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POSTED: Monday, February 17, 2014 - 3:29pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 1:15pm

United States Secretary of State John Kerry said global warming is as big a threat as terrorism in a speech in Indonesia, the world's largest exporter of coal for power plants.

Really? It's as big as the 9/11 attack on U.S. soil?

Out of many polls taken, global warming, or climate change, rates lowest on the list as what Americans are really worried about.

I think right now lousy economy and destroying the best medical coverage in the world is concerning most Americans.

As George Bush said before, worrying about global warming is a rich man's game. In other words, if you have a great economy and things are ticking right along, you can worry about global warming.

Why don't me just try and keep the country cleaner.

Now, the president has come out with a cockamamie statement saying, "The debate is over, there is climate change."

That's poppycock.

Since the warming deal didn't work out, now "greenie" lefty's are trying to say it's cold today, hot tomorrow and look, there's the sun, that's all climate change. Well, yes, there is climate change.

In the brief 150 year we've been keeping weather records, every ten years the highs and lows are averaged to give us climatological data. You know, the stuff Scott Chesner shows every night on TV.

This full court press about climate change is ludicrous.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Yea idiot.. they put their money so they can make a profit off those fake 'green' companies.

They still have their yachts, limousines, fancy houses, jets, etc... Just look at Al Gores fancy houses (yes plural), his super sized yacht, etc...

We know idiot these rich people are just playing the game.

Bluebelly idiot, is that one of those billionaires that don't pay taxes which you always complain about, or one of those who grease the palm of a candidate for favors later ? All your comment means is that media will overstep it's fiduciary duty to the public for a payoff that promotes a socialist agenda. That's nothing new since govt. and media are as one. In Texas we call those warm gulf waters the "Gulf Stream";it comes right up from the Equator and, yes it is teeming with life.

Yankee Blowhard, everyday you tell us how great you are, and with every post you write I read the psychology of a "Nobody" trying to be a "Somebody". Normally I wouldn't mention it; this being a public forum and my gracious Southern forbearance in play, but in your case you've got it coming with both barrels. Your not an American, you're an indoctrinated self important pile of loam.

Yep... dave showed right there the 'hockey stick' was FAKE.

And we see none of these 'experts' do any self-sacrifice. Did you know that Obama, in California, was speaking about the drought and 'global warming'. Then he went to play golf at this plush GREEN golf course in California. Yep they had plenty of water to take care of that golf course but NONE to grow food.

Can't trust them to say the truth.

My questions with the data are in how it's collected. Most "official temperatures" recorded are taken at airports. Airports are basically huge heat sinks, the runways are made of concrete 3' thick. So the lows on the Hi - Lo temp will probably be a little higher. I've also heard scientist went from 6000 data collection points to 1500 data points in their calculations. Anyone who has taken statistics knows that using a smaller sample skews results.

@Dave - Excellent post ! You correctly point-out a problem in one of the many variables involved in forming the hypothesis of "Climate Change". Other problems include; limited comparison data, external natural occurrences such as volcanism and solar activity, and an incomplete understanding of the carbon cycle, to name only a few. Easily one can see that the whole issue isn't about climate, it's about the control of our freedom.

Also, there was a report a few years ago stating that they've started using satellite reading to measure temps which, per the article, skewed the temps up.

Three hundred million people without a voice, without a choice, that is America today. Ruled by a secret minority, the global climate initiative is a New World Order socialist tax designed to fund the expansionist agenda of those who would tell us how to think, or else. Already enacted in Western Europe and Australia, the climate tax has been limited in the US to business under an EPA mandate. There is no tangible science to support the tax, but that is of no concern, we will all be made to pay.

What idiot means is he has no real way he can argue since the facts are right there.

{Off Topic} - like always

Yankee Idiot, if you don't have a comment to make then, don't comment. It's really so simple even an idiot should understand. Why don't you ?

Look Lincoln lover, if you're bored with Neil's POV then don't come to the site. Go read about earwax or whatever you find interesting, but cut us some slack from your off-topic, poorly written, and always idiotic posts. Frankly, I wish you'd spend your time packing the U-Haul that brought you here and go back to Yankeeland. By the way Ignorant, the term is "spot-on" not, "a bulls-eye". You must have become confused because you're so full of BS.

Yes folks their data models said we should be having HUGE HURRICANES and very very violent storms all across the world... and we are NOT!

They said temperatures should be sky high.. but the last 10 years have shown NO INCREASE in world temperatures (in fact maybe a bit of decrease!)

So how do we believe them when all their predictions are wrong? How do we destroy 80 percent of the world economy when they are consistency WRONG?

If you think Obamacare is bad, wait till you see ObamaclimateCare!

First the Global Warming Scientist LIED about their data and emails were LEAKED showing they fudged the data. That is a FACT.

Then they changed it to 'Climate Change' but many scientist still felt it was fake and have said so.

Their own data models don't jib with what is happening!

Yet the likes of Kerry, Obama, and Gore, NONE OF WHOM HAVE CONSERVED IN ANY FASHION, still beat the drums.

Folks look hard at how they act and what they do, and not as they say.

Then you will see THROUGH THEM!

Paul, it is that our govt. and their propaganda machine know how easily a post segregation, dumbed-down America can be indoctrinated to believe. Climate Change was created in a think-tank not a smoke stack.

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