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POSTED: Monday, October 31, 2011 - 8:49pm

UPDATED: Saturday, November 5, 2011 - 5:55pm

It looks like the Cain Train may have come off the tracks a little.

I was shaking my head last night late when Politico broke the news that when Cain had reportedly sexually harassed two women.

The Politico story was that when Cain was head of the Restaurant Association there where two women he allegedly said lewd things to.

From what I have seen so far no touching, but according to this report Cain talked dirty with plenty of innuendo.

The first thing I thought was this guy is dead in the water.

If he did that-- how could he not know that this would eventually seep out?

I waited for Cain's response.

His response was and I paraphrase from another powerful man who got himself in trouble a long times ago "I did not talk lewdly to those women, the women who say I did something wrong."


So far the national press is beside themselves with this story. I have wondered where all the far-left apologists have been.

I have not heard "everybody does it" or "everyone lies about sex" like I have when heard it's been a more liberal candidate or politician get in a bind.

It all boils down to this- someone is lying.

If it's Cain, he is not as smart as I think he is and he needs to get out of the political race.

This time it would be the crime as well as the cover up.

No man should hold office if he cannot control himself and then lie about it when confronted.

If Mr. Cain is not lying, it's another nail in the coffin for the old media- which if they cant kill you politically- they'll just go along with any charade to wipe out a legitimate opponent going against their guy.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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The real difference between a Herman Cain and a Bill Clinton who like Cain suffered the accusations of a Jennifer Flowers right before his election, is not so much the difference of the Candidate, but in the difference in the party and values of people who vote for each candidate.
Liberals understand that such accusations in a party of emotional Liberal pleasure seekers of self-gratification at the expense of others ( Like their Wealth re-distribution concepts) are cause for celebration.

If the Liberal candidate can seduce and abuse an innocent woman, just think how good he will be at pimping and screwing the general public for money in the form of professional wealth redistribution to keep their prostituted socialist cause alive.
Conservatives understand that what you do when nobody is looking is what defines your character, and he would steal a little from you would also steal a lot when your back is turned.

The only real difference between a real Liberal and a conservative is their reaction to the power of the temptation to do harm to others for their own self-edification. We are ALL human and many a Conservative as well as Liberal succumb to the temptations of the loins. The difference however between the two is that Conservatives continue to feel guilt and cease their destructive behavior, where the Liberals just continue to feel the Conservatives and each other.

If you are referring to Ron “The paranoid Paul” his time is long past and his debating skills have become as emasculated as his brain. Ron has as much conservative appeal and prowess as Chaz Bono with a strap on. Perhaps where the father has stumbled the son may succeed.
By the way. We non-gayTexans don’t waste time on Dancing with the Stars,,,our brains and our guns do our speaking for us and can teach many a tiptoeing Liberal how to do the bullet dance back to reality.

Yet the winner of every conservative straw poll, the winner of every GOP debate is not even mentioned in this forum of halfwits. Go back to watching dancing with the stars, you've been dumbed-down into mindless parasites.

Vote Democrat in 2012??? you got to be kidding. People voted for Obama in 2008 to prove they were not predjudiced,,,,they will vote against him in 2012 to prove they are not stupid. How many times can you can you continue to do the same thing over and over with the same destructive results and not realize the insanity is not going away with the same libral insane socialist redistributors of wealth in power who have no ability to produe wealth but only redistribute what others have created?

Let's see...cain is bankrolled (owned) by Koch brothers...cain has a flash temper...cain would be a disaster in international diplomacy...cain would approve battleships close enough to "bait" Iran into an all-out war...cain would add a 27% total tax (9/9/9) to the poor and middle class, lower taxation on his rich buds...cain is a clown, a liar, a disaster-in-the-making, and needs to run against President Obama...Obama in 2012...remember to vote Democratic 11/4/2012!

Perry has his immigration problems, Romney has his Romneycare and Liberal flip flops. Probably every candidate EXCEPT Herman cain has either flirted with Liberal Socialism or outright got into bed with the Liberals and carried home many a Liberally stained blue Dress in their overnight backpack of flirtation. A man doesn't stay married to the same woman for over 40 years and conduct himself in they way he has been accused. Now Ginrich is another matter. If his ex-wife couldn,trust him so Why Me?

Look at the source, and the fact that the "two women" are being kept anonymous.
I'll start to believe it when the "two women" come out with the charges openly AND there is supporting statements from some of their former co-workers that would be in the know about their termination.

It's too early to know the truth,but I'd bet this will turn into one of those "guilty evenafter he proves his innocence.....a dozen times."

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