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Sunday, March 1, 2015 - 4:06pm
Neal Barton's POV

This is beyond politics


POSTED: Thursday, September 4, 2014 - 6:06pm

UPDATED: Friday, September 19, 2014 - 1:47pm

Imagine a family vacation: Bag packed, kids in the back of the car, wife all set. You get to the interstate and say "where are we going?" Such is the president's plan on dealing with ISIS.

There is contradiction everywhere. You have the vice-president, whom I really worry about, out there with hair in his face yelling "we'll follow ISIS to the gates of hell."

Really? In this case, where is hell?

The president is traveling abroad. He's said everything from we'll wipe ISIS out to we'll just manage this.

Say what?

The president's state department and press folks look like deer in headlights trying to explain what this means. I don't think they know.

Now, even high profile Democrats are saying he needs to do something-- like Diane Feinstein and others. They realize this ain't the junior varsity.

Even Al Franken, senator from Minnesota, is asking for help in Minnesota because two ISIS fighters came from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

The DOJ has 40 investigators right now in Ferguson, Missouri, and we have no one looking into Minneapolis-St. Paul? Is this the new ISIS recruiting station?

The Department of Homeland Security, which is just another incompetent branch of government, has lost track of 6,000 foreigners who came here to go to school on a visa.The problem is they never showed up to class and the schools -- from what I can find -- never turned them in. By the way, many were taking classes in beauty school and horse shoeing. 

This goes beyond red and blue or liberal or conservative. This is about all of our safety. The anniversary of 9/11 is coming up and all the president wants to do is campaign.

We all have two more years of this, and this is dangerous.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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If they join then they need to return to America so they can be charged and tried for treason

News flash: Senator Hirono, a Democrat from Hawaii, and other DEMOCRATS block bill to stop Americans who join ISIS from returning to US.

Yes the UN-AMERICAN DEMOCRATS want terrorist in this country and don't care if US Citizens join them.

Hope for change in 2014. Vote all the democrats out to stop Obama, stop the Democrats giving the border up to terrorist, and so much unemployment.

But pete... now the Obama Adminstration says the 5000 GI can, uh, fight with the ones they train, yep putting their AK (or really M4s) where their mouths are.)

Like I predicted pete, slow but sure it will be come another Vietnam. We sent 'advisors' there to and they were not gonna fight (or so Kennedy and LBJ promised, but what good are Democrat promises anyway.)

So blame Obama for nickeling-and-dimeing it. He is not out to win this one but GIs will die in it.

Should have stayed in Iraq.

Hey, guys...seems old deaf sidesteps every legitimate post that calls him to action instead of garbage rhetoric...probably too old, too weak, too eaten up with the cancer of hatred to go fight ISIS, and certainly not able to address the suggestion that he enlist and take it to the enemy. Always posting you want to get this country moving, deaf, one would think you'd want to be in the vanguard fighting the murderous goons yourself...get up out of your lazy-boy, march to the recruiter, and GO!

Join up, your multitude of hates into action and join're too much of a hot air balloon to shut up about those things you hate and what you would do if you were king...when confronted with a solution you can be part of personally, you ramp up your rhetoric to continue your tirade instead of committing to're a coward with a flap jaw but no guts to put your AK whatever where your mouth is!

Well, as Curly Bill Brocius said..,, "bye".

And news flash folks: Gen. Martin Dempsey, the military's top officer, told a Senate panel Tuesday he will recommend having U.S. advisers fight with Iraqi troops against the militant Islamic State group if the situation requires it.

So no 'boots on the ground'.. sure..

Until my family sees the Texas border in the rear view mirror for the last time early October, I will continue, every chance I get, to encourage deaf to put on the camo gear, hoist his field pack, lace up the boots, climb into the transport plane, and get to the Syria/Iraq border ASAP and save us all from the idiot ISIS demons. Be the gonzo patriot we all know you are and, if you can't destroy them with your AK whatever, just talk them to death. We're counting on you to lead the charge!!


I'd rather point out what is the truth than stick my head in the sand like an Ostrich. Truth is, Obama and co. ARE the JV team. Look at John Kerry and his flip-flopping. Can you imagine Putin's envoys saying that kind of stuff? Just cause I see the train wreck coming does not mean one should, of all things, join Obama's army.

