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Think twice before you strike


POSTED: Thursday, August 29, 2013 - 3:50pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 17, 2013 - 2:11pm

I've always said everyone should work retail for six months out of their life.

If they did, they'd treat the person behind the counter better and put the items back where they belong after they look at them.

I worked in a record shop in college and boy, what a lesson in life that was. I can just imagine how intense it would be working at a fast food place.

Now, fast food workers in some bigger cities in the country are planning to go on strike, if they're not already on strike.

Really? Most make $7.25 an hour and they are demanding $15 an hour. Where did they get that number?

Just a few weeks ago one of the California senators, I think it was Boxer, said the minimum wage needs to be $10 an hour.

Where did she get that number? What business has she run? These jobs are entry level jobs which were never intended to be a career.

The career person is the manager who started behind the counter. I'm not trying to be cold here, but those jobs are foot in the door jobs that some do until something else plays out.

It's never means to be permanent.

You want to strike?

It just means you'll be replaced or the restaurant will close down, then what will you do?

There was a time in my life I thought corporations had money trees in the backyard just wanting to be picked. Then, you get into management and you realize each company is like your house budget.

You spend too much, you die, unless you're the federal government.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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If they were worth $15 an hour, they'd be earning it. Fact is many of them aren't worth the wages they do earn. Yes, the job can be high stress, may are, you're paid for the training the job requires, not the stress level. Since it's been mentioned, where did the stupid idea come from that the paid help is entitled to a share of the profits?

where did the stupid idea come from that the paid help is NOT entitled to a share of the profits?
Without the paid help, the company would not have any profits.

Missed again.

What the strikers are saying is what the government won't admit, that inflation is real and while making $7.25/hr. many cannot afford even the basics. Your govt. won't admit to this because it is the Federal Reserve's function to keep inflation in check by manipulating interest rates, but any increase in interest now would collapse our economy. Now we see how gov't. plans to compete globally, a dollar assumes the value of a dime (Bernanke's QE3) and Amerika turns third world- except for "them"

Oh by the way, the Federal Reserve is NOT a govt. agency, department, or institution, but a private bank which has for 100 years manipulated our economy (and our govt.) by controlling the money supply, a function which is supposed to be controlled by our Treasury. Those who advocate ending this private bank control of our economy are labeled and name-called by our media. I'll leave it to the reader to discover the commonality between the media and the Federal Reserve bank.

In 1981 the minimum wage was $3.35. I was making $7.00 an hour and my rent was $150 a month. 40 x $7.00 = $280 a week. $280 x 4.3 weeks in a month = $1204 before taxes. 1208 - $150 rent - $180 in taxes left me $874 a month to live on. Not bad.
Minimum wage is $7.25 x 40 = $290. $290 x 4.3 weeks in a month = $1247 before taxes. But rent quadrupled since 1981. Now it's $600 a month. $1247 - $180 in taxes - $600 a month rent = $467 left to live on.
Minimum wage doubled rent quadrupled. Learn math!

Uh, wrong thread ETR.

As for Obama's "Benghazi missiles' (kind of like Bill Clinton's Monica missiles where he used attacks to distract the press from his scandals) is just a 'oh look a squirrel' moment as he has so many scandals overtaking him. Benghazi, FBI, IRS, DOJ, Fast & Furious, Obamacare, Obamapolicy, Obamanomics (as in recession for 5 years), etc....

It's all just distraction folks. Everything Obama does turns to failure.

How do you equate what McDonalds chooses to pay it's employees with Obama. Do you think he's a stockholder? Does he sit on the board of directors?
This is what's called a red state. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2011 15% of Texans made the minimum wage, and 9.9% made below minimum wage. But you think Obama's to blame, not Rick Perry?

I am conservative as they come but please explain why a Corporation ( insert any corporation) can afford to pay a CEO and other top management employees millions of dollars a year and millions more in stock bonuses and pay no corporate income tax because of tax loopholes cannot afford to pay a living minimum wage. Look at other countries like Australia. They pay fast food workers at McDonalds $15.00 an hour and it increased the price of a Big Mac an average of 25 cents each. Common Neil

Just a note to you redneck so you will be better informed. Like many you think that McDonald's Corp owns the restaurants. They do not. What happens with the big Wall St Corps has nothing to do with the locally, YES LOCALLY, owned restaurants. They are simply franchises. The CEO of the insert corp usually has nothing to do with the restaurant in your town. Right now you can own a McDonalds for around 1 to 2 million dollars for the franchise rights only. Don't equate the two.

Do you really think a high school kid needs 15 bucks/hr. for flipping burgers or diddling with an automatic sales register? Well- maybe they do, what with the price of meth and K2 going up..

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