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Time for an IRS overhaul?


POSTED: Friday, May 24, 2013 - 3:01pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 - 10:39am

So Lois Lerrner, IRS big-wig, would not resign from her job, so she is now on administrative leave.

She and the rest of the IRS chiefs you've seen on TV testifying are unbelievably smug and look as if their time screwing the American taxpayer is being wasted.

That's right, screwing the American taxpayer, but denying some over others because of what they believe in and how the vote.

I hope this entire IRS mess wakes up the American taxpayer, that we are using a bureaucratic system in our nation's capitol which is more than 100-years-old and has become bloated and almost worthless.

Case and point.

You can't fire a federal employee who is incompetent, those idiots who got caught blowing you money on conferences in Las Vegas for the General Services Administration.

It was almost impossible to fire anyone.

One person who was fired was let back on the payroll because they were due union process, blah blah.

"Obamacare" needs to be defunded because these political hacks at the IRS are going to be implementing health care.

No money needs to be given to "Obamacare" until another government office is in charge.

We've seen the IRS is unfit.

I hope maybe this will also show low-information Americans we need a new tax code which can be simple enough to put on an index card.

This investigation should take a while and I hope most Americans pay attention to just out of control this U.S. government is.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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This is a good example of how out of control our government is. We live in a fascist country! Our dictator is our bureaucracy. They don't answer to us, and obviously they don't answer to congress either. The attitude and actions displayed by the IRS make this abundantly clear.
Frankly the American people deserve everything we get. If your to lazy to fight for your freedom like the million plus vet's we honor on memorial day. You deserve to be a serf. Eat a turnip serf! Bow down to your IRS!

The IRS is very disfunctioal and needs to be terminated as government waste. Fire all of the employees and strip away all there benifits as they have been dishonest and not trust worthy. America wake up and terminate this worthless division of the U S Government. Terminate all employees and go to a national sales tax with no deductions. And to determine the taxable amount use a private company who shows they can count to at least five or ten.

I would like to clone Trey Gowdy and get rid of all of WA D.C,

Way way past time.

There should be NO INCOME TAX. We could use a national sales tax and the IRS looks ONLY at businesses. This allows the IRS to concentrate on businesses and stops them from using audits to intimate people.

While I agree the IRS and the income tax code needs to be removed as a weapon against the American people and businesses, I don't believe a national sales tax is any better a solution. In a practical sense, I don't see where it would be any less complicated once you allow for all the exemptions and various rates for each group of items, those who would falsify tax exempt statuses, etc. Politically, there would be a constant debate over what the poor should pay, and its unfairness to them.

The correct idiom, "Case in point" , should you agree that the IRS is an ineffective bureaucracy inept and unable to conduct the business of Obamacare, and that the current tax code is a roadmap to determining "winners" and "losers" where layer upon layer of law is woven into a tool for building monopolies as was the scenario where secret favored banks received 6 trillion dollars in liquidity from the Federal Reserve then, don't file your taxes, see if YOU get treated like Turbo Tax Tim Geitner.

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