He has already made so many of our veterans sacrifice so much for nothing by throwing away a stable Iraq before they were ready to stand so why join his fight?

"we should have overthrown the Iraq government and the leader that bush put in place? Iraq told us to get out and in order to stay we would have had to overthrow a sovereign nations government. "

Uh don.. The Iraq government didn't just order us to leave. They had conditions and we could have kept talking (just as NK and Iran does to us.) Obama didn't.

And don, when Obama and co. threw a bunch of cruise missiles and drones at Libya, didn't they overthrow Qaddafi? Only at least Bush stayed.

So deaf we should have overthrown the Iraq government and the leader that bush put in place? Iraq told us to get out and in order to stay we would have had to overthrow a sovereign nations government. Is that what you are saying we should have done in Iraq deaf?

deaf, you need to rush down to the nearest recruiting office and sign up for a 4-year stint in whatever branch of service you want...quit arm-chair quarterbacking military possibilities and JOIN UP...quit flapping your jaw about what should be done...get in there and fight instead of running your mouth about what should be done...enlist...go kill the enemy instead of spewing hate for the that hatred to the enemy...ENLIST...NOW! Too cowardly? All hot air and no action?

don, we should have stayed in Iraq, as the Generals wanted, for it takes decades and even GENERATIONS to stabilize a democracy.

But I tell you what will happen, Obama's 'war' will fail to stop ISIS or Al Queda. Then it will take far more lives to go back in. Why back in? Cause if the Muslim nuts get all the oil there then they will DISTABALIZE THE WORLDS ECONOMY. And that IS vital to America's interest.

Some so-called intelligencia here don't know the difference between a Palestinian and a Syrian.
FACT#1: The US supports Israel to the tune of $4+ Billion/yr.- a country the size of Rhode Island.
#2: If not for the US Israel would not exist.
#3: Any country that wants to exist needs to fight its own battles (with US aid)
#4: Viet Nam taught the US the above lesson
#5: The US has taken out terrorist leaders with DRONES for 10 yrs
#6: US needs to stop fighting Arab battles while sit on their asses

Well deaf, mr. scared to even go down to the Texas Mexico border, why don't you go over there and fight alongside of the Arabs yourself being you are so quick to want REAL Americans on the ground?
H3ll deaf you even support the very party that is attempting to end military pensions to save military contracts. You even support the party that has advocated for the reduction in veteran benefits and the closing of VA hospitals. You are NO American

Nato pulled together? hahahaha...

And now gang they say Obama is gonna have a war that he warns will last THREE YEARS (his estimate.)

But folks, he says no GIs on the ground will be used. He'll use the Arabs. Yes, he'll convince the Arabs (the same ones that lost to Israel every time they fought them) to do the ground stuff while we do the drone stuff (and notice the drone stuff didn't stop ISIS or anyone else.)

So I guess he is gonna fight the ISIS to his last Kurd or Egyptian or Syrian.....

Obama just pulled NATO together.
NATO alliance members will INCREASE their military spending.
That means US taxpayers won't be paying their bill.
NATO will form a "rapid response" unit to fight Russia & terrorists.
For the FIRST time Obama is forcing Middle East nations pull their own weight.
American has shown its MILITARY might against terrorists & Russia.
Friends & foes are paying heed.
Obama will not hesitate to decisively act.
He is showing strong leadership at home & abroad.
USA strong!

We are victims of a gigantic con game. Free will, the right to dissent has been washed away in a sea of slogans coined by PR manipulators who have taken over government and media. 5 corporations form your thoughts and package them to be sold to you in sound bites. The resounding silence from those running in November has ended. It's time to sell a candidate. Don't let the false flag event these manipulators have planned distract you from who the real problem is, your elected representatives.

That is right Dave, y'all need to be real Americans and vote the person in office out even if it means voting for a republican or Independant if you are a Democrat and voting for a Democrat or Independant if you are a republican....but lets get the idiot in office out state and national elections.

Now we hear at the NATO summit Obama was LATE! Supposedly talking to some sheik.

Now this is the 'leader of the free world' trying to drum up support for some kind of alliance and he is late for the meeting? Does he have a 'strategy' yet?

Geeze.. I sure hope this country can survive two more years till he is out of office. It's gonna be a long rocky road folks. Real long rocky road.

Hope for change in 2014. We need to vote Dems, especially in the senate, out so we can get this country moving.

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