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Monday, March 30, 2015 - 10:32pm
Neal Barton's POV

Watching those dangerous Christians


POSTED: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 4:12pm

UPDATED: Monday, April 29, 2013 - 2:26pm

In Colorado the state police are giving training sessions to local sheriffs.

They keep the flow of information coming to locals from the state police and Department of Homeland Security because there is so much to keep up with now a days just to catch criminals and put them away.

One local undersheriff was stunned, recently, when the state patrolman covered the current topics.

His name is Ron Trowbridge

He's the undersheriff of Prowers County, Colorado.

The training session was focused upon two primary subjects, motorcycle gangs and the Sovereign Citizen Movement.

Based on Trowbridge's account, Joe Kluczynski, the individual delivering the training, essentially told officials that Bible-believing Christians who take the Holy Book literally, are more likely to be a part of the Sovereign Citizen Movement.

They are considered dangerous.

"He had a list of groups of people who are likely or who are sovereign citizens, " the undersheriff told TheBlaze.

One was Christians and I don't remember how he worded it, but it was Christians, but when he got to that part he said these are the people who take the Bible literally, these are the people who think that America was founded on Christian principles. 

The undersheriff complained.

The state police were told to knock it off until they took another look at the program and perhaps restructured it.

The state patrol says other officers didn't take the message the same as Trowbridge.

He'll watch this one for you, we live in strange times.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Take Christians and their influence out of the world and see what you get.

The Middle East ?

any organized religion can be dangerous, including Christians when they attempt to force their religion on all citizens. Remember Salem Mass. in the 1700's? The witch hunts by the so called Christians who murdered citizens who did not subscribe to their belief. Puting you faith in your religion is a SIN any way according to Crist.

Hey dumber than dirt Don, you spell Christ with an "H", as in; "How can you be so stupid" ?

Just as it is spelled in Christians right charles? Thanks for letting me know about my typo. Being that you are so "PERFECT", may I call upon you to proof read all of my post? I am so thankful that Christ put the only "PERFECT" living thing in east Texas and named it Charles.

It could be akin to the Christian Identity movement. They are potentially violent. I think Eric Rudolph was affiliated with them.

Tinks, if you are a right to life believer then Eric Rudolph is a hero. At least we all know how the government feels about the Branch Davidians and their right worship freely.

Eric Rudolph is just another sociopath who is sitting in a hole in Admax in Florence, Colorado, twiddling his thumbs and talking to the unabomber. They are both under the impression that they are special snowflakes who murdered for a cause. The Olympic Park bombing had nothing to do with his political views and had everything to do with him being mentally unstable. I'd rather have someone else besides a lunatic as a hero.

For all we kmow Neal is getting paid to ferret-out anti-government sentiment. There are 72 fusion centers which collect data from 16 different intellegence angencies and unknown private contractors under the Dept. fHomeland Security. This focal point of data collected on American citizens scans phone calls, Emails, and employs face recognition software to track the movements of individuals. When asked about L-1's identity tracking J. Davis of Ala. Fusion said; We only track anti-govt. Americans

And they don't think Christianity is not under attack.

JP, the only time Christianity has any relevance in America is when the J-words use it to motivate the masses to their puppet candidate in an election.

The 'State' loves abortion and homosexual marriage so that makes most Christians suspect to them.

Yep, those dangerous Christians that they always call on in times of disasters. Those dangerous Christians that pray for a nation that has forgotten God. Those dangerous Christians that seek to help the afflicted, feed the hungry, to go to cities and towns in the U.S. and abroad and do dental work, surgeries etc. I tell you one thing. I want those dangerous Christians as my friends.

Me too! It was those dangerous Christians who prayed for my two year old son the doctors didn't think would make it; he did and brought honor to his school, and has helped many people in need. It's those terrible Christians who are always there when you need them to pray or help in any way they can. It's one of thsoe horrible people who try with all her might to help students so they want fail in school, but all she gets is complaints. Praise God He knows all our trials and loves us.

Katie, have you noticed that the singular ethnic/religious group which controls our economy, dominates our media, is at the foundation of monopoly building; the same group which disproportionately is represented in our Supreme Court, as administrators and advisers in the Whitehouse, those who so quickly label us anti-Semites if we say anything contrary to this inequity, THEY are not on any watch list ?

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