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Saturday, January 31, 2015 - 3:40pm
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Too much lard


POSTED: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 - 6:48pm

UPDATED: Sunday, December 19, 2010 - 7:05pm

The Senate voted yes Wednesday for the Bush tax cuts.

If you don't see a reason why we are in the financial shape we are in, look at all the pork they
have added. We cant get a simple bill through without the folks who are supposed to be looking out for us adding every layer of lard that they can to this bill.

This Congress knows they are done and they are having their last feast.

They also know there was an earthquake on election night. The GOP netted 63 new seats. The red tide that came over state governments in our nation was huge. State houses across America will come into play when it comes to re-districting soon.

But just like they have always done, these folks in D.C. keep saddling our kids with their bill. And that's happening from folks on both sides of the isle.

Just like the health care bill, opposers say no one has read it. It's more than 1,900 pages long. They don't know what's in it., except the price tag.

The reports for every page there is $575 million of spending.

We're told by our local congressman they are putting all sorts of last minute deals in it like naming federal buildings after themselves.


Once again, we're told this is just what happens. But it has to stop. The stakes are too high. We must tighten the reins on the spending hose when the new and hopeful, but sensible Congress convenes in January.

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There is an easy way to get rid of all the pork and meaningless wastefull redistribution of wealth projects that the American taxpayer gets stuck paying for. Pass a law that no Bill can exceed the length of the original Constitution. The Congress may actually have to work for a living and research and read what they are signing the American Taxpayer up for. Each item would stand on its own merit. Now that's a new Concept that deceptive Progressives would never stomach.

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R) is the queen of pork. Look at all the money she has brought to Texas to unnecessary projects like the bridges and Trinity River projects in Dallas. There is another huge pork project in Texas too. It's called NASA. How 'bout we defund NASA! Then all the teapartiers down in Ron Paul/Deborah Medina territory can get their wish. No Federal money! Take it all away and watch the teapartiers scream. The tea party is about to get exactly what they asked for

All the Republican Congressmen have to do is sit tight and wait till January 5th when they can pass the Bush tax break extentions absent all the pork and unemployment extensions beyond 12 months not 99 weeks. In the mean time bind up the Lame Ducks with delays so they can't pass DADT repeal, and pass the "Give and illegally born immigrant kids citizenship" bill.

The Dems have put the right between a rock and a hard place. If they pass the bill, come Jan 4th the Dems will start beating the drum of all the deficit spending the Rep.s have caused. If they don't, they be said to not be serious about fixing things. Whether it passes or not, it will hurt Americans, either by raising taxes on everyone, especially the poor, or by creating unsurmountable debt.

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