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Three pots burning on the stove


POSTED: Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 7:08pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 10:14am

The Obama administration political whack a mole continues. Just a few weeks ago, the hottest topic for the press was the VA hospital meltdown.

You still hear stories, but that mess has ben replaced by a new mess. This 5-1 kidnap swap.

Now, it's blown up so much the kid's hometown doesn't even want to throw him a welcome home party because of threats. In the meantime, most of you probably have not even heard of the problems with Obamacare.

More snags in the system mean-- according to the Associated Press -- more than 2-million people may not be getting the insurance they paid for or the insurance they thought they bought.

Mediate reports many Democrats have assured themselves that Republicans are slowly and quietly giving up on repealing the ACA. And the GOP's "repeal and replace" message has, in fact, been shelved. But a report in the Washington Examiner reveals why: the GOP can only pursue "repeal" of the law when the president leaves office in 2017. For many, that position concedes that nothing can or will be done to reform the nation's health care system for years.

Judging by the latest ACA disaster story, it is no wonder why voters do not want to wait that long for a true health care fix. Now the president has three dishes burning on the stove at the same time.

What a mess.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Some have no sense.
Comparing an expatriate who is seen by foreign intelligence assisting the enemy, has made public statements against the US and openly admit to opposing the US is the horse of a different color from a POW, active military sent to a foreign country and there is NO EVIDENCE he did anything to aid or abet the enemy.
Geezzzzeee any 5th grader knows the difference.
Some so-called adults will spin the TRUTH until it is no longer recognizable as anything other than a LIE.
USA Strong

And don, like idiot.. question. If you are so concerned about wither to judge one guilty or not THEN WHY DO YOU SUPPORT OBAMA'S ASSASSINATION POLICY OF AMERICANS ABROAD?

Yes, Obama orders the murder of people abroad without trial, right? Can't have it both ways don.

So now you are against the President killing terrorist deaf? I always knew that you were a supporter of terrorist both foreign and domestic.

News flash:

Washington Watches As Iraq Speeds Toward Disaster... 'Mass beheadings' by al-Qaeda forces in Mosul and Tikrit... Iraq government on brink of collapse...

That's Obama's 'Smart Diplomacy'. We are going to lose BOTH Afghanistan AND Iraq to the terrorist as well as Libya! Yes remember Obama attacked Gadfafi, had him killed, and now we are evacuating Libya after they MURDERED our people.

Hope for change in 2014. We can't vote out Obama... so lets vote out every democrat and RINO.

Hey idiot... question. If you are so concerned about wither to judge one guilty or not THEN WHY DO YOU SUPPORT OBAMA'S ASSASSINATION POLICY OF AMERICANS ABROAD?

Yes, Obama orders the murder of people abroad without trial, right? Can't have it both ways idiot.

Yes, Obama orders the murder of people abroad without trial, right?

The U S Constitution does not cover "people" abroad....stupidity

Are you now saying that you would defend the terrorist that Obama has killed? That you support protecting terrorist from the U. S. and President Obama?

WoW deaf dumb and blind I knew you hated America all along and that you were some sort of a terrorist supporter.

Well idiot... when all the witnesses say the guy did it, when all the video evidenced shows he did it, and all the forensics shows he did it, and the perpetrator himself says he went AWOL, then it's mighty hard to say he didn't do it.

The only question we have is.. why did we even take him back for FIVE HARDENED TERRORIST?

We should have just let him stay with his buddies in the hills of Afghanistan.

As I stated, it wouldn't make any difference what the issue or the scandal, Don and Towne Idiot would start yelling its not OBdumasses fault. Hell he could stand in front of a burning building with a can of gasoline and a match and it still would not be his fault. Have you fools ever figured out that this is his administration and he is in charge. He can hire and fire at will, and give orders to the military. The buck stops at his desk according to Harry Truman. Same as those before.

Just because someone stands in front of a burning building does not make that person guilty of starting a fire. If you or the government want to accuse him/her of starting the fire, according to the rule of law and the U. S. Constitution ( that you hate and do not understand), you and the government would have to prove that he/she used that gas to start the fire. But being the communist that you are you would find that person guilty without knowing any Facts and based just on your perception.

