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War on whom?


POSTED: Tuesday, July 1, 2014 - 6:55pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 23, 2014 - 11:50am

Today's Daily Caller reports Hillary Clinton is the latest liberal to slam the Supreme Court's ruling on Obamacare's birth control mandate Monday, calling the decision in favor of Hobby Lobby "deeply disturbing."

"It's the first time that our court has said that a closely held corporation has the rights of a person when it comes to religious freedom," Clinton said at the Aspen Ideas Festival, TPM reports. "I find it deeply disturbing that we are going in that direction."

The funny thing is she is ripping a law apart that her husband Nill Clinton signed into law in 1993.

The Daily Caller report continues: The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which was, ironically, signed into law by President Bill Clinton. The act says the government may only "substantially burden a person's exercise of religion" when it meets a demanding test - one that the Obamacare birth-control mandate didn't live up to.

When pressed on her husband's approval of the law that struck the final blow to Obamacare's pet provision, Clinton brushed aside his involvement.

When Bill Clinton signed the act into law in 1993, "there were legitimate cases of discrimination against religions," she told reporters. "This is certainly a use that no one foresaw."

I was up and paying attention in 1993. I can't remember any religion being persecuted. Not then, I can now.

This is not a war on women. The left is leading a war on the religious right.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Answer the question deaf....WHO'S GOD?

don.. the CONSTITUTION has GOD in it... not Atheist clap trap.

You do know that, right?

So I guess you LOVE atheist and HATE the constitution, right?

I love the Constitution and Jesus Christ deaf but the Constitution that I LOVE includes all people Just as Jesus does.

whos GOD deaf?

The Constitution also states that Atheist have the same rights to not believe in GOD as you do to believe in a GOD and their rights are just as protected as yours are.

Deaf is saying what I already knew, HE HATES THE U S CONSTITUTION LIKE ALL GOOD

The religion of the ATHEIST, don. ATHEIST.

Godless and beholden to the state.

So you do not think people should havethe right to NOT believe in GOD or Jesus Christ or the right NOT to have Christian Hypocrit religious views imposed on them?

Read the ruling don, idiot. It was about four types of ABORTION PILLS. If ya want 'em buy them at the drug store.

And it's about FREEDOM OF RELIGION, not freedom FROM religion. You guys do know why most people came to American back in the 1500s to 1700s, right? To get away from King George and his push to make them become part of the Church of England. They came here to be able to practice their own religion without a king telling them what they can and cannot do.

And that goes for Obama to.

Who's religion and what religion deaf? What about others rights of freedom FROM religion deaf?

Those people who own Hobby Lobby are not Christians as they claim that it is against their Christian beliefs. If they were, they would not be sending millions if not billions of $$ to a country that has a constitution that REQUIRES FORCED ABORTIONS.


Tell us old dumb smith just what Church or religion is the government and President Obama trying to make people become a part of?

old dumb deaf stated "employees that still want them can still buy their ABORTION PILLS". Well dumb smith, this ruling isn't just about ABORTION PILLS. You can not see the forest for the trees, can you?

The Supreme Court also said brick & mortar multi-national multi-billion dollar corporations run by corner office good ol' boys have the same rights as flesh and blood US born Citizens.
Smart huh? Makes a lot of sense - No.
Now we have multi-billion dollar corporations that pay NO TAXES & get Corporate Welfare spending $1M or more each year in political contributions AND getting a write-off.
The Supreme Court is bought & paid for along with Congress.
Corps can't vote but they can sure buy votes.


Minimum standards don't include forcing Christians to pay for ABORTION PILLS for others. And I bet Muslim owned companies would not want them either (nor Jewish owned companies.)

Those that want them can buy them at pharmacies on their own dime.

If I become a Rastafarian, can I ignore the law prohibiting pot use? Certain native tribes here in the states are allowed the use of peyote in their religious practice. The point I'm making is some people's religious doctrine is accepted while others are ignored or marginalized. I fail to see how setting minimum standards for employees insurance violates the companies religious rights. Christ said "obey the law" and "render to Caesar that which is his".

