as the 2014 mid-terms come they will see the light and those Democrats wishing to stay in office will have no choice but to join Republicans and vote for repeal... and override any Obama veto.

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