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Think about our veterans

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POSTED: Monday, November 11, 2013 - 5:46pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 13, 2013 - 4:06pm

It is veteran's day and let me take the time to say thank you.

I grew up during the Vietnam War..and the way we treated those who served then was dispicable.

My dad was in the Korean War and they never got the recognition they deserved.

When you get down to service personnel got the thanks they deserve.

It doesn't matter if you were lugging a rifle or a took take to serve this nation.

That was time away from you schooling, family and other parts of everyday life you'll never get back.

Although it's always good to think of those who paid the ultimate price...Veteran's Day is
about getting the chance to thank those who served who are still living.

Memorial Day is more about the dead.

But, please make sure you thank a veteran today.

Where I go to church..someone has started..I think..a really cool ritual.

On Memorial Day and Veteran's Day someone goes to the toy store and buys
little green army men like this.

Yup, it's the same army guys I played with as a kid.

These little toy soldiers are passed around.

Everyone gets a soldier.

As you walk around with that soldier in your pocket or your dash board or wherever you keep it...when you
feel it or see it...please think about or offer up a quick prayer for those who are serving.

It's a good this hectic remember to think about those who are keeping us free.

That's my point of view whats yours?

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The gall this government has to claim they honor our vets as they trash the very constitution they gave their lives to defend.

I agree that vets aren't appreciated Neal. Dad served in Korea, he has one eye. When he needed cataract surgery thank God he had the money to pay for laser surgery, VA doesn't offer it to vets. I was just reading that 40% of homeless men in the US are vets. When you see a politician tell him to pass a budget and increase funding for VA and stop talking the talk.

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