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POSTED: Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 5:59pm

UPDATED: Saturday, April 12, 2014 - 6:59am

More unbelievable political correctness and lunacy, but in Maryland this time. An 18-year old kid who plays lacrosse is finishing up his last semester of high school and is looking forward to walking across the stage, which is so popular when you are a kid.

However, he made a mistake. He went hunting one night. The next day he drove to school and remembered he still has his Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun in his car.

He covers it up, rather thinks he does. Enter the school resource officer who walks around the parking lot. He spots the back of the kids car. On the back seat is a shotgun shell and the butt of the 12 gauge shotgun.

What happens next?

Do they call the kid down to the office for a chat to ask what the deal was or why he could not follow the rules? Did they tell him what bad judgment it was brining the shotgun to school was? No.

They march him down to the office and frisk him and handcuff him. Now, unless something happens, he's expelled.

Again, did the kid break the rules? Yes. But now they are throwing the book at him when he has no prior record of bad conduct.

Could they knock him down a letter grade? Could they make him do service? No, they are treating him like a kid who showed up at the front door of the school with a loaded gun.

Now, he's taking classes online to graduate and he's being treated like a criminal. I'm sure is he would have painted graffiti on the school wall or lead a protest, he'd be ok with a talking to.


That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Actually zero tolerance is a product of liberal school UNIONS who demanded it.

These are the same ones that suspend students for drawing a stick man or bringing a GI Joe toy (and not GI Joe toys are more 'right wing'.) No, liberals decided to make kids in school group think like any good liberal.

And zero tolerance is for zeros.

Hope for change in 2014. Banjo Obama's being played shows why Dems need to be voted out.

If the faux cons had applied that 3 strikes, no tolerance concept to banks and corporations we'd all be a lot better off. Who causes more damage a dope head that steals to support his habit, or a bank that causes a worldwide crisis?

No Yankee/liar, this is not like mandatory sentencing, and like always, you attempt to reach into right field to make a leftist liberal complaint. Plagued with repeat offenders this nation adopted mandatory sentencing and three strike laws. To some in our society criminal behavior seems to be inbred, and because we deem ourselves civilized, those who feel three times isn't enough, those who respect no moral boundaries, or just those who can't do the time, will object to conservative opinion.

So who's the better man, Putin who stands against and won't allow children to be indoctrinated by media or, Obama who believes our children should be taught in school ?

They could had admonished him and sent him back to class. Too bad this kid wasn't on the Malaysian airliner, perhaps he could have averted the hijacking. America as a whole has lost her mind which explains a lot in reference to our so-called leadership. No wonder Vladimir is rolling over countries. "It's when a people forget about God that tyrants forge their chains."

The zero tolerance mentality of America does not permit any extenuating circumstance, allow any leeway in judgement, ordain any authority other than that of the state. Hardly a case of "Political Correctness" as Neil suggests, the ability of the state to bully it's citizenry through zero tolerance is a trait of the fascist state.

Well the idiot kid should have got in the car and DROVE HOME. Screw the day.

And when you cover up, COVER IT UP.

As for the Nazi schools, what do you expect from UNIONS.

When I was in school we all had guns in the truck. After school we hunted dove, squirrel, or deer, depending on the season. Times have changed. I do think the kid got a raw deal. He's a victim of circumstances. Probably a good kid, but he has grown up in the post Columbine era. So he does know better, as evidenced by his attempt to cover the shotgun. I find it sad that we can't trust our teens anymore. It drags them all down to the lowest common denominator, and assumes the worst of them.

He should have taken the gun back home and been late for school. Whats so hard about that?

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