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POSTED: Tuesday, September 17, 2013 - 3:07pm

UPDATED: Sunday, September 22, 2013 - 11:00pm

Man, I don't even know where to start in regards to that horrible shooting at the Washington, D.C., Navy Yard, Monday.

The shooter was thrown out of the Navy, cited eight times for bad conduct, on medication, was in trouble with guns, three times, and heard voices in his head.

Why does he have a gun? I am a gun guy and a gun advocate, but why does he have one? He also liked violent video games, but actors won't go after that because that's Hollywood.

It gets worse.

After all these things, he gets honorably discharged from the United States Navy, even though he didn't like the Navy because he didn't like getting up early and thought he wasn't paid enough.

So, after getting thrown out of the Navy, he gets a job with a defense contractor, which means he's now working on bases!

A guy who has anger control issued and shot the tires off a construction vehicle in Seattle and blacked out for an hour he was so mad, gets secret clearance at a Navy base!

He shoots his way across the base. Ever heard of 9/11? Where was the security? The El Paso Airport has better security.

Then, we have to wait for a SWAT team to take this loser out! We don't have military police to do this?

Then, the gunsmoke had barely cleared before the gun haters start. We get New York columnist, Mike Lupica, going off on AR -15's. He wrote a big article today about how that gun is made to kill people.

Funny, almost every gun I have is meant to kill someone in self-defense, some to shoot clay pigeons.

And then, it gets really scary! It's being reported, today, this guy opened fire with a shotgun! And it looks like he got two pistols from inside. Where was the security?

All this is a no-gun zone in the most gun tight city in the country.

There has been so much misinformation, so much irresponsibility from reporting things too quickly before you know the fact to politicize for your side before the bodies are even taken away by the morgue.

Come on, America. We can do better than this.

That's my point of view,what's yours?

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Shelia Jackson,

Yes, not only am I a level 3 security officer, I am also a former teacher. Just because I am a security officer or a former teacher does not disqualify me from having an opinion or the right to express it under the 1st amendment. The problem with people like you is that you cannot stand an opposing opinion, especially if they happen to be correct. Not everyone agrees with you liberal views and not everyone voted for or likes YOUR president. I personally think your a fool.

Former wonder Texas has the most high school drop outs in America not to mention ranks 48th in the Nation for the most un educated citizens(US Census Bureau). You can think we are all fools if you want but your post proves that you are for a FACT one.

Of the 12 murdered and 8 wounded only whites were targeted. Affirmative action at it's finest.

I agree with your assessment entirely. I am also a gun guy, a strong second amendment advocate, a hunter, sport shooter, and Level 3 security officer. I wonder how this guy got a Remington 870 pump shotgun through the background check in the first place. With his mental health issues and his troubles with the military, why was he given a honorable discharge? How did he manage to get it onto a base? A 870 12 gauge pump shotgun is not the easiest weapon to conceal, neither are the shell

You a security officer ? My God.

And a level 3 security officer at that....LMFAO!!!
H3ll, he is almost dog catcher material.

Obviously a mental health issue. Unfortunately mental health care in the US is abysmal. What makes things worse is the way our society treats people with a metal illness. Any mentally ill person watching the news coverage of this event probably won't feel encouraged to ask for help.
In India a schizophrenic person is encouraged to stay on meds get regular counseling, and live a normal life. In the US we ostracize and treat a mental diagnosis like a death sentence.

Dave, you're about half right. We too medicate instead of institutionalize as was the "old way". It's our cost saving answer for mental illness. Of course weak oversight often results in patients who stop taking their meds and the schiz voices become commands to "KILL WHITEY". Once while working with an Indian laborer our establishment was robbed at gunpoint. The Indian said after the robbery; "In India we would have rushed him and held him for police". Where we run, in India they charge.

Is it cost savings, or political correctness? Like social promotion, we don't want to fail students because it might embarrass them. So we don't institutionalize so their not embarrassed? Just a supposition.


He was Schizophrenic. Sad to. For 10 years he was hearing voices and he went to the VA for help but the government ignored him.

Yes their vetting process is a joke but I actually feel sorry for the man.

But the federal government is largely to blame for this.

There is no vetting blacks in America, that's called discrimination. What planet are you from?

Fact Check: He was given a General Discharge, which is different from an honorable discharge.
There have been mis-information, including this POV and not understanding the difference between the discharge ratings.

Fact Check : He had to sue to get the general discharge, an upgrade to the dishonorable he was initially awarded. Looks like they had him pegged right from the beginning.

Fact check : If he obtained an upgrade through then the military did not have grounds in the first place to give him the dishonorable discharge or the court would not have changed the original discharge.

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