Chumming the waters for the 2016 election, political theatre is scripted for media by the SPOTUS creating the distraction of gender wars Vs. religious freedoms. Isn't the point moot should Obammy Care be repealed and, why should this topic now be decided in a nation otherwise being dragged into a hole by it's own Constitution? Oh that's right; repeal is another empty campaign promise, an impossible task for a court that now rules on the laws provisions. Fake govt. and it's media @ work.

No don, no death panels there... employees that still want them can still buy their ABORTION PILLS at any store. I doubt they have more than one ABORTION a week so the pills don't cost that much.

But Hobby Lobby just won't have to pay for ABORTION PILLS.

No Conservative Justice Stephen Gerald Breyer said in the ruling that the GOVERNMENT could buy their ABORTION PILLS. You must not have listened to the justices on C-Span during the ruling. I bet you were stuck on stupid and stuck on fox again.


News flash:

59% Blame Obama For Flood Of Child Border Crossings and 56% believe his decision to withdraw troops in 2011 had a direct bearing on the crisis there today. Add to that, 65% believe that the lost IRS emails are an attempt by the administration to “hide evidence that the IRS deliberately targeted conservative groups” prior to the 2012 presidential election.

Hope for change in 2014. Can't vote Obama out but in that November 'poll' we can vote democrats out to show our displeasure.

Uh don.. Jesus never came out against buying and selling and making profits. No were did he or any of the apostles said that. Many of their followers were businessmen (as attested by those who took care of Jesus's body after his crucification.) He was not even against governments ("Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's, but give unto God what is God's")

So Hobby Lobby is quite correct in not wanting MORNING AFTER ABORTION PILL coverage.

And jpttm, the SCOTUS ruling means no such thing as you fear.

And quite HYPOCRITICAL by using their business and profits to force abortions on citizens of another nation.

Hey Don,

The latest polls show the vast majority of the public does not agree with you. You beloved president has just be given the distinction of being the worst President since WWII and beating out the like of Johnson, Carter, and Clinton was not easy. Hell even Richard Nixon didn't score as low as Odumass. You need to put Prep-H on your lips cause your talking out of your asshole again.

And the same poll said that george WMD LIAR bush only beat President Obama by 2 points

You apparently didn't read the poll made in Harlem N.Y. where Don gets his information.

The ruling doesn't deny birth control to women, it just says certain companies don't have to pay for some forms of it. But of coarse it's being said that the ruling means women no longer can get mammograms, PAP smears and other uterine and cervical cancer screenings, cardiac care, hysterectomies, mastectomies, and any other healthcare need unique to women and not men.

Supreme Taliban /Al-Qaeda NO common sense court. Justice so called conservative breyer stated "The Government can pay for the contraceptives"!!!!

So now conservative judges are for BIG Government

If a religious government is what you want you should move to the middle east

Funny how you were defensive of the court when they ruled in favor of Odummercare. You said the court ruled it legal so live with it. now you call it religious fanatics.

Hobby Lobby is owned by a bunch of true HYPOCRITES. They are against abortion and birth control in the US and claim it to be their Christian beliefs but then stock their for profit stores with goods they spend their money on that are produced by a commie government by child slave labor in a nation that has forced abortions on their citizens. Hobby Lobby says they will fight spending $ on Americans health care to include birth control but they will spend millions of $ to force abortions in China

because that is their Christian beliefs........Hobby Lobby is no more a Christian Corporation than Charles Manson is a Profit. If they are the representatives of Christianity they give true Christians a bad name.
Next the corporations owned by the jehovah witness people will deny blood transfusions and any medical treatments to their employees and their families (children).

The corporations, which are made up of stockholders (people that is) may very well have their own religious beliefs. And if these stockholders (again people) feel being forced to fork over for the "MORNING AFTER ABORTION PILLS" then you can see why they objected to it. For that was their great objection, being forced to pay for abortion pills as 'contraceptives'.

Hillary "Benghazi" Clinton is full of it. Or is it Hillary 'poor girl' Clinton?

You mean george WMD LIAR bush "Benghazi" , after all it was one of the 500 Guantanamo Bay detainees that he relseasd that attacked our embassy in Benghazi

I was wondering when and how someone was going to blame bush for another I wanna destroy America Odumass screw up.

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