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This is not the Patriot Act...It's spying

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POSTED: Monday, June 10, 2013 - 4:49pm

UPDATED: Monday, June 17, 2013 - 2:31pm

In years of doing this for a living I have never been overwhelmed.

But, then again, we've never had three weeks like we've had before.

The latest is the whistleblower went to The Guardian newspaper, probably because the
US media have all turned into stenographers for this administration.

It's very complex, but it's turning into this.

The Fourth Amendment states you can't do a search or seize unless there is probable cause.

After 9/11, The Patriot Act was signed into law.

That act meant you just didn't need probable cause anymore, you just needed reasonable suspicion.

Apologist for the President says George W. Bush started all this.

That doesn't wash, because this goes beyond reasonable suspicion, this is a dragnet.

Just data-mining.

What the government seems to be trying to pull is, trust us.

We won't answer to any federal judge about all this because we operate and spy on you in the dark.

If we had to disclose this, it would cause problems.

But, it is working, they say.

We didn't get tipped off about the Boston bombers doing this.

The Russians tried to tell us about them, but our government didn't listen.

They didn't want to be “Islamaphobioc.”

They say it's all about trust, but after what we are finding out about the IRS, you can turn private
information into a campaign weapon.

The Obama campaign knew all about Romney because of leaked info.

Austan Goolsbee and Harry Reid made reference to that during the election.

Who says those in power can’t eavesdrop to get the good on a campaign opponent?

You scoff, it was reported today that Google did that for the Obama campaign.

This is a bad thing.

The government is too big.

This is too spooky.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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usually, I am in serioous disagreement with the liberals on this site like Don, and Shelia and others who love and support and vote for Liberal's who voted to put thse asholes and liberal and now you are decrying and blaming Bush for this mess along with every other problem we have today. Whuile it was true that the partoiot was a bill supported and passed with the wishes of the Bush Administration, it was still approved by Congress in a decidly bi-opartisan fashion. Problem was oversight.

So it is ok with you when a republican, the GOP, or a T-Party supported legislator votes for spying on citizens or is the president but you get all upset about it if it is a Democrate or as you call them liberals?

Well ETR that is a prime example of being a hypocrite !!!

And if anyone dared voiced opposition to the Patriot Act, Rove, Cheney and GW Bush called them
terrorist-lovers, Francophiles, etc. It was support this act if you love this country, otherwise you just want to turn it over to the Muslims.

Interactive graphic: Texas lawmakers complain about domestic spying, but most voted to allow it
Friday, June 7, 2013
A lot of Republicans in the Texas delegation are griping today about the NSA’s domestic surveillance program. But over the past decade — in a series of five votes — very few current GOP members of the Texas congressional delegation have voted against requests by Presidents Bush or Obama to increase federal government power over Internet data and phone records.

This is how the Texas GOP Congressional delegation has voted on the NSA laws.

I am a republican. I intend to vote against Cornyn and Hensarling every time they run. Unfortunately most of my other republican friends won't. I'm not voting for a Mormon either. I hope the republican party is listening. They can be PC and think whatever they want. But I voted for Barack Obama and I'll continue to vote against every faux-con republican that runs until the RNC starts offering better candidates. Oh by the way I never voted for George W. either. I voted for Ron Paul.

Have you ever read the user agreement on your free email account at gmail? Private corporations have been gathering and mining data on us for years. Is the government gathering information for future use? Would they abuse this info? My faux- con republican, senators and congressman voted to give enhance surveillance powers to Bush. Now we're at the bottom of that slippery slope us crazy Ron Paul supporters were talking about. We told you so! Eat a turnip serfs!

This dog of ours (Government) is trying to get off it's leash. It bites if you try to correct it so be careful. Never turn your back on it, it can't be trusted. Either re-train the dog or put it down and get a new one.

Everyone should have known this was the direction Obama would take the country. He is a socialist dictator and thats what they do. They destroy the opposition. They believe the government should have unlimited power. It happens all over the world and now its happening here. "Oh yes we can"

This is just proving right those who disliked/distrusted the Patriot Act. You can't defend Bush or Obama on this, though there are those who are trying.
This is another Bush mistake that Obama demonized as Senator, but now not only complies, he has expanded and is defending as a good thing. In one of his speeches he said we are balancing the loose of some freedoms with need for security. Boy is he wrong.....again.

So who didn't know this was going on really ? If there is a capability, our fascist government will do it, not to protect us, but to protect themselves from us. The whole agenda whereby they are the authority and we are the downtrodden stupes undeserving of a true democracy, all in need of government oversight. They aren't creating haystacks to find the terrorist needle, they are constructing an enemies list and anyone who is aware of our fake elections and the fake economy is a potential enemy

Everytime I hear a politician tell America to stay calm, we can handle this, I think of the terrorists that flew the planes into the World Trade Center. "Everyone remain calm. Don't dare get up and do anything. Just let us kill you and THOUSANDS of Americans." That is indeed what is happening now, everyone remain calm and let us data mine telephones, computers etc. We will soon have you ALL under our control. America is STILL ASLEEP.

I'm not asleep, I'm powerless. I'm not under their control, I'm laying low. Same as Louie Gohmnert.

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