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POSTED: Monday, March 31, 2014 - 6:15pm

UPDATED: Saturday, April 12, 2014 - 7:16am

Right after the Connecticut school shooting, one California state senator went ballistic leading the charge in his state to get rid of guns, especially semi-automatic guns.

Enter opportunist Leland Yee. On his way trying to become California secretary of state, Yee tried to get the bullet button banned in California on semi-auto firearms. That's the quick magazine release button on the grip of the gun.

Governor Jerry Brown vetoed it, but this clown was a gun-grabbing nut. Yee didn't want people in his state-- or you --to have guns. Remember, doesn't like guns for you or me.

Imagine my jaw dropping last week when I heard a California state senator was caught trying to sell automatic firearms-- not semi-auto --but automatic
guns to gangs. These are the guns used to shoot at cops. But then it gets worse.

After further investigation, those guns Yee was running were not heading to street gangs. An inside FBI agent said Yee's guns were heading for a radical Muslim jihadist group in the Philippines who want to bring Sharia law there.

Senator Yee, the same person who was trying to keep guns out of his constituents hands as well as anyone else. This guys is just not a enemy to gun owners in America, he's an enemy to America.

I guess in his quest to rid this nations of firearms, this person saw millions of dollars to be made enough to sellout this great nation. This is one time I better end this now because even speaking about this makes me so mad, well, I just better stop.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Yee got elected cause he was a DEMOCRAT. There are very very few Republicans or Tea Party in California! And he was a gun running DEMOCRAT that is now proven. But the MSM keeps silent!

So tell me, has Cruz been shown to be involved in ANYTHING like this? No right?

And we both know the MSM would be all over any illegal activity done by Cruz or Ryan.


IRS agent testifies that NO progressive groups were targeted by IRS. Just Tea Party!

Hope for change in 2014. Unemploy Dems!

dave.... this was not a corporation giving campaign cash. This WAS GUNRUNNING TO ISLAMIC TERRORIST. Got that?

He is no better than a terrorist himself.

Deaf and dumb. How do you think he got elected? The same way the Canadian became US senator, somebody bought his way in. He's a gun runner, so would it be safe to assume his campaign contributions came from less than reputable sources?

Headline yesterday; "Supreme Court allows more private money in election campaigns". I never have any problem knowing how the Supreme Court will rule. It's not because I have a degree from Harvard, or a law library bigger than Dallas, or even that I study the briefs at length. I simply ask myself what the monopolistic financial dictators who really run our nation would do and presto, I have the right answer. If money equals free speech then, speech cannot be free.

Dave explains a problem with your concept of a free election.

Latest headline : "Senator Yee Knew Conspiracy Would Send Money To Islamic Militants And Arms To North Africa". Unlike Oliver North who with the CIA and Manuel Noreiga sold cocaine in Los Angeles to finance guns for the Contra's , or Charlie Wilson who supplied the Mujahideen with Stinger missiles from his activities as a pimp for Congress, or even Eric Holder who supplied the drug Cartel's with guns; Yee didn't have Washington D.C. as his partner.

Yeah Synderpal, when I saw photos of troops in the Ukraine with insignia and rank removed from their uniforms. It reminded me of the good old contra days, back when Ronnie Raygun subverted congress. Back when Richard Armitage, ran "wet work" squads in South America. A drug network needs a strong arm. Just like Gen. Smedley Butler wrote about. Just like the Opium Wars. And in fact the money goes into the pockets of the same groups.

People like this are the whole problem with this country, too many of our elected officials who are put into office to represent us, our state and our nation are selling us out to the highest bidder and have been for years. They get bolder and bolder each year and like jpttm said if they do get caught they just sweep it under the rug like it never happened. Many of these representatives have way too much power as they have been in office for decades, they know all the tricks and the right people

Corruption and politics have gone hand in hand for years. The Supreme Courts, Citizens United decision opened the flood gates on tons of cash. The only way to clean up politics is to publicly fund all elections.

NOT!!! Because when the Dems get the majority, they'll create law saying they get the lion's share of the public funds. Leave it to an "unbias bureaucracy" and the same will happen. Why? Because in their eyes it's more important they win than if they obey the law.

Jpttm the D and the R are both owned by the same donors. 8 billion dollars was raised in the 2012 elections! The FCC can force every license holder to grant equal time to each candidate. For example KETK shut out Ron Paul in the 2008 elections. Similarly his son Rand is being marginalized. Air time is key to winning. KETK harps on the Canadian, Christi, and Perry. They'll all get hours of free coverage here. Corporations like KETK are manipulating election coverage. Not the 2 parties.

Hear, hear ! Dave and I are on the same page. There are many more like us Dave, but of course media tries to isolate US and ignore the fact that we are many.

Come to think of it, Leland Yee is not much different than Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

You know the Sen. from California (is there something in the water over there) who is all for spying except when it turns out they spy on her and her staff.

It's the massive hypocrisy that is so bold. They say one thing yet do another on an epic scale.

And guess what.. they are BOTH Democrats!

Imagine that!

Hope for change in 2014. Unemployed Democrats is the goal! Let 'em sign up for Obamacare.

Ya know Deaf, your comments lose their credibility once you brand them with your R and D silliness. How can Americans fight back against a corrupt government when guy's like you believe half of it is ok ?

Anyone naïve enough to think this guy, in spite of any evidence, will face prosecution? I'm not talking about the usual people who will undoubtedly give a list of Republicans accused or excuses for his innocence. Holder will no doubt table the investigation or find reason not to prosecute.

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