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U.S. Government orders hollow-point bullets for its agencies


POSTED: Tuesday, August 21, 2012 - 10:42am

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 6, 2013 - 7:35pm

This is a topic  I really wanted to stay away from.

Despite what some may think, I don not see a government conspiracy around every corner.

I don't like the way the federal government is handling things right now...but it's a fundamental disagreement on where this government is taking us.

But, this story won't die.

I think it's time to meet it head-on.

The United States Government is has ordered millions of rounds of ammunition.

Just not any ammo.

Hollow point bullets.

And they are not going to the United States Army.

They are being sent to government the social security administration and the National Weather Service.

I didn't know the social security administration needed it's own officers and I did find out though research the bullets sent to the weather service are going to officers which enforce hunting and fishing laws and they are onder the NOAA umbrella.

But why does my country need so much ammo.

Depends on the math you trust this is enough for 4 to 5 bullets for every American.

Some say they need this ammo for practice.

You don't practice with hollow points.

They are expensive.

You practice with cheaper ammunition.

Go down to Lock and Load in Tyler and learn that.

This from a retired Army general who has weighed in on this.

"Hollow point bullets are so lethal that the Geneva Convention does not allow their use on the battle field in time of war. Hollow point bullets don't just stop or hurt people, they penetrate the body, spread out, fragment and cause maximum damage to the body's organs. Death often follows."

The feds have said they are ordering.

They still won't tell us why. troubling.

That's my point of view what's yours?

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here's a graphical look into the government's purchase of hollowpoint bullets.

At the very least the government owes us an explanation. That would be a good question
to ask Obama at his next press conference----whenever that is.

It is very troubling that the NYPD uses hollow point bullets! If they are not allowed on the battlefield why are the police allowed to use them against American citizens? The police are not judge and executioner, hollow point bullets are used for one reason and one reason only and that is to kill not wound.

This is not something new when I was in theArmy in Germany we would throw brand new items away when we had an IG Inspection.The reason said we had to have the exact amount in inventory..We have only ourselves to blame we vote these people in every year that make most of these decisions.

I appreciate the fact that you want to address an issue that needs addressing, but have you considered hiring an editor. The mistakes in your POV decrease your credibility.

You'd have to be living in a fantasy to believe that this America is the America our fathers gave their lives to defend.

This ammunition is intended for domestic use, 1 way or another. Is Social Security closer to bankruptcy than we know? Will they be fending off angry citizens with reduced or no benefits? Is the gov ready to seize $ from bank accounts & pension funds as a "1 time tax on accumulated wealth"? Many people would consider this theft and would fight it. Would Obama's regime call on troops to shoot the citizens down?

I also want to point out that when South Korea sent the Gerand M1 rifles back to us that we gave them back during the Korean war, Mr. Obama said he wanted them destroyed. If I recall, they fire a 308 round that is still in manufacture. Did he really destroy them or are they stashed somewhere for his private army to use? I would watch for a large order of weapons next, which would not make sense as he is reducing the size of the military. The above mentioned M1's are 60 years old and shoot fine.

Mr. Barton may not see a conspiracy around every corner, yet he was forced to comment on this issue. I too think there is something that needs explanation here. 4-5 rounds per each person living in the US? These bullets going to GAME WARDENS and SS SECURITY OFFICERS? How about we remember Mr. Obama stated he wanted a civilian army as large and well equipped as our military, the financing is provided in a clause in Obamacare. What do you want to bet these bullets will not go where they say?

It's been my experience that if it can be abused sooner or later it will be, it always has been. The American Citizens are loosing trust in the government (F&F, Illegal Immigration, EPA, GSA, etc..) is there any reason to wonder what this is all about?

First of all, the Federal Government doesn't give a fig about expensive.
Secondly, for military purposes you want a bullet that wounds, not kills, your enemy because it will take two of his buddies to carry him off the battlefield. Whereas when a law officer has to fire his weapon the objective is to "put down" the offender before they fire there own weapon and hollow points are very good at that.

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