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This is the game they really play


POSTED: Friday, February 14, 2014 - 5:07pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 1:17pm

This I why people hate many politicians.

Many, on both sides of the aisle, are rotten to the core. Let me add a little color to Wednesday's debt ceiling vote.

The Senate wanted to vote and get this behind them as fast as they could. So, Harry Reid changed the tulles to a purely up and down vote. In other words, 51 votes would win instead of the normal 60. The good thing about this sneaky rule for republicans is how senators voted would not go on public record.

Then, you have Ted Cruz. He opposed giving the president a blank check and that immediately threw a wrench in things. Once Cruz jumped in, a filibuster was on. That means in order to vote for the debt ceiling a simple majority would have to vote in order for a vote to be taken.

That's when you got a chance to see all the politicos, mainly who claim to be on the conservative side of the aisle, play their games.

Reid didn't have enough to break the filibuster with democrats alone so he needed some friendly republicans.

Bring on the usual suspects.

"Iron Man," John McCain changed his vote to vote with the democrats. So did Mitch McConnell and "Mr. Tall in the Saddle," John Cornyn.

Now, they are mad that Cruz, "put them in this position." Perhaps they think he put them in a position to look bad politically and maybe get beaten at the ballot box. Career politicians don't see themselves a expendable. They're not fighting for what they say they believe in. They are fighting to stay alive politically as evidenced by this week's Senate votes.

Now, we can get back and hear and see all their commercials telling us they are taking on the president and Washington.

They are Washington.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Neil describes the theater of democracy when a nation ruled in secret must assume the appearance of legitimacy. The eleventh hour cross-over vote, the last minute change in procedure, the loophole exemption, always supporting the unconstitutional agenda, always in support of big government, never straying from the secret goals of those few who control the daily lives of all American citizens. Whether wrapped in a veil of patriotism, or hidden behind issues of divide, we are the downtrodden.

I cant believe the number of republicans that keep voting for Cornyn. Honestly it's like stockholm syndrome. I wish we had a none of the above amendment in the US. If none of the above wins a majority, all the candidates in the election would be barred from running until the next cycle. Then the state legislature could appoint someone or we could have a run off with new candidates. I think a couple of big losses is what the GOP needs to get them back in touch with their base.

The democrats changed the rules cause they know they are up the creek without a paddle.

And as the workers at the VW plant showed the UAW.... their reputation is MUD, and mid-terms are HERE.

So America, like the workers at the VW plant, will vote to keep America from becoming one big Detroit. Dems are running scared, mark my words.

On Boy, things will be different when the Republicans are in control ...fool me once shame on you, fool me a thousand times then I'm nothing short of an imbecile. Do you really believe all that R&D crapola spoon-fed to you by govt.'s media?

Cornyn has an ad that says "here in Texas we done lie". Boy, I don't know what Texas he lives in, but it aint the real one. Here in Texas lying, like drinking beer by the case, is almost a requirement by law.
The VW plant in Tenn. voted down the UAW. I wonder, where were the union thugs, where was the DOJ to ensure the union win? Why hasn't Holder launched an investigation into why they lost, or why they even had a choice?

Cronie Cornyn is in our area now picking-up special interest bucks for is campaign/screw Texas to the wall fund. Just like his eleventh hour x-over vote giving Obama more spending money, or his TARP vote supporting too big to fail, this RINO has no place representing Texas in anything.

Hope and change in 2014. Lots of Democrats who voted for Obama and Obamacare need to be on welfare.

And neal barton would be the first in line to support "Iron Man," John McCain , Mitch McConnell and "Mr. Tall in the Saddle," John Cornyn if any candidate other than a T-party candidate ran against them. neal barton would also be the first in line to take their money and run their Propaganda on his station.

Dumber than Dirt Don, it comes down to; do I vote for the candidate who is a Progressive Socialist Crony Elite and says so, or the candidate who at least has the good sense to lie? I vote for the liar every time. What is disheartening to the American citizen is that there are people like you; the socialist scumbag, happy in a land where oppression keeps all on your inferior level.

to vote for a liar makes you a Dumber than Dirt fool

@ Don, for the first time ever, I agree with you.

I am glad that you agree that you are a fool SJ, as you stated that you would vote for a liar in the above post.

You're right. I remember this when its time to vote.

Yankee Idiot, you're "OFF TOPIC" { like always }.

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