Now the yahoos start.
Spurred on by some media.
"Guilty" as charged.
"Traitor" says the newsman.
No judge or jury.
"None needed" says the pundit.
"Hang him" they shout.
The politicians jump in.
"No. Crucify him."
His parents are threatened.
Their only son is vilified.
What has he done?
"No one knows for sure but, it must be bad with the media & pols crying for blood" says a bystander.
"He's our son.We love him" says his mother
"You're as bad as him" yells an accuser.
Rush to judgement "Hang him"

It's not what the media reports that has me angry, it's all they won't report that concerns me. Not since Hitler's Germany have a people been so oppressed as we are now.

Agree 100%
Obama stands up to Putin & Putin cries in his milk.
Putin is slowly backing down.
Not long ago Nell & his cohorts were claiming Obama is a weak leader.
This is why all their yelling is like shouting down a sewer pipe.
To put it mildly they're full of cow pokie paddies.
No impeachment.
No repealing ACA health care.
No investigations into anything.
Because GOPpers are making false allegations.
NO laws broken.
FACT CHECK: Obama has held the high ground in every instance.
USA strong!


They won't believe it till it happens again and then Don and Towne Idiot would claim it still isn't Obdumasses fault. This time the people have spoken and it 's not just conservatives. When Diane Fienstein starts critizing Obdumass, you know it is for real and Obdumass and his co-horts know this.

Town Idiot,
You as stupid as Hillary who last week could not even list her own accomplishments while Secretary of State. She is old and sick and probably has Altizmers as well. And besides if she does run and win, everyone knows Bill Clinton would be the real president. Then you minorities could really be happy. I don't know about anyone else but I'm looking for a fresh start in Washington D.C. A fresh conservative start.
Vote all incumbents out in November.

News flash!

Senior military officials advised Obama against trading five Taliban leaders for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl trade, likening the deal to freeing '4-star generals of the Taliban'. Yes this president just can't do a THING right.

Hope for change in 2014. The right thing to do is vote democrats out.

So the 500 TALIBAN released by george WMD LIAR bush WE'RE INSPIRED TO KIDNAP MORE!

As president he couldn't see beyond his soundbites. His whole administration was a Greek Tragedy for the United States.

Hope for change in 2014. Vote all of the Republican Military and Veteran HATERS out.

News flash(s)!
D-Day Vet Refuses Meeting with Obama...

President chews gum during D-Day ceremony (I'm surprised he didn't pick his nose and do a 'selfie'.)

Obama publicly ignored Putin at D-Day memorial (but then has 'informal conversation' with him (and thus acts like a 2 year old.)

Polls show Republicans have edge in the 2014 mid-terms. Hope for change in 2014. Can't vote Obama out so let's vote his party out. Less Democrats, more freedom and jobs.

"What is President Obama going to screw up next?"

Truth be told Obama's biggest problem is narcissistic hubris. So give him time idiot. He will screwup, it's just his nature. Meanwhile...

Former CIA director and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta says, “I don't fault the administration for wanting to get him back. I do question whether the conditions are in place to make sure these terrorists don't go back into battle." He also said he would have FOLLOWED THE LAW.

Hope for BIG change in 2014!


This president can't see beyond his soundbites. His whole administration is a Greek Tragedy for the United States.

Hope for change in 2014. Can't vote Obama out but we surely can vote all his Democrat buddies out.

So at this moment;

Door one: Obamacare lies.
Door two: Veterans Administration slow coding.
Door three: Terrorist swap for Muslim deserter/traitor.

But soon door four will again be present: Benghazi!

But as Reid and Hillary said (yes they BOTH actually said it), "What difference does it make?'...

Hope for change in 2014. Can't vote out-of-control Obama out, so vote all democrats out so if need be we can IMPEACH him.

Don't rule out door five Deaf. A collapse of the dollar. And another worldwide financial crisis. Most people have moved their retirement out of low risk investments like bonds and money market accounts because of low returns. They've put this cash into the stock market fueling the current increase in the DOW and S&P 500. The next correction in the market could be bigger than the 2008 collapse.

Agree 100%.
How does President Obama sleep nights?
Did you see his work-out film?
Another Secret Service snafoo for which Obama should be held personally.
This man just cannot do anything right.
Why doesn't he have the decency to resign & turn the reins over to ummm you Nell.
What is President Obama going to screw up next?
If you knew you'd have an inside scoop &get promoted out of East Texas and return to Beaumont.
Inquiring minds want to know if Nell will blow gasket when Hillary is president?

We know he sleeps well at night. He slept right through the attack on our Embassy in Libya. What I can't understand is that with all that sleep at night then, why is he asleep behind the wheel all day?

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