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They're VETS not just PETS

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POSTED: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 - 2:13pm

UPDATED: Monday, June 3, 2013 - 12:33pm

I saw this story on Memorial Day and it warmed my heart and broke my heart at the same time.

A Dallas TV station is reporting there is an adoption service set up now to adopt military dogs.

You know, the ones we've been using in Iraq and Afghanistan.

After the war or their time, they are labeled as equipment.

They are not labeled Veterans, and are left behind.

How can something alive be called equipment?

Here in the states, police officers use dogs all the time for drug dogs and if the dog is hurt or killed it's treated just like an injury or crime to an officer.

I've had several fiends who were in the service tell me those dogs were lifesavers.

The military, with all it's wisdom, is leaving them over there or it's been hard to get them back.

There is now a group trying to help with that.

They are called

According to them, it takes 9-15 months to get those dogs home and may take $2,000 for the entire process...

In Vietnam, I read where when we were done there, we left behind almost 5,000 dogs.

Some were euthanized.


The English even have a museum for working animals during war.

Why don't we?

Why can't we bring these warriors home?

If we can get America "Obama-phones," we can bring these dogs back.

Right now, the government sees them as a piece of equipment.

I don't.

Let's help if we can at

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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I would much rather spend my taxpayer money on bringing these animals back to America than give it to undeserving so called Americans who are on welfare. These dogs provided a service to the USA, undeserving welfare receivers are a burden on society!

Obama phones were started by the Reagan administration, but otherwise I agree with his point of view.
I think it's best not to fetishize the military as an institution, because they make some fairly spectactular mistakes on a regular basis.

I do not see the rationality of comparing "Obama-phones and dogs. I think this is a stretch. While I commend the use of dogs and their use in combat, I fail to realize the nessesity of bringing the dogs back to America on the taxpayers dime. First, they are not vets. Second, I commend the group wanting to bring dogs back and willing to spend thousands of their hard earned money to achieve this. I wish them all the success in the world. Yet, do not go to the government to pay for it.

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