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POSTED: Friday, May 23, 2014 - 6:57pm

UPDATED: Thursday, May 29, 2014 - 5:08pm

I already had another topic set to go this morning until I went to lunch. I heard memorial day this and that. This gets us in the outdoor, cookout, boating and summer fun season.

It all starts with memorial day. I wondered how many people really know why we have Memorial Day. I'll always have a few reporters say "we need to talk to veterans."

Well, ok. We can do that in November and say thanks for serving, but Memorial Day is a time to remember our war dead. Those who pay the ultimate sacrifice.

We are still speaking English because of their sacrifice. The 70th anniversary of D-Day is coming in June. To me, that days is sacred as well.

War and getting ready for war is a serious business. A friend of mine years ago was stationed in San Diego when he was in the Navy. He was on funeral details.

I kidded why did we need that, and he must not have anything to do since Vietnam just ended. He set me straight quickly telling me being in the military was dangerous business and just because no one is shooting at you, doesn't mean prepping is not dangerous.

Hince then, I realize how right he was. I see funeral services all the time for those killed here on American soil just being a soldier.

I'm not saying don't have a great time this weekend. I'm just asking you to remember those who make our lifestyle possible.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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I don't think you would want me to do that. I was born and raised less than 50 miles from here.

News flash. U.S. Economy Shrinks for First Time Since 2011.

No doubt our glorious president will 'pivot' on the issue soon (as he pronounces to the world, QUOTE "I am now weak'.

Shades of Jimmy Carter and his 'Malaise'.

Hope for change in 2014. Let's show the democrats just how bad the economy is, vote them out.

Town Idiot and Don,
Did you see the election results and how the Tea Party that you claimed was dead came out. Do you still believe in your liberal democratic party and your president. You guys got sacked like Tony Romo facing a blitz with the Dallas line trying to protect him. In fact, it is a great comparison. Just wait till November, you just think you got your butts kicked this time around. Can't wait for November. Ya'll have a nice day.

Towne Idiot,
KETK likes the truth when it comes to conservative views and so do I. Not to say I agree with Neil but I do find myself agreeing a lot more than I disagree. I like what snyderpal wrote about his not supporting affirmative action as I didn't either. All that law did was make whites hate blacks and anyone else that supported it and believe me we see the results ever time we go in any state or federal office. Vote these dam liberals out in November and impeach Obudumass.

The Texas Secretary of States office reports that 90% of the voting age population didn't show up to vote in this years primary. 57% didn't show up to vote in the 2012 Presidential election. The lack of appreciation for the civil rights our vets have fought and died to protect is obvious. Every administration and congress in the last 50 years has misused and abused our veterans. The majority of people in Texas don't appreciate us and neither does our government! The facts scream the truth!

All you have to do is go into any hospital, doctor's office, classroom, police or fire station. or the best examples of all, any state or federal agency or office and you will experience the result of affirmative action. I agree with you that it is not fasionable nor politically correct to be white these days. I'm lucky that I'm neither fasionable nor politically correct because I'm proud to be white and a racist to boot. That is my badge of courage.

A white RACIST you call yourself & proud of it.
you had the gumption to call yourself what you are - and what I suspected.
Now you have everything in common with the other multi-colored RACISTS.
I chose not to respond to your comments to me.
you can be damn sure I'll never acknowledge any garbage you spew here.
I learned America is a "melting pot" in school.
Since you don't believe in that principle you need to take your own advice & get out of TX.
Keep going 'til you get to where you came from.


I just had a family member come home from Afganistan last month. I had a brother who served there and Iraq for 5 years. Both told me how it really is, the part you don't see on the news or hear from your president or his cronies. The troops know they are coming home in disgrace after losing another war thanks to the politicians. Same as Korea and Vietnam. At least the Republicans didn't go over there and bow in front of those muslums. Your president did.

Towne Idiot,
You just couldn't stand to say anything about veterans without trying to shove your love for your president who by all accounts is hated by most veterans. I suppose in your mind he went to Afganistan to thank the troops. In fact, he flew in like a coward and said nothing. It was nothing more than a photo opp. They know he is a fool and has no business being a commander in chief and certainely does not rate a salute from anyone. You again earned your name.

It appears according to your POV that you have always had a narrow minded view of the jobs that our military men and women do.

H-I-N-C-E, the new spelling for hence. What we rate in E. Texas, a low budget, backwater, made for local TV hairstyle. I remember what we fought for, and I see what we have. There are many like Neil selling us a can of crap, labeling it cream. I never fought for Affirmative Action laws that deny white Americans education and jobs because of their skin color. When I fought we weren't made to feel guilty that we were white. In those days we were proud of the nation we built, the one Neil destroys.

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