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Tuesday, March 3, 2015 - 8:25pm
Neal Barton's POV

Time for change


POSTED: Monday, November 14, 2011 - 7:26pm

UPDATED: Friday, November 18, 2011 - 2:43pm

With the general election a year away, only 10 more Republican debates to go and that doesn't include the ones between President Obama and whomever the Republican candidate will be. We continue the debate game.

I have mentioned before in the segment all men and women who think they want to be president or county sheriff should be vetted.

But, just in case you have not noticed the way we vet presidential candidates has started to change.

In my opinion there are way too many candidates on stage.

Rules are- if you have 4% OF THE SO-CALLED VOTE, you get to be there.

But, with today's so-called main stream media, which is not longer main stream and the 24-hour news cycle, and along with social media, these debates are nothing but a shooting gallery for the press.

Example, when CBS news' Scott Pelley asked Newt Gingrich what would he have Romney do to become a better candidate.

Gingrich wisely said "I'm not worried about Romney, I'm worried about Obama." Love him or hate him, Newt has not taken the bait in these debates.

The whole process has turned into an undignified media ball game. If you don't agree, wait until the next time the roles are reversed for Democrats.

CBS was also caught through email trying to leave Michelle Bachmann out of the weekend event. It's well known reporters like to only speak to front runners, but the media right now is playing a smug little game with the rules.

And the media as it drifts into the world of social media will only get more polarized as time goes by. These network reporters are not your parents network reporters.

I can see a day when both parties have a debate that is more controlled and not subjected to
reporters trying to invoke attacks on each other and not asking what type of soft drink you think you'd be.

It happened.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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To my fellow dedicated Americans concerned about the direction of this nation. I am confident that when you vote in this upcoming primary election you will vote to support the constitution that so many generations before us have given their lives to defend. I know you understand the problems before us which must be solved, and the painful truths in those solutions. Like those many patriots of our past, I am sure we will rise to this occasion and show the world that we;

the American people, have not lost control of our government, that we do not blindly follow media direction, and that our military strength will no longer be used to solve the civil wars of other nations. We will demonstrate to the world by our actions that we are a peaceful people, and when the chips are down, Americans pull together not as Democrats or Republicans, but as American citizens defending the aspirations of our forefather's,

taking to task what those generations to come later will call, "Our greatest moment".
I am positive that one day we will look back at these most troubling times that have befallen our nation and proudly know that we had the courage to support Ron Paul, the man who inspired all Americans to defend their constitution, and reminded us all of our God given greatness.

Thank-you Charles, that made me want to cry I was so glad to read it. It is exactly what I feel.

The unaware and ignorant will once again fall for the msm media's propaganda. The nation's only hope is that enough have been made aware of the current failure's failures so that a good-for-the-nation change is the result!!

National media, condenced to five corporate owners, and no longer subject to market-share laws or the Equal Time Rule, acts in tandem with government to achieve a predetermined election result. The ruse of democracy by vote is prepetuated by media's ability to control the conversation and promoting government candidates to run in both parties eliminating the citizen vote. National media, post 1997, is a propaganda tool where conservative Vs. liberal wedge issues mask a political elitist agenda.

I used to think we actually had a Democratic Republican form of government as described in our Constitution,but when George Bush Sr. trotted out that odious hulk of humanity Bill Clinton to help resurrect and redeem him during a Katrina charity campaign, I finally realized that our Democracy is a Chimera of smoke and mirrors where we change parties occasionally to dupe the people into thinking our democracy is alive and well, when all the time the multi-national corporate guys control the power

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